Chapter Three – Together, Finally


It had been three days since Kain had seen or heard anything about the silverette hunter other then changeover. He deliberately went out during class time, hoping that Zero would be on patrol, but it was always Yuuki that sent him back to class.
Changeover was heartbreaking. Zero wouldn't even glare at him, wouldn't even look at him. It killed Kain to see him like that – so depressed, so indifferent. And Kain had to use every effort he had in not going to the other male and just holding him. So he did what he did he did best; act.
Acting around the hunter was hard. He always had his iPod on, and just listened to the calming music, ignoring everyone, including Aidou and Ruka, both of which who were worried about him. He focused on his schoolwork, on his homework, and tired his best not to think about the hunter. But every now and then, when there was nothing to occupy his time or mind, Zero would slip into his mind, and he would catch himself wondering what the younger vampire was doing. Zero... Where are you? Are you alright?


Three days. Three lonely, long, painful days since he had sensed Kain and Rima together. Three days for his heart to bleed, for his eyes to leak, for his soul to die. Yuuki and the Chairman had been worried about him, but since he wasn't falling to level E, it didn't matter much. Once he told them that he was fine, they believed him, and then left him alone.
All he wanted was Kain. But the other vampire was ignoring him, and so, he wore his mask, not even using the glare he had perfected, just the cold, indifferent face. But it didn't draw any attention from the orange haired male. What else did I expect?
Changeover was finished; he now had an hour to himself before it was time to return to the dorms. Walking quickly, he headed to the large canteen before choosing a table and sitting by himself, not even bothering with the food. Pulling out his iPod, he was suddenly aware of someone occupying the seat before him.
He looked up, and saw himself staring at a boy with piercing green eyes, paired with blonde hair so light that it looked like white. He couldn't remember the vampires' name.
"Kiryuu Zero?"
The perfect just looked at him, assessing. The boy was clearly in the Night Class. What the hell was this about? He nodded, and just waited, and then a brunette with blue eyes sat down beside him.
"My name is Ichijo Tumaka, and this is Senri Shiki. We aren't here to cause any trouble, we are here for our friend Kain Akatsuki."
Zero jolted, paying attention at once, ignoring all of the whispers and stares going on because of the two Night Class students, especially because they were sitting with him. His voice was strong and husky when he finally responded.
"What happened to Kain?"
The two vampires shot each other a look, and a smirk before turning back to the perfect. "Zero, we would like your help in something."
"It wont be painful, and it wont cause anyone harm." This came from Shiki and Zero couldn't help but be interested.

ZeroZeroZeroZeroZeroZeroZero ZeroZeroZeroZeroZeroZeroZero ZeroZeroZeroZero

Two days later, the silverette was hanging off the blonde in what made them look like they were a couple in love. This is all to get Kain's attention. All for Kain. Zero looked at Tumaka who was standing beside him, and blushed.
"Zero…" The blonde purred. "He's coming. Its time. Get ready, and don't you dare fight me."
He couldn't do anything but nod. He was leaning against his favorite tree, Tumaka pressed into him, and his arms were wrapped around the blonde's waist and neck, holding his close, while Tumaka was holding him around his waist, and was holding his leg up against his hip. They looked intimate.
This was the plan. Shiki was going to collect Kain, saying that Tumaka was missing, and needed help finding him. And then, they would both find Zero and Tumaka kissing, and getting into one another. Zero couldn't help a shudder as the wind found the three undone buttons and the loose tie hanging down the front of his shirt.
They both looked rumpled, like they had been making out for hours. Apparently, he and Kain were soul-mates, but the other male was too shy to do anything about it, so they were forcing his hand.
The silence was only broken by their breathing, and their beating hearts. An then they heard Shiki.
"Akatsuki, please, just a little longer. I'm really worried, and I really need to find Ichijo!"
And before the hunter could say anything, Tumaka's lips were on his, and he gasped as he pulled the blonde closer, granting entrance to the exploring tongue. All part of the act. They pretended to be wrapped in each other, not hearing anything then the person they were with.


