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Hanataro's World

Being pulled back through the door Hanataro struggled to keep his eyes open, the wind and darkness leaving him feeling blind and deaf as he hurtled between the dimensions. Straining his eyes he tried to see what was pulling him back but his vision was to obscured. He struggled to hold onto the wrapped item death had given him, feeling like any second he would lose his grip and drop it.

Just as he felt his grip begin to slip his vision was momentarily blinded before he found himself back in his world, crashing into the side of a hut. He groaned as he sat up, rubbing the flashing spots from his eyes.

"I'M GONNA CRUSH YOUR FACE!" It was a good thing he sat up at that moment, for just as he did this a foot smashed into the place where his head was, cracking the hard ground beneath it. Instinct alone saved Hanataro from the next attack, his body lurching and rolling away from the hut as the creature shot it's fist forward, crumbling the hut inwards.

As the flashing spots fell away from his vision Hanataro was finally able to view the creature that had snatched him from deaths door. And to say the creature was unpleasant would have been overly polite. The figure was humanoid and incredibly tall, but skinny in an emancipated way. It's upper torso was covered in a bone vest, the only open part being the hollow hole located directly below its neck. The creatures long arms were ended in long blades while the shape of its mask was set in a permanent Cheshire grin, the teeth jagged like daggers. The eyes were set in small slits, a golden light seeming to emanate from between the white bone. The most prominent feature of the hollow though was a series of spikes

"Guess you're not a complete klutz, don't worry I won't miss the next time." Hanataro who had gotten to his feet slowly as to not provoke the creature, the wrapped item stowed in his arms. "Th-That's n-not reassuring." The hollow pitched it's head back, a great laugh erupting from its core, high pitched and disrespectful. "God you make me want to puke, your suppose to be my master? Like I'd ever bow down to a little coward like you. Now DIIIIEEE!"

The hollow leapt forward, bladed appendages dragging through the ground leaving gouges in the ground. Hanataro turn and ran, the beast cackling as it chased him. With a great leap it vaulted over the medic, a blade raised to slash him in two. "Goodbye brother!" The hollow swung it's blade down, arm descending to cleave through Hanataro's collar bone.

CLANG! Hanataro, relying on instinct again, had raised the item in his arms and blocked the blade. The blade was stopped nearly an inch from his collar bone. Eyes narrowing the hollow tore the cloth from the item in question.

"What in the he-" Was all he could say before the item in Hanataro's arms slammed forward into the hollows chest, launching it through the air and into the red well in the middle of the village well over three hundred feet away. As the figure slammed under the water Hanataro could only look at the item in his hand with a mix of awe and horror.

For in his hand was none other than the onyx black scythe of death.

Seireitei Corridors

"Pu-Pu-please-" A dying eleventh division member said before Hana/hollow twisted it's hand, twisting the fingers currently wrapped around the man's neck. "Why thank you, I believe I will take you up on your offer" Opening his mouth impossibly wide he made a sucking motion, the reaitsu of the eleventh division member being pulled from him and entering Hanataro's gaping maw. As it did the man began to age, his black hair turning white and his skin wrinkling.

Once all of the reiatsu had flowed from the man, Hanataro let out a large belch before causally snapping the man's neck and tossing aside the withered husk. Hah, strongest division members my ass. That was barely enough reiatsu to take the edge off. I need more.

The hybrid shook it's head, grinding it's teeth as it forced down it's hunger. While it was no doubt hungry it would not allow it's hunger to blind it from its situation. non-ranked and low level officers would pose it little threat, but if it was to run into one of the lieutenants at its current level it would be in trouble.

And that was nothing in comparison to the captains no doubt running throughout the divisions.

"Come on men, I sense the 11th division squad over here." Hana Hollow leapt from the ground where he was onto the top of a corridor wall, watching as a blond man was leading a group of medics down the corridor towards the sign of the massacre. The hollow sneered it's lips at the man, tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth.

That bastard Iemura, how I'd love to feast on his bones! Still I've stayed in one place for too long, I can't risk somebody having sensed my energy. But where to go?

