Chapter 1: Lies

Have you ever waked up one day and feel like there's something going to happen? You may not know what exactly but deep inside you, you know there's something to look forward to. You woke up one day and there's this unexplainable feeling inside telling you that there will be something, or there is something going to take place? Well this is what our teenage spider is going through. He woke up on a Friday Morning and feels like there's something 'good' about today, or that's what he wants to suggest.

"Peter! Honey wake up! Get your breakfast, you're gonna be late for school" the captain shouts from the kitchen as he finish preparing their breakfast. Peter rolled off bed, lazily getting up as his pops called him for breakfast. He fixed himself up, not knowing what date today is and headed down to the kitchen where the rest of the family is.

"Morning Pops!", "Morning Dad!" Peter looked at his father.

"Uhmm" "Morning Bambi" Tony said seriously as he sips his coffee, (or morning drug as Steve puts it), while reading his broadsheet. Steve chuckled. "C'mon, eat your breakfast Peter, you're gonna be late if you don't hurry up" his pops ordered. "Stop calling me Bambi, dad!" their son replied as he sits on the chair, chugs a bit of the orange juice and starts to eat his pancakes. Tony continued reading as if he didn't hear his son complain to him, he's going to let this pass because he has more important thing to do.

"Alright, got to go" Tony speaks folding the broadsheet and finishing his mug of coffee

"Be careful Tony. Oh and good luck! Call me when you get there" Cap sits down to eat his breakfast as his other half came to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Uhmmm, bye?" Peter said with a big question mark on his face

"Where are you going anyway?" he asked.

"Peter, today's the 15th your dad has to go to Afganistan for business purposes" His pop explained,

"I thought I told you that already last week" the cap continued as he stares at Tony already in the elevator.

"Alright. You take care Pete! Oh, and don't give your Pop any problems while I'm gone." Tony said as the door of the elevator closes

"Love you Cap! Love you Bambi!" the billionaire finally on his way.

"Ughhh! Dad!" Peter growled.

"Uhmmm, don't you have class?" His pops asked sarcastically raising a brow.

"Oh, shit!" peter finished his pancake and chugs down the juice, grabbed his backpack then head off to school.

"Language, Peter!" His Pop yelled. Peter apologizes as he went off.

"Love you Pops! See you later!" Steve smiled.

As Peter was walking to school he suddenly remembers that today is the 15th day of the month. He smiled as he walked slowly like he does not have any class. Maybe that's why he was feeling all those butterflies from the moment he woke up, maybe that's the reason why he can't contain himself and he just knows that something 'amazing' was about to happen, or that's what he suggests to himself. Today is their anniversary. It has been a year since he started going out with him, he thought only to find himself smiling as he looked at his watch and 'WHAT THE FUCK!' he almost shout, containing the expression only to his mind, he runs to his school, faster this time, for there are only five minutes to spare before he finds himself reciting at their history class again.

He scanned the cafeteria as he saw his best friend: Gwen Stacy waving at him mouthing him to come and take a seat. With few friends to choose, of course he's going to sit with Gwen but that's not the reason why he was scanning the whole place. As he sits, placing the tray in the table,

"If I'm not mistaken, today is your anniversary…" Gwen smirks at the young man

"Right?" she continued as she takes a bite on the burrito

"Uhh, yeah. Glad you remember" Peter sulked a bit staring at his plate of unhealthy school cafeteria food.

"Well you don't look so happy about it. Cheer up Pete, today's your day" cheering up her friend.

"Yeah, I haven't seen him though" the boy lets out a sigh.

The teenage spider wonders why he hasn't seen him, yet. Usually he's the one greeting him in front of the school and both of them will head to their lockers and head on to their respective classes… together. But today is different; he hasn't got any text from him at all. Nothing from the moment he woke up until now, and Peter knows it's unlikely for him not to be around. He tried calling his cell but it's always busy.

"Well, maybe he'll surprise me later after school" he mutters to himself trying to cheer himself up.

