Author's Note: Just a little foray into the world of Clint/Bruce 'cause I had this idea in my head but I plan no more. Now chapters 1-4 take place over four different battles. Away back to Clint/Steve land now…

Disclaimer: Don't have anything to do with Marvel and their wonderful play-land of creations … sigh…

Mine I

All hell was breaking loose as the avengers gathered on the ground of their latest encounter. Steve took a deep breath and quickly surveyed the chaos.

"Ok. Tony and Thor stay high and try and contain the situation. Natasha and I will take the ground. Clint find a vantage point and help out whoever needs it," it was an old plan but it worked. "And Hulk - smash bad guys," the captain arched an eyebrow pointedly as the huge green figure grinned. "Try and not smash Thor too please."

A low chuckle emitted Hulk's throat as he smirked over in Thor's direction. The thunder god winced slightly at the mischievous glint in the Other Guy's eyes but he offered Steve a reassuring smile.

"It is all done in friendship. And it is nothing I cannot handle."

"Maybe so," Steve turned a stern gaze on the Hulk. "But last time out he hit you through a wall of the only building in the area that had not yet been damaged."

Hulk just smirked. Tony took a step forward.

"Fighting a losing battle there captain," he clasped a hand down onto Steve's shoulder before turning to Clint. "Come on then Legolas. Let's go find you a nest."

Clint gave a small nod, instinctively bracing himself for a sudden take off as Tony moved towards him, face guard clamping shut. The billionaire stopped suddenly however as a low growl rumbled around the area. Iron Man turned towards Hulk, tilting his head slightly. The Hulk simply offered him a glare, keeping his gaze fixed on him as he rounded the man in the suit and approached the archer. Clint watched the Other Guy warily although he made no attempt to back away. With one last narrowed eye glare at Tony he turned to look down at Clint, offering a grin.

"Hold tight," was the only warning before Clint was grabbed and unceremoniously hoisted into the air. Despite the Hulk's rough handling the ride was actually no worse than when Tony took him up to the rooftop. Within moments Clint found himself lowered onto a roof. Taking in his surroundings the archer gave a small nod. Hulk had actually chosen a pretty good spot.

"Thanks," Clint offered the other guy a smile, pulling an arrow from his quiver ready to get going. The Hulk grinned again, offering a small nod before suddenly leaping off the roof. Clint blinked at the slightly strange behaviour but thought nothing more of it as Tony's voice filtered through his earpiece.

"Legolas, there would appear to be a few miscreants on my tail," despite an overall casual tone Clint noted the hint of panic. "Be a dear and throw of some of those exploding arrows would you?"