I know it's been a million years since I said I may make a sequel for this. I actually wrote the first three chapters a month after I wrote this story. I was delayed due to a combination of being too lazy to type it up and also finding flaws in my logic. The entire point of this story was that Sasori wanted to be with Amber on last time before he would never feel again. However, in order for my sequel to work, he didn't need to have at least some feelings. I have figured out a way to finally make it work! I also decided to add in a bit of yaoi with Deidara just cause I can. I'm going to list it under the title "The Past Is Never Far" (I got that out of a Goo Goo Dolls song). May or may not change it if I think if a better idea. It will be rated M, category romance, characters Sasori and Deidara.

Please read :)