As if to answer his question, a boom could be heard in the distance, the clashing of blade against blade echoing into his advanced senses. Hana/Hollow grinned as he recognized the reiatsu signatures, especially when the cut across his chest protested in pain.

New prey, and their doing the fighting for me. I suppose I'll head over there and profit from their toils. Hanataro crouched low on his feet before disappearing in a burst of sonido. And if neither of them are dead when I get there, I'll make sure to kill them good.

A few minutes after he had taken off Iemura and the relief squad finally made their way to the sight. Many of the medics gasped at the sight of the mangled bodies, some of which couldn't be recognized as being human. Iemura bit down his bile, and turned back to the others, hiding the disgust behind his glasses. "Spread out and search for survivors, keep your eyes open for an attack!"

The medics burst into motion, dropping down besides the bodies. As they prodded them and turn the corpses over Iemura went to examine the wounds of an obviously dead member. Pulling the man's torn Shihakusho from his body he began writing down his full analysis.

Victim Prognosis: Subject has suffered several laceration and puncture wounds to his torso. The wounds are unusual, the damage to the tissue is too large to have been caused by a blade, but they were expertly placed towards key arteries and organs. Several of the lacerations seem unnecessary to have killed the man, possibility of torture should be considered. With a hand Iemura prodded one of the wounds, attempting to feel the inner organs.

Another unusual characteristic, whatever caused the puncture wounds seems to be incredibly strong, the blows were strong enough to shatter the ribs and several other bones, while cutting deftly enough to deftly pierce the body. As of right now blunt instruments should be disregarded as the weapon, nor should we assume these were bite attacks. The muscle has not been torn, merely pierced.

Iemura sighed, placing the paper back in his sleeve when one of the medics yelled out to him. Officer Iemura, we have a survivor! Please hurry!" Iemura immediately rushed over to the yelling medic, dropping down next to the healing woman.

Of all the men that he had briefly seen this one was one of the worst of the bunch. His body was covered in slashes and claw marks, while his torso showed several signs of bruising and broken bones. His legs were twisted at angles that should not have been possible. One of his arms had been torn from the socket, blood seeping from the wound to pool around him. As for his face, it had been beaten into a near unrecognizable state. However air was flowing through the man, however weakly it may have been.

"Begin applying healing kido to his face and lungs, I'll focus on waking him up." The medic looked at him in surprise, her face frowning at the order. "Sir the man is in no condition to be forced into consciousness. We need to get him back to the fourth for emergen-"

"He isn't going to live that long, and we need to get answers before he passes. Now get to work." With a huff the woman looked back down and began working on him, with Iemura doing so as well. The others having found no survivors joined in the effort, and after many minutes the man was roused with a pitiful series of coughs.

"Wh-hack-hack who's there?" The man said in a rasping voice, small flecks of blood touching his lips. Iemura lowered his head closer to his, straining to hear his voice. "Do not be afraid, your safe now, we're here to help you." As Iemura whispered the lie to him the man opened his eyes cautiously, then at the sight of the badge began trying to scramble away, fear etched across his face.

"Oh no, no NO GET AWAY! You, your all monsters, all demons trying to pretend to b- HACK HACK!" The man began coughing again, falling to his back pitifully. Iemura was confused by this, but couldn't afford to be gentle anymore. The man was close to bleeding out. With a snarl he reached forward and grabbed the man, the light on his sunglasses shining out brightly. "Tell me who did this to you, and tell me now. You don't want to make me angry, do you?"

The man was quivering and shaking, tears and urine flowing down the man's body. Many of the medics looked at their superior in a mix of surprise and fear, but none of them would approach the two. Unable to speak, the man shakily rose his remaining arm up, pointing to something off to the side before he collapsed backwards, the effort having taken the last of his life.

Without so much of a second glance Iemura let go of the dead man's chest, walking over to the area where the man had gestured. Looking around he couldn't see anything for a moment, until his eye spied something poking out under one of the corpses. Placing his foot on the side of the man he rolled him off the item. At the sight of the item the man's eyebrow rises in confusion, and for more than one reason a small amount of fear

Hanataro's slashed sash and medic backpack stare up at him, the cloth of the material soaked blood red.

