He trusted Richea, despite knowing her for less than 24 hours. But there was still a part of him that doubted she was an alien. And that she was just a con artist that was here to rob him or kill him or something.

But when he woke up and found himself intact, he crossed out the killer idea.

When he found Richea staring solemnly at herself from the open door of the bathroom, he took out the robber idea too.

"Good morning." He said, walking closer to her. He noticed the sharp object in her hand, scissors. She probably took it from the kitchen. Then a thought crossed his mind, what if she was going to kill herself? She didn't seem like the type, she was definitely happy...but she was recently torn away from her own world, left on a different planet where she knew no one, and lost her family. "What are you doing?" He asked suspiciously, leaning against the door, fixing his gaze at the tiny hand clenched around the pair of scissors.

"My hair...isn't it too long?" She asked him, somberly. Nothing like the Richea from yesterday, who was cheery and happy all the time. "I think I should cut it. I don't want the blue jackets to find me."

At least satisfied she wasn't going to stab herself, but he was a bit uneasy with her holding the sharp oobject. "I think it's nice. Let's not do anything rash until we're sure about what to do..."

"I don't know." She said, staring at the ground. "I don't know what to do. I'm scared. I'm scared they'll catch me."

And that was the exact moment he believed in her.

"I know...but we should find out if they're really after you at all. Let's buy you some clothes too." He suggested with a shrug. He didn't know why he was going to such lengths to stop her from cutting her hair. To be honest, he thought it was beautiful as it was really long. And it almost seemed sacred, because of its length and still radiant, healthy locks. He gently placed both of his hands over the hand that was holding the scissors, and he took it out of her hands, placing it on the counter.

Unlike normal people, Richea's eyes didn't light up with joy or she didn't jump up in happiness at the first word indicating a shopping trip. She looked scared almost.

"We're going outside again?" She asked fearfully. He raised an eyebrow at her odd behavior.

"Yeah, why wouldn't we? You can't stay in here forever. Besides, you can't live on one outfit. My water bill would skyrocket if I had to wash one outfit by the end of each day." He said simply. But when she still eyed him with concern, he gave her a stern look. "Oh come on, I know you're a princess, but try to be more courageous. This is your new life without fancy bodyguards or distant people. If anything, I promise to protect you from any harm, okay?"

"You'll promise to protect me...and stay by my side?" She asked, not as hesitant as before. Her eyes shone with relief when he nodded. And he smiled.

"Hey, I'll go make us some breakfast." He said and yawned, stretching his arms. "Do you want anything? Or do you guys eat completely different food up there?" His voice echoed from the kitchen.

At this, Richea excitedly ran out of the bathroom, hanging onto a corner and swinging around to almost shriek with joy, "Pancakes!"

"Pancakes?" He asked, curious by her obvious excitement. He grabbed a pan from a cabinet underneath his sink and tossed it around his hands.

She nodded vigorously and smiled a toothy grin.

Hisui had no words.

He watched her eat each pancake, seemingly in seconds to devour one, happily, as if it were the best thing she had ever tried. Well...she loved pancakes. A lot.

His silence was ignored as Richea took part in eating her breakfast like a hungry cheetah fleshing apart its victims.

He had no thoughts either...besides, why did she like pancakes so much?

He made a mental note to make them more.

"So enjoying them pancakes, huh?" He asked when he was able to regain his voice. He had baked at least ten pancakes. She was on her eighth. He didn't think he would get any of the flapjacks left at the rate Richea went.

She looked up at him for a second, her cheeks stuffed, only a dash of syrup running down her chin, and a huge pancake piece dangling from her fork. She might have been the epitome of cuteness, to Hisui.

He looked down to hide his blush, and she said nothing but went back to ravenously devouring the pancakes.

"I'll take that as a yes. A big yes."

"Thanks for taking me shopping, Hisui." Richea muttered, sincerely, but quietly, and more hushed. She had her arm in his as they walked down the street. She was glancing everywhere, and stiffened when someone passed by too close to them.

"Don't mind them." He said and waved dismissively. She nodded, but still had a hard time trusting them. She had never been this close to other people before.

After about ten minutes of walking, Hisui stopped. Richea immediately halted, clinging to his arm. He stood before a large store, the clear windows revealing an inside full of clothes racks and people. She looked up at him questioningly.

"Well...uh this is a women's clothing store. You go in there...and um...choose what you want to wear." He said shyly.

"I always had someone come over and fit me and then make my clothes." She said simply.

"But now you're part of the public and this is Estrega, not the Black Moon." He said.


While the two kept talking, they didn't see the woman with pink hair pass dangerously close behind their backs, making it easier to eavesdrop on them.

She walked down the street and then sharply turned into an alleyway between the buildings.

"Subject confirmed." She said to the man waiting for her in the shadows of the alleyway. "It is indeed Ms. Spodune."

"Good, Richea must be caught." He said firmly, but his eyes didn't hold the same confidence.

"It'll be easy...after all, she's right out in the opening. Why can't we just kidnap her now? No one would care if we flashed our badges..." The woman whined, rocking back on her heels and letting out a deep exhale.

"You know we have to wait for Calcedny's order, Peridot." He said, chiding her. She sighed.

"I know, I'm just impatient, you know that, Byrocks." She said, imitating his tone of scolding.

"What about that man next to her?" Byrocks asked her, pointing to Hisui. "Would he be a point of interest?"

"I don't think so. He wouldn't care much about an alien if we told him some lies, spiced it up a bit, and finished it off with our badges." She said, leaning against the wall.

"I sure hope Calcedny issues the order soon..." Byrocks muttered, shifting from foot to foot, impatient as well.

Richea's days of freedom were numbered.