The bell rang marking the end of mental torture for the students at the school. Once again the hallway became lively as everyone gets out of their rooms and tried to breathe in the smell of freedom. Some were heading for their clubs while some decided to head straight home, and one of them is Peter. He was sulking the whole day; he hasn't even seen his shadow or feels the slightest presence of his existence. The brown haired teenager sadly walks through the hallway to get out from the school when he felt someone tap on his shoulder. Peter jerked, for one second he was happy only to realize that it was Gwen who tapped him.

"Hey Pete, why are you so gloomy?"

"I haven't seen you boyfriend the whole day."

"I even tried calling him but it's always busy"

"Is everything alright?" Gwen asked dead worried for her friend, it's their anniversary after all. Peter lets out a big sigh,

"It's okay. I'll just head home." That was all Peter could say, one more word and he feels he's going to break out crying his eyes out.

'I was wrong huh?' he muttered to himself as he heads towards home.

"Pete? I'll call you alright?" Gwen just stood there with a question mark on her face and was obviously worried about Peter.

It's as if there's nothing she can do, this is the first time she have seen Peter so sad, so broken.

The brown haired teenager walks out the streets still looking down, not caring if people start to bump him. He didn't care, he was too busy thinking deeply what could have happen to his boyfriend as to why he hasn't and still hasn't shown up the whole day. He tried contacting him the but still hasn't got any response, Peter seems to have forgotten that he was heading home, although still walking on the right path when his phone rang. "Hello?" he picked up not looking who it was, "Where are you young man?" Peter jerk as he heard his pops worried voice over the phone, he hadn't realize the time and was so caught up in the moment that he didn't care. But still this is Captain America. For he knows based on experience, Steve is an overprotective parent. "Uhmm, hey Pops, I'm almost there." He replied as he found himself in front of their mansion: Stark Towers. "Okay then, hurry up, gonna have dinner." said Steve. You can see a somehow forced grin on his face while he talks to his pop.

As the elevator reached their home, he walked out to see Steve in the kitchen counter preparing dinner. "So, what's for tonight?" his son asked staring at his father. "We're having pizza tonight" Steve replied. Peter's eyes grew wider as he heard his father's answer, more of a shock, because Steve always cook their food, it was his last option to order food which his father thought is not very much healthy to eat. But tonight was different, their having pizza. "Oh, okay, I'll just go to my room and 'fix' myself up" he told his dad as he went upstairs to his room.

Both of them were silent as they chomp their food. It's like both of them were experiencing the same thing. "So…" Peter started "Why order pizza?" he stared at his father who is now staring back at him. "Well uhh, apparently I found myself in your dad's lab almost all day and I lost track of time I didn't have time to prepare dinner so yeah, I ordered pizza" Steve grinned at his son. It was too obvious to his son, He missed Tony. "Oh, don't tell me you miss dad already?" Peter joked a little, smiling, his dad just left this morning and it hasn't even been a day since a day, "You know I love your dad Pete, I always miss him especially when he's not around" Steve chuckled taking a bite on his pizza. That shut Peter for a moment, "Oh, I almost forgot, someone left a letter addressed to you earlier this afternoon, I left it in your…" Steve paused as he swallow his food ", it's in your desk" he continued, Peter tried to finish his dinner fast and heads upstairs for the letter. "I'm going to my room, thanks for the dinner Pop" he said as he went to his room. "Okay, I'll clean up then. You do your homework" his father smiled and let out a sigh as he followed his son with a stare. Steve is just a little overwhelmed on how Peter has grown up now. Well Steve thinks these kinds of things when one of them is away or not home.

Peter's heart was throbbing as he ran to his room, when he reached upstairs he paused for a moment in front of his door and lets himself in heading straight towards his desk. There he found the letter his pops was talking about, it was on a white envelope with red and blue stripes on it, Peter's favorite color. His eyes began to tear still trying not to cry. He flipped the letter and there he sees.

To Peter Parker-Stark-Rogers.

To be continued…