"Akatsuki, please, just a little longer. I'm really worried, and I really need to find Ichijo!"
I just sighed, and continued looking for Tumaka. Suddenly, he caught the scent of his friend, and motioned for Shiki to follow him. There was suddenly a loud and passionate moan, and both vampires stilled, both going pale.
They walked through the trees, and stopped dead when they came to the clearing. Zero was wrapped around Tumaka, and they looked like they had been making out for ages. Three buttons undone, tie hanging loosely, clothes rumpled, hair sticking up all over the place. Tumaka was no better, and Kain could see clearly that the blonde had marked the silverette's neck with a hickey.
"TUMAKA! How could you!?" The brunette couldn't control himself as he shouted at the VP, before running away the way they came. The pair broke apart, and Tumaka ran after Shiki, leaving Zero standing against the tree panting.
Just looking at him, something in side the fire manipulator snapped, and he couldn't help the steady stream of words that broke out of him.
"Kiryuu Zero, you have offended me greatly. As my mate, you should NOT be involved with any other person, and you should respect that. I love you, and you chose to run off with Tumaka Ichijo?! HOW DARE YOU!" But the redhead was suddenly cut off as Zero started to yell at him.
"I LOVE YOU TOO YOU IDIOT! THIS WAS A SET-UP BECAUSE YOU WERE BLIND!" He watched as the hunter took a deep breath. "Tumaka and Shiki set this up, because they knew I was your mate, but you wouldn't do anything about it."
Before he could stop himself, he was standing in front of the rumpled hunter. The wide lilac eyes held hurt and hope in them, and his lips were moist and pouted. "Kain, we chose this place, because it was somewhere that we both knew, and were familiar with."
Kain sighed and ran a hair threw his hand. "Zero…" He couldn't control himself any longer as he bent down and placed and arm around the silverette, pulling him closer until there was just a sigh between their lips. "I love you, you big dummy."
Before the hunter could reply, soft and firm lips were on his, kissing him, tasting him. He felt Kain begging for entrance, and he granted it, moaning when the muscle came into contact with his. Zero couldn't control his fingers as he gripped Kain's shirt and pulled him closer so that he was leaning against the tree with Kain pressed against him.

Moans and groans filled the air around them as shirts and ties were removed, as kisses were placed over necks and lips, as touches roamed over bodies, as tongues played with fingers and nipples.

Kain pushed two fingers into the silverette's entry, and Zero hissed at the pain that came through the pleasure, but soon enough was trying to impale himself on them. He cried out as the third finger was added, and the redhead waited a minutes before pulling his fingers out and pushing back in, continuing to stretch the younger vampire. With a groan, he removed his fingers. He looks so beautiful, pressed against a tree, his hair mussed, neck and shoulders covered with MY markings, a mess because of me… I will never let him go.
Pulling away a little, Kain kissed Zero before pulling the younger male down so that he was leaning against the tree, the tip of Kain's erection against him, before he felt the pain. Hissing, he impaled himself on the cock below him, completing the process quickly.

Both of the males groaned as the felt the heat of the other, before Kain pulled out almost to the tip before snapping his hips forward. Zero let out a shrill cry, before meeting the thrusts halfway, adding more power.

Zero clenched around Kain, and the younger male couldn't hold back his completion, he cum coating their stomachs and chests. Watching Zero as he came, Kain snapped his hips again, thrusting forward until he felt his own blinding release. Stilling, Kain waited a moment before pulling out and lifting the other sated vampire until the both lay on the ground, the fire wielder making sure to keep the hunter warm.


The ground was cold, but Kain's weight and warm on top of him was more than making up for it. He tried to catch his breath, and wanted to say something but couldn't.

"Zero… Your mine."
Such possessiveness. But Zero only nodded, more than happy to agree. Hmm, Kain's. It was a rather nice thought, and the younger vampire couldn't help but snuggle into the warm body atop of his.
"I know."


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