Chapter 3: Truth

Note: I changed a bit of Wade's character because I thought it would suit the whole fic per se. I assumed that Wade is a different person when he's not Deadpool so please don't kill me.

(Previously: As Peter was unlocking his locker he notices a man came up to him. From the looks of it, the blonde hair teenager had just gotten into a fight, Peter knew he was a new student because he seems lost and was holding his schedule. He referred to him as Wade Wilson.)

Peter looks confused as the teenager introduces himself randomly. He can't seem to help but notice several scars which from the looks of it was not due to the fight he got into. He called himself Wade Wilson, somehow deep within Peter, he was moved when he heard his name, it's like he's met this guy before but could not remember.

"Uhmm. Hi?" Peter said with full confusion on his face. He stares at the blonde guy, Wade also staring back with such amusement on his face.

"You've grown a lot" Wade murmur.

"What?" Peter asked, he didn't seem to get what he said or he's just making sure he heard the right thing.

Wade turned around for a bit. "Dammit!" he muttered to himself again and turning back to Peter.


"Uhhm, nice to meet you! You're Peter right?" He said straight to Peter.

"Uhh, how did you know my name?" the brown haired teenager wonders.

"Shit" Wade mouthed.

For a second Peter thought the guy was a bit eerie but he didn't mind. He constantly sees Wade muttering to himself as he talks to him.

"Sorry but I have to go to class, nice meeting you by the way" and with that Peter grabbed his text book and headed to his room.

Wade almost reached out to Peter's shoulder. "You don't remember me do you?" he muttered again to himself following with a sigh as he started walking figuring out where he's class room is. For a new student Wade wasn't that bad, he can't be classified as any other student in the entire school. He was unique. Although when you run into him in the campus it's either he's eating tons of burrito's and tacos or muttering to himself, more likely arguing to himself, it's like he's talking to someone. He seems to enjoy these intrapersonal conversations. He didn't care on what others think of him, mostly weird though, even the bullies won't try to lay hands on him because the last time they did they we're introduced to his 6 inch knives which he considers his 'babies', peeing the scare out of them. It's funny because even the teachers don't mind him and try to get in his way

Peter has seen him multiple times in the campus, most of the time he caught Wade staring at him like he wants to eat him. He wonders what's going on Wade's mind. He didn't mind him staring at him like some creep or what, he just got used to people staring at him, and the only difference is that somehow Wade's glare brings butterflies on his stomach. All he can do is stare back then look away.

Back at the Stark Towers; his dad Tony was back from Afghanistan and already was working down his cave only surfacing out when his husband threats him to come out and eat or there'll be no sex for him. Peter went straight home after the long hours of mental torment; he'd still have to do his homework. He sighed as he reached their house. Peter was bored the whole day, more likely every day, he's tired of his teachers teaching things he already mastered, he's got nothing to do but slouch on his chair, doodle some things, or pray for a crime to happen just so he could go hero.

After having dinner, mac and cheese, watching his dads make out in front of him he decided to go straight to his room and finish his homework; Tony has already inflicted too much psychological damage to his son to be able to bear another. Peter closes his doors throwing himself into his bedroom bouncing off slightly letting out a sigh. He closes his eyes and for a second, the face of Wade appeared in his mind, he then opens his eyes "What the…" he mouths raising his left brow higher. It was weird, and then suddenly he remembers how his name seems to be familiar to him.

"I don't know him…" Peter talks to himself, clearly, he doesn't seem to remember meeting him somewhere, it's definitely the first time he'd seen him. Although there's a slight chance that he might know Wade because, as far as he knows, he can't clearly remembers his childhood.

He gently rubbed his forehead, thinking.



"Wade…" whispering to himself.

"WADE!" He almost shouts, quickly sitting in his bed which made him feel a bit light headed, he lays back in his bed crossing his arms covering his eyes.

Peter remembers something, a slight fuzzy memory, he remember playing with a kid named Wade on kindergarten, before even Gwen became his best friend. He knows they've been good friends then, then suddenly he just vanished, he didn't have any news then, what could a 5 year old possibly do then huh. But he can't be sure it's Wade, the Wade he knows from kindergarten had no scars whatsoever and he didn't have this weird conversations with himself all the time. There's only one way to be sure, he either has to ask Wade himself or wait for Wade to tell him personally.

