"Friendship Broken"

OK, I've read a lot of stories about the Digidestinds talking bad about Davis and he overhears them in the computer room and decides to go solo for a while to become a better leader and stronger. Stories like 'Walkabout' by Silver1 and 'Davis Goes Solo' by Scorchio Icefyre. This my version, only with my female Davis character. I hope you all like it. This story also takes place after Davis got Veemon to digivolve into ExVeemon, but both these characters will be female, so some things will be changed about them. Oh, one last thing!

Diasuke's voice is done by Jillian Michaels

Chibimon and V-Mon is done by Kelly Sheridan

Lady XV-Mon, Flamedramon and Lightdramon are done by Mari Devon

All right, let's begin!

Daisuke ran down the hallway to the computer room, mentally cursing on how late she was for the second time that week.

First it was soccer practise that held her up a few day ago because they were preparing for a huge soccer game against a rival school and today it was because she had a meeting with her math teacher to discuss her poor grades and on how she should get a tutor, thus writing up a schedule on the days that she was free for tutoring and now she's running to the computer room, hoping the others weren't too mad at her for being a few minutes late.

She passed under the clock on the wall and saw that it was 3:02 pm, so she was only two minutes late, so they shouldn't be that too upset with her.

Chibimon was sitting on top of the burgundy haired girl's head, her little blue paws holding onto the straps of the goggles so she wouldn't fall.

Daisuke was close to the computer room now, all she had to do was turn the corner…and run right into someone that was on the other side.

The two bodies fell to the ground, the two people yelping as they did so in shock, not expecting that to happen.

Daisuke found herself sitting in someone's lap and looked up into a pair of narrowed sapphire eyes that looked annoyed, yet amused at the same time, pieces of navy hair hanging over them.

"Oh, sorry about that!" Daisuke said as she scrambled up, laughing nervously.

"I, u, was kinda running late." She said and held her hand out to help up the navy haired boy, who was dressed in black pants, white shoes, a black jacket and a white shirt under it.

"It's fine. I wasn't really paying attention, myself." He said as he took her hand and let her help him up.

"Yeah, well, running into people or things isn't really an unknown thing for me." She said with a giggle.

The dark haired male gave a small smirk, then his eyes widened when he got a look at the light blue dragon with a white face and belly with ruby red eyes on top of the girl's head.

Daisuke noticed that he seemed to have gone mute and blinked in confusion.

"Uh, you all right there?" she asked waving her hand in front of his face, snapping him out of his stupor.

He shook his head and then frowned at the girl.

"What is that thing on your head?" he asked with a guarded tone.

Daisuke blinked and reached up to touch the circular goggles that Tai had given her to symbolize her becoming the new leader of the new generation of Digidestinds, and she was pretty damn proud of it, even though she had plenty of moments where she messed up.

But hey, at least she never gave up in the end.

"These? They're goggles. A friend gave them to me." She said with a smile.

"No, that those things. That thing!" the male said pointing at Chibimon, who froze and started sweating.

Daisuke also froze as she tried thinking about some excuse to come up with to explain what it was.

She couldn't just come out and sat that the small dragon was a digimon and she was a Digidestind, Chosen Child of Courage, Friendship and Miracles, proud leader of the Digidestinds now could she?

"It's a, um, plushy!" she said taking Chibimon off her head, who had gone all doll eyed and hugged her to her chest.

"She-I mean, it was a gift from my parents!" she laughed nervously.

The navy aired male just placed his hands on his hips as he looked her over, which made her even more nervous.

Geeze, and she thought the look Matt had given her when she said bad things about her sister were bad.

Boy, was she wrong!

This guy in front of her had the skill to see right through you perfected.

Plus, it also looked hotter on him than it did with the blonde.

"Oh, really? Because I was pretty sure that it was a digimon." He said, making the female duo blink at him as they took in his words.

"Wha?" Daisuke asked making the navy haired boy smirk.

"So, you're a Digidestind then. I heard that there were more other than my group, but I didn't think they would be here." He said.

Daisuke shook her head, then looked at him with an excited look.