Hanataro's Inner World

Hanataro stared at the blade as it shone dully in the light of his world, the darkness of the blade seeming to draw in all light around it. The item itself was simple for the most part, simply composed of a long handle, with a blade half the length of the handle seeming to curve inward, as if reaching out for flesh to strike. The only ornate part of the blade seemed to be a small white skull on the bottom of the handle, white teeth grinning out in an almost malicious manner. The scythe seemed to hum in the air, small vibrations running up and down the handle.

Hanataro could have stared at it forever if the hollow didn't suddenly burst out of the well, a roar splitting out of it's mouth. Landing on the edge of the well it leaned over the side, bladed arms stabbing into the brick around it. The spikes were hanging over it's face to the side, covering up one of it's golden eyes.

"You little shit, how dare you stand against me, I'm gonna crush your fucking face!" Hopping to the ground it began running towards Hanataro, although not as quickly as it did before.

Hanataro for his part went to begin running again, only for the blade to drop to the side and pull him forward. He was so caught off guard he didn't think of letting go. What's going on? Hanataro thought in fear as the two closed the distance.

Rest your mind Hanataro, and just follow my words. A voice appeared in Hanataro's mind, one he had heard ever so recently. D-D-Death,is th-that you? H-How are you speaking to me? The voice in his head gave a snort, the blade increasing it's vibrations for a moment before returning to it's regular hum.

You hold my tool in your hand, it serves as a link between you and me. However I have used up the amount of time's I'll be able to direct your motions. But I can communicate with you and advise you on what to do.

At this point hanataro and the hollow were a hundred feet apart and closing fast. Hanataro's heart was pounding in his chest but the voice was calming his spirt. So, wh-what should I do?

Your opponents advantage is his strength and speed, while yours is your smaller stature and stronger weapon. Now he will most likely be coming in first with a horizontal slash. On my signal I want you to stop in place. Ready?

At this point the hollow was close enough for Hanataro to feel the hate coming from the beast, bladed hands gleaming dully in the light. It leapt up in the air, arm whirled back ready to slash.

STOP! Hanataro stopped just in time, the blow swishing harmlessly in front of him. Unperturbed the hollow recovered it's miss and pulled it's other arm back.

Side step to the left then swing towards his torso. Hanataro did as he was told, the sudden lung swishing by as he reared back the scythe. With a clumsy swing the scythe arched towards the hollow, eyes widening as the black edge descended towards it. Leaping back the beast was able to get it's torso out of range. More or less.

"DAMN IT TO HELL!" The hollow yelled as it landed on it's feet, one of it's spikes hitting the ground a second later. With a snarl it began heading towards Hanataro, only to stop as the scythe glowed in the light.

"So that's your game huh old man? We'll let's see you help this slag if you can't predict where I'll be!" Saying this the hollow ran away, disappearing behind the huts of the village. Death's voice immediately let out a curse, the vibrations on the weapon increasing in tempo.

Go after him, as your world falls apart he will gain more control of your body. You need to kill him before he takes over! Giving out an affirmative Hanataro began running through the village, eyes darting to the left and right waiting for the attack inevitably to come.

Seireitei Courtyard

Ichigo grunted as Renji's whip blade smashed into Zangetsu's side. With a flick of his wrist Renji pulled the blade back, the serrated blade dragging back on the large cleaver and finally nicking the back of Ichigo's shoulder. The blond let out a yelp as a small burst of blood came out of his shoulder, hand immediately moving to cover the wound. He stuck Zangetsu into the ground in order to keep himself standing.

Renji gave a cold look at this, bladedragging along the wall of the courtyard before snapping back in its place. "This is all your fault, you damn human. You're the cause of all of this." Ichigo gave a snort at this, standing up to his full height and pulling his zanpakuto out of the ground. "Please, it's you jerks that are trying to execute her. I didn't know it was policy to execute those who are loyal to them?"

This seemed to strike a nerve in Renji, the red haired man snarling as he pulled back his blade for another blow, he stopped as Ichigo gave out an amused chuckle, pulling zangetsu out of the ground and standing up on his own.

