Into The Night Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars. GL does. I do own the poem though. I was so inspired I had to write a long marrative poem. From the 3rd person POV. I find it easier to control what the characters do, think and feel that way.

Summary: A stolen moment between Obi and Padme that ends pretty sadly...Timeframe is your choice. No names are given.

A/N: Again, this poem is in 2 archives (so far), FF.N and Obidala.Net, that's why there are 2 names. Sorry.

Into The Night

Black/Catz Kenobi

His blue-green eyes twinkled with light

despite the darkness of the night.

The soft wind blew cold around him,

but not enough to rouse him from the meditative state he was in.

It seemed to a normal person as if he'd spaced-out,

but she knew better that to think that.

She was glad he was still awake at this ungodly hour.

His eyes averted and he looked straight at her.

Slowly, she approached him, fighting back tears,

evidences of hardships she'd been bearing for years.

One look at her face, and he instantly knew

that something inside her needed tending-to.

Without a word, he drew her into his arms.

He reveled in the scent of her, and she in his warmth.

She closed her eyes and let the tears fall silently

As he stroked her hair ever so gently.

The evidence of her quiet sobs stained his chest.

Her tears slid down from her cheeks to her breast.

Without thinking, he planted a kiss on her forehead,

not stopping himself but letting it go instead.

Eventually, her crying stopped,

She sighed deeply as the last tear dropped,

but he did not let her go and instead held her close,

and she leaned her head on him, her hair tickling his nose.

He looked deep into her by now dry brown eyes,

their breaths coming out in shortened sighs.

Her face now only inches away from his,

She reached up and captured his lips in a searing kiss.

In the back of his head, he knew he should stop this,

yet he found himself not wanting to break the kiss.

She kept him locked in her passionate embrace,

one hand in his hair, the other around his waist.

Minutes and a few creative movements later,

They lay, unclothed, on the bed, against each other.

He claimed her then, with a want so strong,

trying to push away the knowledge that this was wrong.

The morning came with the rising of the sun.

She awoke only to find that her lover had gone.

She knew in an instant the reason he left.

She put her head in her hands, sighed and wept.

Outside the building, he looked up at the window,

cursing to high heavens the fact that he had to go.

With a silent prayer for her to be kept safe,

he took his last look of this never-to-be-forgotten place.

From the window, she watched his retreating figure,

Wishing she could deny this awful picture.

She closed her eyes and whispered to the wind,

Wanting desperately for her words to reach him.

He shielded his eyes against the blinding light

as the wind blew cold around him just as it did last night.

"I love you," it seemed to whisper to him.

He sighed and smiled and took comfort in the wind.