I do not in any way, shape or form take credit for the creation of any Kuroshitsuji character's. The only thing I credit myself for is the fan based fictional story.

This story takes place in a modern day city known as Hellsbrim, located in a far off corner in Washington State. (I'm fairly certain that it's not a real city, if it is then I'm pretty damn good at guessing.) Our two main characters are Sebastian and Ciel, they are in no way affiliated with each other at the beginning of the story. There will be no demons in this, so sorry. Maybe in another one if this does well. Other characters will eventually make their way into the story as it progresses. Alright, I'm done babbling, I hope you enjoy it. If I make any mistakes, or you have any kind of suggestions as to what I should incorporate into the story feel free to message me. I'll be sure to credit you.

It's a cool evening. The trees are still and the air smells sweet, with scents of tangy fresh wild roses. Two small feet clad in a pair of jogging shoes slowly bounce down a cobblestone road aligned with closely fitted apartments. The sun is setting, but still fairly high in the bright orange and pink sky. It's nearly six fifty-five, and the street lights will be turned on soon, as will the fluorescent lights of bars and strip clubs. Two piercing blue eyes fall down to glimpse at the relatively fast ticking watch strapped around a tiny pale wrist.

"God dammit, I'm going to be late. I can't be late." Without another word, the small figure took off in an instant, and was sprinting down the street. After seven minutes of furious running, the young boy finally reached his destination. His delicate hand pushed open a large rusting metal door and was greeted with a warm scent of gentle perfumes. He glanced down at his wrist watch again and saw that the clock read six o'three.

"Fuck!" He threw his small backpack into a dressing room and immediately started stripping off his clothes furiously. While hustling around behind the dark curtain, another figure snuck up beside the dressing room and knocked on the black coated wood.

"Pssst, Ciel." A small voice said.

"What?!" Ciel's voice was rigged and he sounded irritated.

"Don't yell at me! I just wanted you to know that you're late."

"No dip Sherlock, I know I'm late. I tried to get here as quickly as I could. My boss wouldn't let me leave until I cleaned all of the dishes, and this spoiled little rich kid came in today with thirty million of his annoying little friends and left me a big mess to clean up."

"I told you to quit that job. It's stupid, you work a shit ton of hours and hardly get paid anything. Plus, your boss is a complete pedo. I've seen the way he looks at you when you bend over to pick up crap off of the floor!"

"Ugh, don't say things like that. It's hard enough working with him. I don't need to think about him staring at my ass. I need that job, I'm trying to earn enough to go to college, so I can actually do something with my life."

"I know I know, don't give me the speech. I hope you're almost dressed, the boss is coming."

"Shit, I'm done for. He's going to fire me. I don't want to be fired!"

"Calm down princess, I punched you in and covered for you."

"You did? Thank you so much Alois, I owe you."

"Yeah.. you don't owe me anything." Alois's pale eyes scanned the room and once he saw his boss walking towards him, he leaned against the wooden wall and smiled.

"Alois, who is in there?"

"It's Ciel. He's just finishing up getting ready sir." Alois's childish voice was girly and bubbly.

"Ciel?" The tall slender man knocked on the wooden wall.

"Yes sir?" Ciel tried not to sound nervous, and quickly finished lacing up one of his shoes.

"How are you feeling? Better I presume?"

"Uh, yeah. Yeah I feel great sir, thank you for asking." Ciel scrunched up his face in curiosity and shook his head at the curtain.

"Oh good, so no more diarrhea?"

Ciel froze and stared at the wall for a couple of seconds to gather what his boss had just asked him. He bit his tongue and tried not to sound angry.

"No sir, no diarrhea." He stepped out from behind the curtain and came face to face with Alois and their boss. He shot Alois a sour and spiteful look, then returned to looking up at his manager.

"Good, I need you tonight, we have some extremely important people coming in and I want to give them a jaw dropping show. Help me pull off tonight, and you'll get that bonus you've been asking for." The tall man adorned in a tasteful suit gave Ciel a serious look and arched his eyebrows, awaiting Ciel's reply.

"Yes sir, thank you so much, I'll work twice as hard tonight." Ciel stared wide eyed at his boss and watched his eyebrows lower back down and saw a delightful smile make it's way onto his face. He simply nodded and walked out of the dressing room.

After a few moments of just staring blankly into space, Alois tapped Ciel's shoulder and snapped him out of his trance.

"That's so exciting Ciel! You get to dance for some of the boss's business partners tonight. You should be super excited!" Alois was jumping up and down in circles in front of Ciel, his small heeled boots clacking against the slick, solid floor. Ciel just turned his gaze towards Alois, his eyes narrowing and nose slightly trembling.

