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You Found Me

Chapter 1

Kate felt terrible as she entered the loft. They both knew what her job was like. Even so, they couldn't shake off the disappointment. She couldn't shake off the disappointment. Knowing that he understood, that he wouldn't accuse her of anything, that he would just smile and wave her apologies away – it made her feel worse and better at the same time.

Sighing heavily as she shut the door behind her, she set her purse on a side table and started taking her gloves off. That's when she noticed that the usually lively house seemed quiet. Too quiet. It was never this quiet, and it was never this dark. She turned on the lights and saw that there was what looked like a clothes line hanging from a picture on the wall next to the door, leading all the way to his office.

She rolled her eyes. Over the last few months of staying together, she had come to learn one very important thing. The very man who had so many times referred to her as extraordinary, was that himself – unique, one of a kind. Some of his annoying habits were hard to get used to – he was way too preppy in the morning. Kate knew that was thin, but really it was only little things like that. Over all, they were a good match. They made a great pair.

Then there were his Castle-style quirks that no woman could possibly see as anything but endearing. She was extraordinary, yes, but she wasn't immune to his charms. Having the ability to hide just how much her heart would melt sometimes, well, that only made him try harder.

On the days that he couldn't accompany her to the precinct, he would pack her lunch. She never did that for herself before he came along, and the last time she remembered taking packed lunch with her was way back in school. To say that she was surprised the first time she saw a brown paper bag next to Alexis' but carrying her name on it, was an understatement. She took it with her to work; scowled, glared at it, silently fought a battle to resist being 'taken care of'. Well, she tried to resist it, till she started to miss him, and then being 'taken care of' turned into 'being loved'. She was surprised again, when she opened it to find a sticky note stuck to a zip lock bag carrying a huge sandwich. It read, "Super sandwich for Super Cop, courtesy of Super Writer. I ate the first attempt, this is the second. Omnomnom." She laughed and proceeded to eat the sandwich. He'd surprise her when she least expected it.

And so she shouldn't have found this surprising. Sheets of paper hung from the line, kept there by clothes pins. He'd probably turned to writing when she had called to cancel their date. She knew he'd been looking forward to it, so much that he didn't come in to the precinct with her. As the universe would have it, she landed a creepy, weird, Beckett-style case and got too caught up in it. When she called him earlier to cancel, she'd felt bad and even asked if he wanted to come in to the precinct, check it out for himself, but he refused. It made her feel worse. He didn't want to come in. He understood of course, but he couldn't effectively hide the slight note of disappointment. She couldn't blame him, not when she was disappointed herself. But this was the job. This was the Kate Beckett he fell in love with and they both knew it.

He'd told her that he had to get some writing done anyway. It sounded like an excuse not to join her at the precinct, she'd thought earlier. But now that she saw the chapters hanging in their living room, she felt a little better. He had really wanted to write, not sulk. By the looks of things, he had gotten a lot of it done. Maybe he fell asleep at the desk. She'd found him like that before, with paper stuck to his cheek, hair mussed, looking entirely too adorable for his age. She took off her jacket and smiled as she decided to head for the office, to apologize.

"Castle,", she called as she made her way in. But he wasn't there. Her brows furrowed in confusion. She moved further, hoping to find him dozing off in the bedroom, but he wasn't there either. Quickly she checked the rest of the house, though why he would be anywhere else, she didn't know. Her concern grew when she made her way back down the stairs, and she decided to call him. Maybe he needed to run some errands.

When his phone kept going to voicemail, she didn't know what more to do. It wasn't her style to panic, and her detective skills told her that panic wouldn't help her find him anyway. So she took a deep breath and decided to wait. Maybe he went for a walk to clear his head before writing a scene, and he switched his phone to silent. It wasn't usual for him to do the latter, but it's a possibility.

It was dinner time and she was hungry, but she couldn't bring herself to go to the kitchen in search of food. She couldn't not wait for him right now. So instead she decided to read what he had come up with so far. It might even give her a clue to where he went, depending on where he got stuck writing.

She made her way to the sheet hanging nearest to the wall. Earlier she'd seen the page number at the bottom, so she knew that's where the chapter began. She undid the clip and took the paper and leaned against the wall, crossing her legs.

No sooner had she read the first word, than she let out a gasp.

"This is the story of Kate Beckett". That's what the first sentence read. It made her breath hitch and her heart skip a beat. She read it over, trying to figure if she was seeing things. It didn't change. "This is the story of Kate Beckett. This is the story of the woman who found me."

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