This is a cross over between Drake & Josh and How to Rock. Drake & Josh will be a returning crossover. I will also ignore if the crossover show is in a different city, but there may be some exceptions. If you have any ideas for crossovers I would love to hear them.


"Got any ideas of getting out?" Kacey said.

"Hope we're out soon I'm hungry." Kevin said.

"Max! She can pick any lock in five seconds." Zander said.

"Where is your twerpy sister?" Molly asked.

"At her friend Megan's house." I answered.

"Can we text her soon to get her to break us out?" Nelson asked.

"We have to get my phone first off that desk." I said.

"How are we going to do that?" Zander asked.

"I know." I said.

"Come on Nelson grab the phone." Grace shouted.

We tied our sweaters together and Nelson started using it as a lasso.


"Megan! Max!" I heard Drake shout.

"Where should we hide?" Megan asked.

"In the vent." I said.

"Next time we put snakes under their pillows we need to make sure they're not armed." Megan said.

"Noted" I said.

My phone buzzed.

Help in jail at the mall, hurry Nelson is going cage crazy and Kevin is gnawing on one of the bar to the cell. It was Stevie.

"I got to go my sister and her friends are in jail, well mall jail, but still." I said.

"Can I come? I should get out of the house before Drake and Josh gets grounded for giving them anther true but farfetched story about one of our pranks." Megan said.

"Sure, since your coming bring the lock picking kit." I said.

"Ok." She said.

"Ahhh!" I herd Josh say.

"Looks like we got boob #2" Megan said.

"Megan! Max!" Josh yelled.

"I think we better go now." I said.

"Right." Megan answered.

"Who is she?" Kevin asked.

"My friend Megan." I said.

We started picking the lock.

"How are you even in here?" I asked.

"Don't ask." Stevie said.

"Freedom!" Nelson yelled.

"Got any food?" Kevin asked.

"No, unless you want snake eggs." Megan said.

"I'll risk it." Kevin said.

"What?" Megan said.

"He has about the same IQ level as Drake." I said.

"That explains a lot." Megan said.

Now that the gang is out of jail who will win battle of the bands? Thoughts?

Thanks for reading.