Sitting on top of the world

By Vinkunwildflowerqueen

DISCLAIMER: NCIS is not mine.

AN. Hi, everyone! Here it is, the sequel to In This Life. It's only short, this was originally supposed to be part of the original fic, but with such a big time jump, it made more sense to me to write it as a short sequel.

And (for those who were unhappy about this aspect of the original story) it's Wicked-reference light. Literally, I think there's a total of three in the entire story. That wasn't intentional, I just was less able to fit references in.

And the title is inspired by a song by the same name by Delta Goodrem. As it was one of her songs that inspired the title for the first one, it seemed only fitting.


As Abby stepped out of the elevator into the squad room one morning, coming to visit her friends and boyfriend, she was drawn to the happenings in the bullpen of Team Gibbs.

They were sans their leader, and there seemed to be some kind of distress occurring. Tony was at his desk, his head buried in his hands and McGee and Ziva stood on the other side, trying to console him. Abby quickened her steps in order to investigate.

"Come on, Tony, it's not that bad," McGee was saying, rolling his eyes.

"Yes it is," argued Tony, looking miserable.

Ziva shared an exasperated look with McGee. "Tony, you are making a cliff out of an ant hill," she told him, and Tony managed to lift his head from his desk to correct his co-worker's English.

"It's making a mountain out of a molehill. Seriously, Ziva, learn English already," he complained good-naturedly.

"What's going on?" Abby asked, joining them. "Tony, why are you sad?"

Tony looked at her solemnly. "I have the worst news, Abby."

Abby grew concerned. "What? What is it?"

"It's nothing bad, Abby," McGee told her. "Tony's just being a drama queen."

"Hush Timmy," Abby held up a hand to silence him. "This is Tony's news. So, what's wrong?"

"We have to move," Tony explained dully.

Abby's eyes widened in understanding. "Oh!"

Then she punched him- hard, in the arm. "Don't scare me like that, DiNozzo! I thought something was wrong with Jemma or AJ!"

Tony looked alarmed. "What? Why would you think that?"

"Because you said you had the worst news! To me, that would be the worst news!"

Tony thought about it and shuddered slightly. Something happening to his wife or son would definitely be the worst news.

"You're right, sorry, Abs," he apologised. "Poor choice of words."

Abby softened and perched herself on the corner of the desk. "It's okay. So, you have to move?Really, why? I love your house."

"So do we," Tony sighed. "But it's not big enough."

"So, why not extend it?" McGee asked practically.

Tony shook his head. "We thought about that, but it'd be too hard. Not just the logistics of it, but having a construction zone with a three year old, and bringing a baby home to a construction zone if it's not ready in time, which they never are. We don't want that. So… moving it is," he sighed.

"Is Jemma as unenthusiastic as you are about this?" Abby asked lightly.

"She's six months pregnant. Of course she is, she doesn't want to have to pack up a whole house and move and do the house-hunting thing all over again."

"So, why not wait until after the baby is born?" Ziva suggested.

"Jem seems to think it would be easier to move before the baby is born, if possible. And I'm not going to argue with a pregnant woman, I learned that last time," Tony said firmly. "It's DiNozzo's rule number three."

McGee frowned. "I thought DiNozzo's rule number three was 'never underestimate your opponent?'"

"It was," Tony admitted. "Until Jemma hit her second trimester. Then I had to replace it. This is way more important. I couldn't go through the Great Elphaba Debate of March again."

Ziva looked bewildered. "The what?"

"Last month, we were talking about Wicked and who the best Elphaba's were. I said Kerry Ellis was better than Idina Menzel and she didn't talk to me for two days," Tony replied seriously.

"At least she didn't come after you with a golf club, DiNozzo," Gibbs said, entering the bullpen unnoticed.

"True," Tony admitted. "But in fairness to her, neither of us play golf."

"So, have you actually looking at houses yet?" Abby asked.

"I had a brief look online this morning… and then I remembered how much I hate house-hunting and moving."

"You know you can count on us all to help, right?" Abby asked.

"He can?" McGee raised an eyebrow.

Abby stared pointedly at her boyfriend of a year and a half. "Yes, McGee he can."

Tony smirked. "Karma," he muttered, recalling all the times McGee had mocked him over the years for being "whipped" since meeting Jemma.

