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Higurashi Kagome is in a relationship with Taisho Sesshomaru

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Taisho Rin, Higurashi Shippo, Taijiya Sango, and 15 people like this.

Taisho Rin Rin is SO happy for Sesshomaru-sama and Kagome! : D

Taisho Inuyasha WTF Kagome?! You're dating that bastard? That's sick.

Kappa Jaken Worthless ningen take down these slanderous statements against my Lord right now.

Taisho Sesshomaru Jaken come in my study for a moment. I have something for you.

Higurashi Shippo Congrats Momma. I know you'll both be very happy. (10 people like this.)

Taisho Inuyasha STFU you stupid little fox.

Higurashi Kagome INUYASHA! SIT boy! (25 people like this.)

Taisho Inuyasha Hah, stupid wench. It doesn't work over the internet. : P

Taisho Sesshomaru Half-breed you will cease calling Kagome any more foul names.

Tajiya Sango Well if you ask me it's about damned time you two went public.

Houshi Miroku I must agree with my darling Sango. Sesshomaru let me know if you need any tips on "furthering" your relationship with Kagome ; )

Higurashi Kagome Trust me Miroku, Sess definitely doesn't need any tips from you. (1 person likes this.)

Taisho Inuyasha How long has this little lovefest been going on Kagome?

Clay Kikyo Why do you care so much Inuyasha?

Kaze Kagura Dislike! I love you Sesshomaru. I'll wait for you to come to your senses.

Ookami Kouga Kagome change that right now! You're my woman.

Higurashi Kagome Yasha it's been 8 months now. Kouga, not going to happen. Kagura, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Taisho Sesshomaru You will desist with your worthless claim wolf. Kagome is MY woman and always will be. (1 person likes this.)

Wolf Ayame Damnit Kouga I'M YOUR WOMAN. Congrats Kagome!

Hitohiro Eri What about Hojo? He's going to be devastated.

Kotishi Yuka You're dating Inuyasha's hot brother? You GO girl!

Akitomi Ayumi Congratulations to both of you.

Taisho Sesshomaru Half-brother

Taisho Inuyasha Half-brother

Higurashi Shippo Hahaha you two crack me up.

Taisho Inuyasha I'll crack you upside the head kit.

Higurashi Mrs. I'm so happy for both of you. Will we be hearing wedding bells soon?

Higurashi Kagome MAMA!

Taisho Toga Good job son! Kagome's a great girl. Now I want grandpups.

Taisho Sesshomaru Thank you Father and never fear we've been practicing ; )

Higurashi Kagome SESSHOMARU!

Taisho Inuyasha Eeewwww! I don't need to hear that shit.

Taisho Rin Ooohhh can Rin have a little sister? Please Sesshomaru-sama?

Higurashi Shippo No Rin. Let's have a little brother.

Tajiya Sango You two are going to have such sweet and adorable babies.

Taisho Inuyasha Only if they take after Kagome. ROFL

Houshi Miroku Speaking of making babies Sango…

Tajiya Sango Keep it in your pants monk. (8 people like this.)

Neko Touran Wow Kagome, I'm shocked. Sesshomaru seems like such a stick up his ass compared to you.

Higurashi Kagome He takes the stick out when we're together Touran ; )

Taisho Inuyasha I don't believe you. That stick is wedged up WAY too far to come out.

Taisho Sesshomaru Miko you will stop this now or be punished.

Higurashi Kagome Promises, promises Sess.

Houshi Miroku Do tell Lord Sesshomaru. How exactly would that punishment go?

Taisho Inuyasha Knock that shit off. I don't need those images in my brain.

Nomi Myoga My hearty felicitations my Lord and Lady Kagome. This is wonderful news.

Taisho Inukimi Sesshomaru I don't believe that I have given my blessing on this "relationship".

Taisho Sesshomaru Mother I do not need your blessing. I will do as I want.

Nomi Myoga You should be happy Lady Mother. This is a kami blessed union. They will have incredibly strong children.

Ikiteiru Kaede Ye are correct Myoga. Kagome is the strongest Shikon Miko since Midoriko.

Clay Kikyo Hey! She is NOT stronger than me.

Higurashi Kagome Can we please stop discussing any future children Sess and I might have please. Kikyo FYI I am waaaay stronger than you. (15 people like this.)

Taisho Sesshomaru There is no "might" my little Miko. We will be having pups.

Taijiya Sango I guess he told you Kagome ; )

Higurashi Kagome ^/^

Higurashi Souta This is so cool. Inuyasha had only one sword but Sesshomaru has two. Can you teach me how to use them Sesshomaru?

Taisho Inuyasha Keh! Tessaiga is better than those swords combined squirt. I'll teach you not that bastard.

Taisho Sesshomaru You will do nothing of the kind Inuyasha. I'm sure he can run around swinging a sword aimlessly like you do. I will teach you the proper kata Souta.

Hitohiro Eri So Kagome would you mind if I asked Hojo out now? Since you're taken and all.

Higurashi Kagome Go ahead Eri. I've already talked to Hojo and I think he's expecting the call. : )

Kotishi Yuka Heeeyyy! What about me and Ayumi? Got any other guys you can set us up with Kagome?

Ookami Ginta Hey sis best wishes

Ookami Hakkaku Yeah we're really happy for you.

Higurashi Kagome Thanks guys. BTW have you ever met my friends Yuka and Ayumi?

Taisho Rin We should have a BIG party to celebrate.

Higurashi Shippo That's a great idea Rin. Then everybody can meet everybody.

Taisho Inuyasha I don't want to be around Lord Frigid anymore than I already have to.

Taijiay Sango A party sounds awesome.

Higurashi Mrs. I would love to meet Sesshomaru's parents.

Higurashi Kagome Well I guess we could but where?

Taisho Toga No need to worry my dear. We will have it at my house so I can keep an eye on Inuyasha and Inukimi. Our family get-togethers tend to resemble an episode of Cops.

Taisho Sesshomaru Must we do this?

Higurashi Kagome Please Sess? It would be so much fun.

Taisho Sesshomaru You will owe me big for this Kagome.

Higurashi Kagome Anything you want Sess. Thank you.

Taisho Sesshomaru I'll let you know tonight exactly what my payment will be koi.

Taisho Inuyasha ):

Higurashi Kagome :D


Higurashi Kagome is mated to Taisho Sesshomaru

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Taisho Inuyasha Oh for fuck's sake!

Taisho Sesshomaru Indeed.