"What? Don't look at me like that, I don't like that look!" Alois stopped jumping and began to back away from his friend.

"Diarrhea?" Ciel asked sharply while slowly advancing towards the blonde haired boy.

"Oh come on, don't do this to me now." Alois continued to back up.

"Diarrhea? Really?!" Ciel chased after Alois around the dressing rooms and quickly weaved in-between other dancers. Finally he was able to grab a hold of his arm and they both fell down into a pile of plush pillows. Both boys began to laugh instantaneously and soon they were clutching their stomachs trying to catch their breath.

"I'm sorry, it was the first thing to pop into my head, and I knew he'd fall for it. No one can dance when they have diarrhea." Alois choked out his words between breaths and wiped away a few small drops from the corners of his eyes.

"You couldn't have thought of anything else? Like telling him I had an important appointment for my inflamed prostate?" Ciel caught his breath and sat up slowly to look at Alois.

"That sounds worse than diarrhea!" Alois began to laugh again and fell back against the pillows.

"Nothing is worse than diarrhea!" Ciel began to laugh as well and jumped onto Alois and the two boys had a small wrestling match, which consisted of reoccurring somersaults and tumbling across the floor.

"Boys boys boys!" Both Ciel and Alois quieted down a bit and looked up to see the assistant manager running towards them frantically. They smiled and chuckled at the distressed little man.

"Yes Fin, what is it?" Alois chuckled and looked up at the dirty blonde haired man and tried not to comment on his tacky attire.

"Please calm down, the boss's guests are coming in this minute and we have to make an excellent impression. And Ciel, you're the top dancer tonight, so we're all relying on you to dance like a fucking porn star." The dorky assistant turned around and took off. Ciel and Alois just stared at each other and gaped in shock.

"No pressure or anything." Alois remarked in a smart tone.

Ciel chuckled a little bit, but started to calm himself down a little bit. He wanted to stay focused from this point on. He wasn't nervous, he knew he was an excellent dancer, but he also knew that he'd have to step it up a few notches to really impress the boss's guests and get that bonus he wanted so badly. His thoughts were interrupted when Alois wrapped his arms around Ciel's tiny waist. He hugged him back quickly and smiled.

"Good luck tonight, I hope you do well, you deserve the bonus you've been asking for." Alois stepped back and gave Ciel a sweet smile.

"Wait, you're not staying?" Alois shook his head, blonde strands danced around his forehead.

"No I'm sorry I can't, I have to go run a few errands then go home, I'll see you when you get off though. I'll make us dinner okay?"

"And by that you mean you'll order some takeout or grab something from a fast food place?" Ciel patted his friend on the butt.

"Shut up." Alois stuck out his tongue. They quickly said their last goodbye's and gave each other a small kiss on the cheek.

After Alois had walked out of the back door Ciel made his way over to a mirror to put on some simple neutral colored makeup. He hated wearing makeup but his boss said it looked attractive on him since he has such a feminine looking face.

He quickly patted some translucent sparkling powder onto his face and ran a mascara brush through his eye lashes a couple of times, then lined his lower water line with a black eyeliner pencil. The last thing he put on was a thin coat of clear flavored lip gloss. He glanced at the mirror one last time and gave himself a satisfactory nod and walked towards the beaded curtain leading to the stages in the entertainment area. He bumped into the assistant manager again and watched as the man handed him a spiked collar too big for his neck.

"What's this for?" Ciel asked, curiously wrapping the choker around his neck to show that it was far too large.

"The boss wanted me to give it to you to wear, he said it would match your outfit." Fin awkwardly sized up Ciel and noticed he was wearing a cape so he couldn't tell what he was really wearing underneath it.

"Does he know that it's about three times my size?" The assistant nodded and quickly ran off into a hallway without another word.

"He's so weird." Ciel fastened the choker around his neck and felt it hang down. He stepped over in front of the mirror again and gasped.

"Jesus I look like a tramp. Oh well." He shrugged and stood back in front of the curtain waiting for the females to finish up their dances.

He spotted his boss sitting in the V.I.P area closest to the stage. He was sitting next to a large group of men all clad in extremely fine suits with fancy dress shoes and Ciel guessed they had a whole section of the parking lot out front designated just for them and their brand new classy cars. When Ciel's eyes finally met his boss's, he leaned forward a bit and looked for the dancers who had previously been on stage. His boss smiled and gave him two thumbs up for good luck. He was ready to shock the men and obtain a good reputation for his boss.

