There's Regina and Henry time, Regina and work time, Regina and Emma time… and then there's Regina and shower time.

Regina prefers to shower in the evening, and Emma has learned the hard way not to stand between Regina and her shower. No matter how badly Emma longs to join her in there just once to quell her curiosity, she knows that it's not going to happen. Emma's patient as she lies in the big cold bed waiting, watching the clock tick away the minutes and listening to the steady shower stream from outside the door.

That patience is rewarded when Regina finally steps out from the steamy shower. If Emma was the poetic type (she's not) she'd liken Regina's emergence as epic as the lady of Lake bursting grandiose and looming from still water.

Regina wraps herself in her soft fleece robe, rejuvenated and refreshed. She always smells mouthwatering and clean, and when she crawls over the bed on hands and knees to playfully wrestle with Emma it's the happiest she's ever been.

Some nights they make love, and it's all gentle caresses and whispered prayers. Some nights they get so wrapped up in the simple intimacy they fall asleep holding each other before they even get to the heavy duty stuff.

Some nights it's all heavy duty. No stone left unturned- SEX. They bite and suck hard enough to bruise each other's necks and chests. When Regina truly lets go it's a sight to see. The air changes around her. Like a force of nature, and Emma can only cling. She's happy to hold on tight and ride out the storm.

Some nights their love making is an exercise in control. Regina likes to test Emma's limits and in turn test her own. Emma likes being tied and bound if only because Regina performs her routine with such care and reverence. Emma enjoys when she has to beg, but Regina doesn't need to know.

Some nights there are tears, and remembrances of past injustices. It's okay though, because in those moments Emma knows how to cling too. It doesn't come naturally to her—how to comfort another, but Emma is a custom made balm to Regina: she soothes the pain completely (and with no greasy residue)

Some nights Henry has a nightmare, knocking on their door. No matter how their private time is progressing it's an unspoken assumption- everything stops when Henry needs them. He'll crawl into the middle of the bed between them. Even in the crowded bed and withstanding the occasional fretful kick from a little foot- Emma swears those are the best nights of sleep she has ever had.

Some nights they don't talk or touch. Regina folds in on herself quietly like a rolling morning fog. Emma when exhausted from an overly strenuous shift just falls.

Every night is perfect.