In a moment of delirious desperation, he had called her name, anxious to relinquish his feelings of solitude. He had been wrecked by an anguish which was, for the moment, insurmountable as he considered his villainous misdeeds against the most virtuous creature he had ever known. He had tainted her; and by his actions had contaminated the bond that attached them.

Their reciprocated understanding had been exhausted; he had led her into temptation and she had, once again, demonstrated her stoic morality. He had become a creature consumed, and overwhelmed, with desire for his moral superior.

Unaccompanied he could imagine his darling Jane alive, ardent, and shrewd however he could also imagine another conclusion; one which be altogether too unbearable to dwell on. It was this excruciating, agonising pain which had led him, or so he thought, to hear an answer to his frenzied entreaties.