Again a cross over with Drake & Josh.

I don't own How to Rock of Drake and Josh.


"So, let me get this straight she kissed your boyfriend?" I asked.

"Pretty much." Max said.

"What did you do for revenge?" I asked.

"Rigged their lockers to spray them in paint." Max answered.

"I taught you so well." I said.

"So who's up next?" I asked.

"The Perfs." I said.

The Perfs ended their performance.

"That was torture." I said.

"You want to pelt them with eggs later?" Max asked.


"My sister's band is up next." Max said.

"Hi, I'm Kacey Simon we're Gravity 5 and we know how to rock!" Yelled Kacey.

They ended their performance.

"The winner is Gravity 5." Said some weirdo Max told me was Mr. March.

Very short chapter, I know but next time will be longer. Thoughts?

Thanks for reading.