"What are you doing on the ground?" Xander looked up to see Dean looking down at him confused. It had probably been at least ten minutes since Lexi had left. He probably could move now but he had found the wall while uncomfortable to rest on too comfortable to move off of.

"Sparing with one of the slayers," he explained since he declined to move from his spot on the wall. "Why? What are you doing down here at..." he looked at the clock on the wall, "Four in the morning," Dean shrugged but walked closer to him.

"I can't sleep. I thought after Purgatory where I didn't need to sleep that I'd be making up for in overtime but no, I sleep about as well as I did before I went," he said then paused like he wasn't sure what to do now that he was standing in front of him.

"The walls big enough for two," he offered again, though he was less sure that Dean would take it then he had been of Lexi. Dean stared at the wall for a long moment before sighing and sitting down next to him on the wall.

"This is not comfortable," Dean groused as he tried to adjust to the wall. Xander nodded.

"Not in the slightest," he said, though he still made no move to move away from it and neither did Dean.

"Normally I'd use a little bit of hunter's helper to help me but this place doesn't have any!" Dean groused some more. He assumed by hunter's helper he meant alcohol. Most hunters were avid drinkers, not that he faulted them for it, some of the stuff that hunters had to deal with were harsh. Still,

"This is a school," he said with a laugh "most of the kids here are teenagers. We can't exactly store that kind of stuff in the kitchen. There's some in some of the permanents rooms but we can't keep that stuff in the temp rooms." Dean didn't seem to understand why not so Xander decided to explain.

"A lot of these girls have had tough lives. Some start when they're activated. They have all this strength and no idea how to control it. So they accidently or not so accidently get into a fight, and because of their strength, they may injure the other person more than they meant to. They're usually seen as the aggressors and get into trouble for it. Often parents don't or won't listen when they tell them that they didn't mean to hurt the other person so bad which makes them mad because their parents are supposed to be on their side and their not actually lying so their hurt as well. So about half the time those kinds of children run away, try to find people who will believe them, who believe in them. Thankfully, due to the slayer strength, they are able to protect themselves more than a lot of other girls out there but that doesn't protect them from starving, being stolen from or attacked even if they come out on top. If we're lucky, we get to them before they run away. Some of them, of course, have supportive parents and they generally reach out to people and they find us or help us find them. Those are the luckiest ones. They don't develop the mistrust that the others do that we have to break through."

"Tough gig," Dean said softly after Xander finished, he nodded.

"They don't choose it either, but at least now since there's so many of them, they don't have to stay a slayer if they don't want to. It used to be one girl in all the world that had to protect the world now they can break it up more and those who don't want this kind of life can get out," Dean nodded looking pensive.

"Anyways back to the no alcohol in the temp rooms. These girls have skills, some learned on the street and others learned from those girls or because they're bored. The temp rooms get broken into all the time which is why we don't keep any alcohol in the rooms," he said continuing his story. Dean nodded.

"Kay I understand, but that doesn't make it suck any less," Xander nodded he didn't imagine that it would.

"I have some, but it's in my car, which is all the way out there," he gestured in the general direction of his car. Dean nodded, but apparently he too was in no hurry to get up even there was alcohol at the other end of his journey.

"I'm not tired anyway," he said after a long moment. He started to get up from the wall "I'm hungry and I want some real breakfast,"

"We have bacon and eggs but if you make it the slayers will try to steal bits and pieces from you," Xander warned. That was the number one reason why it was hardly ever made and why they usually had cereal.

"Don't worry I'm going to go out and get some," he said and then looked down at him. "Want to come?" he asked a little hesitantly. Xander blinked at the unexpected invitation. He realized that he hadn't eaten much yesterday just mostly coffee and a couple of bites of the curry. and now that he thought of it, he was actually hungry.

"Yeah, I could eat," he braced his hands against the wall and winced as he started to pull himself up. A hand shot up in front of him and that hand was attached to Dean who was offering him a hand up, he took it.