Maybe He Doesn't See Me Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars. GL does. I own the poem.

Summary: A poem from Padme's POV. My first one actually. The feelings of a woman in love. Nuff said.

A/N: To those who have Obidala archives and want this poem there, you have my permission. I'd be honored! And also, this poem is archived in 2 places still. FF.N and Obidala.Net. That's why there are 2 names.

Maybe He Doesn't See Me

Black/Catz Kenobi

Once, he was just a name and a face,

A blur of quick motion with astounding grace.

It was hard not to notice him, even from afar,

what wtih his blue-green eyes that twinkled like a star.

10 years have passed since we parted ways.

Unbidden thoughts of him still fill my days.

I shouldn't think of him as I don't have the time,

Yet images of him still steal into my mind.

I see him now, standing before me,

His signature smile as bright as can be.

I try to hide my emotions from him

but I'm sure that somehow he knows how I'm feeling.

I can't help but feel something inside.

I wish these were things I didn't have to hide.

But now, there's another thing making me uneasy:

I wonder if he feels anything for ME.

His face shows nothing but seriousness,

and immediately after greeting, he comes down to business.

His facade shows concern, but he only does to reassure,

that he will do all in his power to keep me secure.

Maybe it's just the way he is.

If he does feel something (and that is a big IF!)

he has to hide it from everyone else

And keep his feelings to himself.

Or maybe he DOESN'T feel anything.

If that's true, then that's rather disheartening.

Or what if...he's thinking of someone else?

What if someone else has him all to herself?

Maybe he just doesn't see me,

well, not in the way I would wish him to see.

Whatever the reason, whatever it may be,

I know he doesn't have feelings for me.

I am a Senator, bound by responsibilities,

No time for emotions and fleeting fancies.

But I will not deny that I loved him once,

In a time misarranged and destroyed by circumstance.