"Wait, so you're a Digidestind too?" she asked.

He chuckled at the awed look he was getting from the girl and her partner before nodding with a small smile.

"That's awesome! We were just heading to a meeting with our team before we ran into you. Come on, you gotta come meet the rest of them! I'm sure they loved to meet ya!" Daisuke said taking hold of his hand, missing the tingles that went up her arm at the contact as she proceeded to pull him to the computer room.

"Oh, I'm Daisuke Motomiya by the way." She said.

"Koji Minamoto." He said.

Daisuke dragged him to the computer room and then stood outside of the door.

She was about to pull the white sliding door open, but stopped when she heard the voices from the inside.

"Ugh! I can't believe she's late again!" Yolei's annoyed voice rang out loud and clear.

"This has to be the fifth time she was late this week!" she continued.

"Actually, Yolei, it's only the second. The other times it was you and TK that were late. Daisuke's probably at soccer now." Cody's reasonable voice rang out.

"Yeah right, she doesn't even have soccer practise today. She would have gloated about it or something." TK said, shocking Daisuke at how his voice sounded.

Koji looked at the girl beside him curiously.

Were those people really her friends?

"And you know she'll just have to gloat about whatever accomplishment she made as soon as she gets here. It's so annoying! She's worse than Tai is at times." Kari's voice rang at, shocking Daisuke even more.

"Oh, yeah, sure, she's the only girl on the guy's soccer team. Who cares! Soccer is a dumb sport anyway." Yolei said.
"You guys aren't being very fair to Daisuke by saying those things. She's really passionate about soccer. It's like how Izzy is with his computers and how I am with my kendo. And also, Tai plays soccer too." Cody said.

Daisuke's hand that was raised to open the door fell back to her side, Chibimon sitting on her shoulder, looking at the girl with concerned ruby eyes.

Koji on the other hand was pissed off that her friends were saying all those bad things about the girl standing next to him who looked like she had been slapped.

"No one really cares. She thinks she knows everything, but really, she knows nothing about the Digital World at all. She freaked out when she saw those Numemon and when she saw Angemon. Imagine how she would react when she actually saw MagnaAngemon." TK laughed.

"It's not my fault that I'm impressive." Patamon's voice rang out playfully, the others all laughing.

Daisuke's eyes were swimming with unshed tears at the things her friends were saying about her.

Did they really not like her at all?

Everyone, aside from Cody, was saying terrible things about her like it didn't even matter.

What, was she a joke to them or something?

Was it her fault that she was freaked out when a group of green slimy creatures burst out of a vending machine when she was in a new world for only a few minutes, not even sure what to expect?

And sure she was shocked when she saw Angemon for the first time.

He was a very handsome looking digimon and she was so used to seeing Patamon becoming Pegasusmon that it was a surprise to see the human looking digimon with six wings on is back.

Chibimon glared at the door, not impressed at all by how they were acting, especially Patamon who she once admired.

"You guys are being mean. Daisuke's made some mistakes before, but what all those times she helped us out. Like when Kari was attacked by a Monochromon and Daisuke opened the digi egg of Courage to make V-Mon become Flamedramon and save you." Cody said.

Koji looked at the burgundy eyed girl and mentally noted that she was indeed very courageous to be standing here listening to all of the bad tings her friends were saying about her and not shed a single tear, not matter how badly it looked like she wanted to.

"Tai and TK were there. I bet they could have handled it." Yolei said.

"They couldn't even digivolve at the time! And TK didn't have the digi egg of Hope at the time. How was he supposed to do anything?' Cody asked becoming annoyed.

"And what about the time we faced Chimeramon? We all gave up hope and wanted to run away, but Daisuke stayed and found the golden digi egg and used it to beat that monster and the digimon Emperor." Cody said.

"That thing was probably up for grabs. If one of us went back into the lair, we would have gotten it too, but it would probably have been TK. After all, they say that Hope can mmake Miracles happen." Yolei said.

"And Light can bring Faith, but it wasn't Kari who got that golden digi egg when we faced Cherubimon!" Cody said, making Koji's eyes widen.