"Ladies, thank you very much. You're all looking hella sexy tonight. Ladies and gentlemen let's give them a round of applause." The DJ got the crowd clapping for the girls and as soon as everyone settled down he announced that the males would be dancing next. Ciel could hear the women in the audience cheering and clapping loudly. He smirked and hopped out onto the stage and walked straight up to the front of the stage where all of the men relaxed in the V.I.P section could see him.

He could tell his boss was nervous. He could see him sweating and nervously bouncing his left leg up and down. Ciel wore a plastered smirk on his face. He knew this stage well, he had never once made a mistake while dancing and was certain it would never happen. The DJ finally switched the lights and played a song that Ciel was rather familiar with.

The cape he wore began to make him sweat a little bit under the burning hot lights. As soon as a heavy beat dropped, his cape was throw off violently onto the stage behind him. Ciel's pale skin shone brilliantly underneath the lights. He was dressed in a dark pair of skin tight black boy shorts and had two loose belts clinging to his bony waist with heavy chains hanging down. He had on a pair of black and navy blue laced thigh high boots and his wrists were assorted with two hand cuffs that had been broken apart, along with a few other chains and small bracelets. The female's all whistled loudly and screamed as he grabbed a hold of the pole at the head of the stage and slowly began to walk around it with little sways of his hips.

Ciel's bellybutton was pierced and had a small black gem hanging from the stud that glistened as he faced different lights. He gradually began his normal routine, and began to easily spiral around the shiny pole while doing slightly acrobatic moves. He glanced down at the men huddled around the front of the stage and spotted one man sitting directly in the middle. He couldn't see his face entirely, but his black jacket was hung around the back of the chair and his white cotton button up shirt was missing the top three buttons, so Ciel got a small glimpse of his pale, smooth chest and slightly protruding collar bone. His silky blood red tie hung loosely around his neck and his legs were spread apart lazily. He decided to do something special to keep them interested and entertained.

Ciel hopped off of the stage and slowly walked around the man's chair. He bent over and leaned next to the mans ear so that the men sitting behind him had a perfect view of his rear end. As he walked back around the man swirled his drink around in his glass and watched with an amused expression. Ciel still couldn't see his entire face. It was hidden under dark black bangs hovering over his eyes. All he saw was a thinly shaped face, a slightly long straight nose and a pair of perfect lips that curled upward into a wicked smile. Ciel's body shuddered a little bit and he began to feel cold. He was curious and wanted to see what this man really looked like, but there was something getting in the way.

Being a dancer prohibits him from touching the members of the audience anywhere while he's performing. He decided to try and work his way around that rule. Ciel pressed his hands against the arms of the chair and slowly lowered himself down in between the mans long and slender legs. He bent over so that his face was mere inches away from his mystery man's. No matter how far he lowered himself, he still couldn't seem to get any kind of view underneath those dark silky black tussles of hair. He was sure that the audience was too entertained with his butt grinding and hip twisting to be paying attention to what he was doing in the man's face. He bit his pale pink lips and sighed in frustration. The man grinned and mocked Ciel's hesitant efforts. He showed no sign of moving or shaking his hair out of his face to aid Ciel.

Finally after a few minutes of continuous failed efforts, Ciel backed away from the man and paid attention to some of the other men in the group, giving them their own personal lap dance without physically coming in contact with a single one. He gave them a full on show of his young, tight and adventurous body.

Once he felt that his dance was beginning to drag on, he climbed back up onto the stage smoothly and began to dance with some of the other dancers whom he was allowed to touch. Him and a red and black haired male dancer grabbed each other's waists and swung their hips in unison and played rough with each other in front of the audience.

When Ciel looked back down at the small crowd of rich men, he could see some of their pants had tightened immensely. Nearly all of them in fact, except for the one he so desperately wanted to have a look at.

'Damn that guy, he's been staring at me the whole time, has seen almost every inch of my body and I can't even get a good look at his face. Forget him, he's probably hideous.' Ciel looked back at his dance partner and smiled at him. They twirled around together and danced playfully, making many of the women swoon.

After a few more minutes of dancing, the music stopped and the dancers ceased their movements. The lights dimmed and the DJ didn't even have to get the crowd to clap this time, people stood and cheered and whistled for the boys. They all smiled and bowed and began to walk off to the exit on the stage. Before Ciel walked through the exit, he took one last look back at the arrangement of chairs and saw the man stand up with the others and turn towards his boss. They all shook his hand happily and he saw his boss was grinning from ear to ear.

Ciel felt accomplished, he knew he had not disappointed tonight and would be getting that extra money. He turned back towards the stage and finally exited off.