All night he debated himself on whether the Wade he knew was the Wade Wilson who showed up in his school, until he falls asleep, not even touching his homework but that wouldn't be a problem.

At school, Peter's life seem to be more peaceful because Gwen is practicing for the upcoming play on their school, he knows Gwen really likes those kinds of things that's why he doesn't bother her on her work; and Wade, who seem to follow him and stared at him for hours was not at his sight also. After 6 hours of suppressing students of their freedom Peter walked through the hallway, usually he goes straight home but this time he felt like hanging around the library (where he usually hangs out) or anywhere else quiet. He was walking looking for places when he spots Wade sitting on the bench mumbling to himself again with wrappers of tacos around him holding a cup of what seemed to be an energy drink.

" Whoa, you sure do love tacos… Wade" he said smirking at the other teenager

He just looks at him with his hood on, by the looks of it he is not happy.

"Can I sit here?" Peter pointed next to him; Wade nods as he clears the pile of taco wraps around him.

They both stare at the open field full of high school athletes. "You don't look so cheerful…" he said. He can tell that he's not himself although he keeps on muttering things which he can't understand. He had gotten used to this side of Wade and frankly doesn't care.

"Okay, tell me what's wrong? We're friends right?" he looks at Wade who smiles back at him staring.

Wade took a deep breath and lets out a big sigh.

"You kno…." Wade cuts him out

"Ten years ago…

Ten years ago I studied on one of the kindergarten here in New York. I only had one friend throughout my stay; suddenly I had to skip school because my mother passed away and I had caught a rare disease, I had acquired this scars from the virus and there is no cure. Well it did make me stronger, and invincible. (He chuckles, he continues staring to the ground smirking)

I promised that kid that we'll meet again… somehow, when I'm cured. And so ten years later I came here hoping I'd see him again and then I saw you. I thought to myself, if Parker had grown up you'd just look like him, but I guess I was wrong." He smiled at Peter with a hint of sad pair of eyes.

Peter laughs a bit.

"You're the kid who punched Billy in the face when he's telling me I'm an orphan"

"You're that crazy kid who drags me around the school looking for bugs to 'murder'"

"You're that Wade who took all the food of our classmates and gave them to me when Billy took mine!" he smiles back at Wade, he remembers, he clearly remembers.

"Sooo, your last name's Wilson huh" he smiles awkwardly

"But…. But, but, bu-but." All Peter can hear are buts.

"Wha- How?" He laughs.

"But your last names Stark-Rogers" he points at Peter who appears to gain back his energetic and annoying self.

"Yeah, I was adopted, my dads didn't know I used their surname" he explained smiling.

"Peter Parker Stark-Rogers at you service" he obviously enjoys this moment.


"You have two dads?" Peter nods.

"Awesome! You've been adopted by homos?" Wade quickly shuts himself with his hands on his mouth. Yep, he's back to normal.

"Sorry." He mouthed

"It's okay, it's not every day that I get that kind of reaction" Peter just kept on smiling.

"Oh, and they're both cool dads so I really don't have anything to complain" he added

Meanwhile on Stark Towers.

"Ahhcheeeew!" Tony sniffs.

Wade was just so happy he can't contain himself and he with no question in mind hugged his old time friend. Peter was surprised but he lets Wade hug him some more tapping his back.

"Wanna grab some tacos?" Wade then lets go of Peter as he stood up reaching for the brown haired teenagers hands. Peter still has time yet so he agrees to come with him reaching Wade's hand back.

"Didn't you just eat so many tacos already?" Peter questioned, the taco wraps on the ground was enough proof, as they walked out of their school, Peter hasn't realize that he was still holding Wade's hand, though at that time it didn't matter.

"You've made me tell that crap, I am hungry for some tacos" he stared at Peter smiling.

"Can I have my hand back now?" Wade asked childishly, clearly it was a joke when Peter lets go of his hands, his cheeks starting to color a bit.

"C'mon Pete, I was just joking." He tries to reach for Peter's hands but failed.

"Can I call you Pete?"

"Please, please, please, please, please…" he seems to never stop. Peter just nods and smiles turning his cheeks into bright red

For any reason, maybe out of randomness that of is Wade, he lifts Peter from the back, Peter struggling to get down from embarrassment as some athletes share a view of them exiting the premise.

"Tacos here we come" said Wade.

Yep, he's back to normal. Peter sighed.

To be continued…