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I walked into the band room with the others surprised to see Stevie was already there with someone I didn't know.

"Guys I know you guys know about my four older brothers, but I want you to meet my little sister Max." Stevie said while pointing at her. "She's thirteen but she skipped a grade so she'll be starting school here today as a freshmen since it's the start of the second semester." she added.

This was a total surprise it caught me way off guard. Though I could see the resemblance easily. Max had short brown hair with highlights like Stevie's, come to think of it she looked a lot like her sister but the only difference was her eyes were brown and not hazel like Stevie's. She had jeans and a light blue sweatshirt on she certainly had Stevie's fashion sense.

"Hi, I'm Kacey Simon, this is Nelson, Kevin and Zander." I introduced the others and myself.

Molly walked over to us during lunch. This can't be good I thought.

"Hey loser 5 who's the kid." She asked.

"She's my little sister Max. Don't you dare do anything to her Molly." Stevie warned.

"Like I waste my time with that loser, Loserberry." Molly said.

"I thought you wasted a lot of time playing with you makeup for ten minutes at the beginning of lunch." Max scoffed.

She certainly could slam like Stevie.

Molly walked away. If there is one way to get on my good side its slamming Molly or any of the Perfs.


"Hey, Stevie why didn't you say you had a little sister?" Asked Kevin.

"You guys never asked and the subject never cam up." I said

I continued to walk down the hall to get to the band room.

"Hey." I said.

"Hi Stevie." Zander greeted me.

Nelson, and Kevin, was there, along with Max.

Kacey runs in.

"I have a major emergency!" She yelled.

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