Daphne was cleaning up in Frasier's apartment as she was going to the lift she notice a girl she was holding her tummy in agony Daphne: you alright? The girl looked up her face was red from crying Daphne: what happened to you? Harvest: she punched me! Daphne gasped who could punch a young girl? Daphne: who punched you? Said Daphne Harvest: This girl called Faye she hates me and I just caught her with my sister's boyfriend and then we argued and then she punched me!

Daphne could not believe what she was hearing another girl attacking another girl over some boy!

Daphne: look come on in can't leave you here can we Daphne smiled she wanted to help Harvest Harvest: Iam sorry for this Daphne smiled again Daphne: nonsense Said Daphne Daphne: come and sit down over here let me get some ice for that tummy Harvest was grateful but she was still very scared what if Faye found her and hurt her more! Daphne: there you go how you feeling? Harvest: iam fine thanks don't tell Faye I was crying she's evil very evil if she wants something she will take it no questions asked stay away from her! Daphne was shocked she had never seen anyone so scared Daphne: erm I don't mean to pry but what does this girl look like then I could be on my guard Harvest hesitated she was worried Faye might get her Harvest: listen stay away from number 97 she lives in this apartment keep away from that number Daphne: yes but what does she look like? Harvest signed Harvest: ok she has long blonde hair wears a blue dress with a pink on it and white boots Harvest: please stay away from her please! Daphne hugged Harvest her face was white like snow and she was shaking with fear Daphne had an idea she would have to run it by Frasier first though but it might help Harvest Daphne: look dry you're eyes i was think now bear with me here i think you should stay here for a while just until you calm down and you get better i think you sholud call the police about Faye! Harvest looked shocked Harvest: are you mad can you imagine what she would do to be if she found out i grassed on her i might as well be dead!