"It was Daisuke and Willis who used the golden digi eggs to defeat Cherubimon. Daisuke was the one who encouraged Willis to fight when the rest of us when too scared, yet again. And that guy was stronger than Chimeramon was." Cody said.

"We would have won! Patamon and Gatomon were in their Mega forms, they could have won that fight." Kari said.

"Actually, we couldn't have. Cherubimon was a celestial digimon like us. We wouldn't be able to defeat him. That was why we unleashed the golden digi eggs so that V-Mon and Terriermon could golden armour digivolve." Gatomon's voice said.

"Yeah, whatever. I still don't know why Tai even made her the leader." Yolei said.

Koji noticed Daisuke flinch at that and so he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, something that was very out of character for him, but she had been brave enough by taking all tis abuse and needed some comfort.

Daisuke looked up at him, her golden brown eyes filled with surprise, but also gratitude for the action that were shadowing the pain she felt.

He smiled down at her and leaned down to talk in her ear.

"Why don't we get out of here?" he asked her.

She gave a small smile and nodded.

So, he then walked with her away from the room that was filled with the children that didn't deserve to be Digidestinds.

Daisuke had been trying to calm herself down so she didn't cry.

She wouldn't cry.

The only person she had ever cried in front of was Willis and that was only because she had been touched by the sad story of what append to his digimon.

As soon as they stepped outside, Koji looked back down at the girl seeing that her eyes weren't wet with tears anymore, but she still looked like half of her soul had been torn out.

"Hey, you feeling better?" he asked.

She looked up at him with a smile.

"Yeah, no worries." She said.

"Dai! Don't shay that! Your friendsh jusht shaid all those bad things about you." Chibimon said with an upset look.

"Yeah, well at least Cody was living up to his digi egg by being all reliable back there. I know I can count on him. But still. It all makes me wonder if I even deserve to be a Digidestind and leader." Daisuke said.

Koji frowned and made them stop, then took her face in her hands and turned her head to look at him.

"Hey! Look, those guys aren't even worth it. If they can say all those horrible things about you, even after all of those things you've done for them, then to hell with them. They don't deserve to have you as their leader." He said, Chibimon nodding furiously to his words.

Daisuke blinked and a tear finally fell from her eye.

She smiled at him.

"Thanks, Koji." She said.

He smiled back and was about to lead her away when an older male with wild brown hair, tanned skin, hazel eyes dressed in a green jacket, white shirt, grey pants and black shoes was running over to them with a soccer ball in his hands.

"Hey, Daisuke!" he called out making the girl jump and turn around.

"Tai!" she gasped.

"Hey, what are ya doing here? I thought you were meeting up with the others in the computer room." He asked with a smile, but it then grew into a look of worry when he saw a tear on her cheek and how lifeless her normally expressive eyes were.

Koji glared harshly when he saw the drop in her mood and wrapped an arm around her waist, making Tai look at him with a questioning look.

"She was going to. In fact, she was going to introduce me, another Digidestind, to them, but after what I just overheard them all say, I'd rather not. They're a bunch of pathetic losers if they verbally attack one of their own just for being a few minutes late. I'd rather jump off a bridge then associate with any of them. See ya." Koji said pulling Daisuke away, the girl still in shock that he had said all those things.

Tai was also in shock at the information over load he had just gotten.

"Hey, wait! What do you mean?" Tai asked turning around to look at them.

Daisuke stopped walking, making Koji stop also and give her a look, silently asking what she was doing.

She sighed and turned around to walk back over to Tai and pulled of the goggles that were once her most prized possession, but now they felt tainted and dirty after what happened.

"I'm not cut out to be the leader of a group of people who don't want me around. Tell Cody I said thanks for standing up for me and that…" Daisuke trailed off as she handed the goggles over to her idol.

"We quit!" Chibimon said with a firm nod and a hard glare on her adorable face.

"Yeah." Daisuke said.

She then turned and ran off to were Koji was waiting on her, the two walking off as Tai looked down at the goggles in disbelief before his hazel eyes hardened and he walked into the school, determined to find out what happened.