"I get it now, why you're so determined to kill me, to blame me for the actions of your masters. You know this is bogus, that Rukia doesn't deserve to die. Yet you don't have the balls to do anything so you just follow orders."

Renji's eyes took on a murderous look, although one could see something cracking through the mask, something more vulnerable. Ichigo spit out a bit of blade, raising his blade in both hands. "Your nothing but a coward."

Those five words broke the proverbial straw, and with a roar of rage Renji lunged forward, the urge to spill this humans blood the only thing dominating his mind. He dragged his blade along the wall, ready to crush down his adversary with a single blow.

SHUUUNK! All noise seemed to fade away as Renji felt something slam through his back. He was vaguely aware of the chunks or rock flying by his face, as he was of the liquid flowing down his back. A cold feeling overtook him as Zabimaru slipped from his fingers, and as he took in the look of horror from the damned ryoka. Whatever had hit him was so quick he had lost all sensation and found that despite his mind yelling at him he couldn't move or look around.

Which was probably good considering the arm that had punched through his back and out through the front of his ribcage.

Hana/hollow stood behind the lieutenant, a grin on his face as the blood leaked out through the cracks around his arm. "To think I was so worried about running into one of you pussies, what a joke."At the word joke he with drew the arm back out, blood and gore splurting out from both sides, covering the medics front and face. Renji simply gaped in agony for a moment before crumpling to the ground. The hollowfied shinigami stared down at the lieutenant almost disinterestedly before glancing up at Ichigo, a large grin on his face.

"Yo brother, hows it hanging? You look like shit, man did this weakling put you through the ringer." Ichigo, and Ganju from a distance were staring terrified at the figure standing before them. "H-How did you survive, I saw-"

"Me bleeding out on the ground as you tucked tail and left me for dead? Yeah thanks for that by the way, they were going to chip this pussy up before I ripped my way into them." The hollow said, gold and grey eyes piercing the teenager respectively. Ichigo couldn't help but wince at this, his guilt building up in his gut. Ganju however was used to the horrors of the Rukongai, and thus wasn't as easily intimidated.

"What's wrong with your face ya freak, what's that white stuff on it?" Hana/hollow shrugged, gold eye rolling over to look at Ganju while the other one focused on Ichigo. "I have no need to tell you shit, all you need to do is die!" Leaping at an almost blinding speed he rocketed towards Ganju, arm pulled back to strike. Ichigo leapt and pushed Ganju aside, a second before his hand rocketed into the side of the blade. Ichigo was immediately sliding backwards, the two of them moving across the courtyard, the hollow laughing as Ichigo grunted in frustration

"BACK OF YOU CREEP!" Pulling the blade back he swung zangetsu into Hanataro's chest . Where it bounced off Hanataro's chest with a clang. Hanataro looked down at the wound for a moment before glancing back up, a vicious smile stretching on his face.

"Your out of your league bro, maybe you should come out and make it more even." Hanataro sent his fist flying into Ichigo's cheek, launching the orange haired teen back, blood leaking out of his mouth. Ichigo landed on his feet only to leap backwards again as the former medic jumped onto where he had been, creating a twelve foot crater around his body.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ichigo asked as the hollow rushed forward, arm poised back to finish the blow. He was surprised when Ganju jumped in front of him, a firework lit in his hand he threw it in the hollows face.

With a resounding boom the firework blasted up in the hollows face, while it did no damage to the creature at such close range it did blind the creature, giving Ganju enough time to grab Ichigo and run. As the blast began to subside the creature began slashing it's arms around. Ganju and Ichigo were already out of the danger zone, heading past the beastaway from the pentinence tower.

"Wait why are we running Ganju, Rukia is back that way." Ganju looked at the teen incredulously, resisting the urge to punch him. "Are you nut's, we can't fight something like that. You hit him full on and he didn't even flinch. Now let's go, we'll get to your friend another way." Ganju expected the teen to argue but Ichigo simply nodded, eyes holding a level of fear that hadn't been present when fighting Renjii.