The phone on Gibbs' desk rang and he answered it quickly.

"Yeah, Gibbs… right."

He hung up and opened his drawer to grab his sig and badge. "Grab your gear," he said, although Tony, Ziva and McGee were already moving to do so.

"Dead Petty Officer in Maryland."

McGee shook his head at Tony as they entered the elevator. "I can't believe you think Kerry Ellis is a better Elphaba than Idina Menzel."

Tony just sighed.

When they finally returned to the bullpen later that day, Tony found several printouts of houses from Abby thoughtfully left on his desk, which he took home to Jemma that evening.

"I'm home!" he called out.

As usual, there was a frantic scurry of feet and then five dogs and a three year old all came simultaneously barrelling towards him.

"Daddy!" cried Alex excitedly.

Tony grabbed him and swung his son up into the air. "Hey, AJ. How's it going, bud?"

"Good," Alex giggled, and squirmed to get down.

Tony obediently lowered him, and greeted the dogs surrounding him. "Hey, guys."

Lady, Tramp, Pongo and Copper were all still a large part of their family, the newest addition was Jock, a little eight-month old Scottish Terrier. He had been a present to Alex for his third birthday from Aunty Abby, much to Jemma's joy and Tony's chagrin.

"Where's Mommy?" Tony asked his son now.

"Mommy's here," said a voice, and Tony rose from his knees to greet his wife.

"Hi, Mommy," he grinned, kissing first Jemma, then her rounded stomach lightly.

Jemma smiled. "Hi."

"How are you?" Tony asked seriously.

"Fine, as always," Jemma reassured him. They'd both been slightly nervous the past few months, given what had happened when Jemma was pregnant with Alex, but both she and the baby-who they knew was a girl this time, were perfectly healthy.

They went through their usual nightly routine, having dinner, then Tony bathed Alex as Jemma cleaned the kitchen and then it was Jemma's night to put their son to bed.

When she finally returned to the living room, Tony handed her the papers from Abby.

"Abby found us a few houses."

"Any good ones?"

"I haven't looked, I figured I'd wait til I was with you," Tony admitted.

Jemma looked at the first house and scoffed. "Well, Abby obviously thinks we're millionaires."

Tony glanced over at the price and grimaced. "Yeah, I don't think so."

Of the seven houses Abby had found, there were only two that Tony and Jemma decided were possibilities.

"I still don't know if I like this kitchen," Jemma sighed, looking at the picture. "But it might be better in reality."

"If anything it'll be worse," Tony replied. "Realtors can make any room look good."

"Great," Jemma grumbled. "Help me up, please?"

"Bathroom?" Tony asked knowingly as he did so.

"I swear this baby thinks my bladder is a soccer ball," Jemma complained, getting up with difficulty and waddling off to the bathroom.

Tony chuckled and went to throw the papers in the recycling bin.

"Do you know what house I want?" he asked Jemma thoughtfully as she returned from the bathroom a minute later.

Jemma eyed her husband warily. "It's going to be from a movie, isn't it?"

"Yes," Tony admitted.

She laughed slightly. "Alright, tell me. What is it?"

"Cameron Frye's house," he replied, and Jemma stared at him blankly.

"Cameron who?"

Tony rolled his eyes at her. "Cameron Frye. Ferris Bueller's Day Off?"

"Oh, right," Jemma said, recollecting the house from the film.

Tony shook his head sadly. "I can't believe you didn't know that."

"I did know!" Jemma protested. "I just blanked for a second. Baby brain."

"Liar," he teased gently as they returned to the living room.

"Seriously, if you could have any house in the world, what would it be?" Tony asked her.

Jemma thought about it for a moment. "The house from Father of the Bride- the remake. Or house from The Notebook."

Tony looked at her suspiciously. "You mean you want the house, right? Not you want me to build you a house? Because that wouldn't go well."

Jemma laughed. "Yes, hon."

She moved so she was curled as best she could against Tony's side, and they watched TV in silence for a few minutes.

"You know what kind of house I really want?" she asked quietly.


"A house like Gibbs'."

Tony thought about that. "Gibbs' house is pretty great," he admitted.

"It's really a home," she said, looking up at him.

Tony was tempted to quote the Wizard of Oz, but he resisted. Instead, he kissed her forehead lightly. "We'll find one, Jem. I promise."

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