Meanwhile back in the courtyard Hana/hollows vision had just cleared, lips drawn back in a snarl as his foot gripped the tiles. Damn that piece of shit, a little more and I could have forced him out, next time I'll gut him from the inside and EAAT HIS EEEEYES! Just about to scream it looked over to the side, seeing the lieutenant laying down, trying feebly to crawl away.

We'll, at least I can help myself to a little snack. Before it could begin feasting it felt the approach of a veeery strong energy source. Cursing under it's breath it took off, just in time to avoid being seen by Byakuya.

Hanataro's inner world

Hanataro was moving through his world, eyes darting left and right around the different huts. He held the blade back ready to strike, but so far had not been able to locate him. Meanwhile as this was happening the inner world was slowly but surely falling away, the occasional sound of a hut crumbling or tree tumbling over reaching his ear.

A small creak came out of one of the huts, Hanataro turning around and swinging in a panic. The blow smahed in the wall of the hut, as well as the tree that had bent in the wind, but did nothing to the hiding hollow. The creatures laughter resounded over the huts, seeming to come from everywhere.

"Come on big bro this is pointless to fight, why don't you just lay down your blade and we can have a nice little chat." Hanataro was shaking, at least until death spoke up to him. Ignore the fool Hanataro, hes simply trying to distract you. He seeks to hide in darkness, but I can find him there for you. Now keep moving. Hanataro did as he was told, stepping through the village at a slightly brisker pace. Finally he found himself at the edge of the village, a group of trees standing off on the edge.

He approaches boy, keep walking like nothings wrong. Walking into the woods Hanataro felt his grip tighten on his blade. He thought he heard a rustling in the trees, but did not look in it's direction. We need to catch him off guard, on my signal I want you to close your eyes and lift my scythe in the air. Be ready. Behind the walking boy the hollow slithered between the tree branches, with a grin it climbed down just above the boy rearing it's arm back to strike.

NOW! Hanataro closed his eyes and lifted up the scythe. The blade gave out a large blast of light, blinding the hollow and dropping it from the branches. Regrettably this also meant that it fell right on top of the medic.

The two were tussling on the ground, the scythe having been knocked out of Hanataro's hands. The hollow shrieked and raised up it's arm, striking the blade down into Hanataro's shoulder. Hanataro screamed out in pain, something that gave the blinded hollow immeasurable pleasure. Twisting the blade a little it raised it's other arm, reared back to strike. Hanataro desperatly reached to the side, fingers just brushing the scythes handle. "This is the end bro."

SHUUUNK! Hanataro watched numbly as the blade pierced his chest, the hollows blade driving through his lung. The hollow grinned and reared it's head back to scream. Or rather it would have, if it could have. It was awfully hard to do when you had a blade jammed into your heart. The hollow could only look on dumbly as its body began to disintegrate, starting from it's feet and moving up through it's torso.

"Guess you win this one bro, didn't expect to be done in by a pussy like you. I guess I really am a dumb fuck." Hanataro wouldn't know how to respond to that, nor could he considering the blood pooling in his throat. With a grin the hollow pulled itself further on the blade, it's demonic punk head only a few inches from Hanataro's. "But let me teach you something little brother, even when we win we sometimes lose. I aint simply going to dissapear." At this What was left of the hollow glowed a bright white heat, spreading itself over Hanataro's body. Hanataro was finally ablle to scream in pain, even as he felt his wound unnaturally seal up and his body grew heavier.

"You and I are going to get closer than any brothers could hope to kid. Your not strong enough for whatever that decrepit spirit wants, so I'm going to supply the power." Hanataro despite not being able to see could feel something moving into his body, spreading out throughout his body. As he began to black out he heard Death yelling at him to stay awake but he just couldn't.

It was time that they slept.

12th Division Corridor

Nemu was walking back towards the labratory when she came across Hanataro. Curiousity hitting her she approached the fallen medic, moving to turn his body over. Surprisingly he was much heavier than she thought he would be. Once he was flipped over she felt her eyebrows arch up, the closest she ever got to flinching at something.

Mayuri-sama will want to inspect this specimen. Picking him up she began shunpoing back to the labs. Little did she know what she was currently carrying with her.

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