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"Sirius Orion Black you have been brought before the Wizengamot on evidence that suggests that you are innocent."

Sirius shifted uneasily in his chair, trying not to struggle against the chains that bound him. Fudge was glaring down at him, obviously thinking that this was all a waste of time. Remus and Harry sat in the witness area, smiling reassuringly at him. Harry's friends, Ron and Hermione were also there.

"I call Ronald Billius Weasley to the stand." Fudge barked, sounding as if he would rather be anywhere but here.

Ron gulped nervously as he approached the witness box, he stumbled on his robes and righted himself before crashing to the floor. Blushing furiously, he entered the box. A wizard in a red robe with a large golden 'M' emblazoned on it, stepped forwards, carrying a large, leather bound tome.

"All right Mr. Weasley, place your hand on the book and repeat after me." said Fudge, looking sternly at a nervous Ron.

"I Ronald Billius Weasley-,"

"I Ronald Billius Weasley-," said Ron nervously, hand twitching on the book.

"Swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth-,"

"Swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth-,"

"I summon Merlin's most powerful mage,-"

"I summon Merlin's most powerful mage-," said Ron, looking slightly perplexed.

"To ensure the truth is rightfully dealt-,"

"To ensure the truth is rightfully dealt-," Ron repeated, wandering when this was going to end.

"I acknowledge that my magical core will be drained if I say anything but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." barked Fudge.

Ron repeated this, mumbling slightly.

"So help me Merlin."

"So help me Merlin." Ron repeated.

"Very well let's get this under way." Fudge turned to Ron.

"On the night of the twenty fifth of June 1993 were you present to witness the transformation of so called animagus Peter Pettigrew?" said Fudge.

"Yes I was," said Ron nervously "He had been hiding as my pet rat Scabbers for twelve years. Sirius never killed those muggles, nor did he betray Harry's parents, it was all Pettigrew." Ron spat the last word out.

"Interesting. And how could Pettigrew have been masquerading as a rat when my sources tell me that he is dead he," Fudge pointed a finger at Sirius "Killed him."

"He did not kill him. Sirius went to confront Pettigrew but Pettigrew blew up the street, before cutting off his own finger and escaping down the sewers."

"And I presume you saw Pettigrew transform?" said Fudge, looking at Ron over his spectacles.

"Yes I did." said Ron simply.

"And who were the other witnesses?" said Fudge.

"Professor Lupin, myself, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter oh and Professor Snape but I doubt he'll tell you anything." said Ron, causing a few people to chuckle.

"Very well you are dismissed. You will be required to submit a memory to back up your claim. I call Miss. Hermione Jean Granger to the stand."

Ron smiled reassuringly at Hermione as they passed each other. Fudge asked Hermione the same questions and he got the same answers as he did from Harry and Remus, who smiled reassuringly at Sirius. Then Professor Dumbledore took the stand and told the court everything Sirius had told him.

How Sirius and Pettigrew switched secret keepers at the last minute. How Pettigrew had framed Sirius for his crimes and then scarpered. The Wizengamot were horrified. Amelia Bones who had introduced herself as head of the Department for Magical Law Enforcement, looked as if she need a stiff drink, or several at the days revelations.

Sirius sat nervously in his chair the whole time, not daring to hope that he would be freed. Half expecting Fudge to bang his gavel and subject him to the mercy of the dementors. When Fudge had finished interrogating the witnesses, he turned back to Sirius.

"Black would you agree to submit to interrogation by Veritaserum?"

Sirius felt like telling them to go and screw themselves and to let him off of that blasted chair, it was obvious he was innocent for Merlin's sake. But he took a look at Harry, who was watching him nervously, with wide eyes.

"Yes I agree."

Fudge whispered something to his assistant who swept from the room, reappearing moments later with a small phial of clear looking liquid. The guy who looked to be fresh out of Hogwarts, approached Sirius nervously.

"Could..could you open your mouth Sir?" said the young man nervously.

Sighing, Sirius complied, thinking it would be best if he just followed orders. He didn't want to go back to Azkaban. Slowly but surely, Sirius' world felt dreamlike and he had the largest compulsion to tell the truth.

"State your full name to the Wizengamot."

"Sirius Orion Black."

"Were you Lily and James Potters secret keeper?"

"No it was Peter Pettigrew. We switched at the last minute, I thought Pettigrew would be the least obvious choice."

"Did you kill thirteen muggles and Peter Pettigrew on the 31st of October 1981?"

"No once again it was Pettigrew. He blew up a gas pipe and then escaped into the sewers."

"Very well. The Wizengamot will retire for their verdict. Please wait."

Sirius snorted at this, what did they think he was going to do? Jog around the room?, he was chained to the bloody chair. It seemed an age as the Wizengamot discussed their verdict but finally, after an age, Fudge reappeared.

"We have watched the memories and analysed the witness statements and have come to a verdict of not guilty."

"Sirius Orion Black you are hereby acquitted of the crimes for which you were imprisoned. You will be rewarded 100,000.00 Galleons compensation for your wrongful incarceration. You may go." said Fudge, looking as if his words were causing him great pain.

The chains clinked and let him go. Sirius whooped and ran up the stairs towards Harry, he picked him up and hugged him, spinning him around. He then did the same to Ron and Hermione who both blushed furiously.

People looked on in amusement at Sirius' antics. Sirius stepped forwards and embraced Remus in a manly hug.

"I'm happy for you Padfoot." said Remus, wiping a tear from his eye.

Harry had a smile that was a mile wide.

"I'm so happy." Harry gushed, eyes shining with happiness.

"Well this calls for a celebration!" said Sirius, slinging an arm over Harry's shoulder.

"You read my mind Sirius." said Remus, smiling widely.

Sirius was interrupted by a clearing of throat behind him, he turned around and stared into the wizened face of Dumbledore.

"May I offer you my most sincere congratulations Sirius. Sherbet lemon?" said Dumbledore, handing him the bag.

"No thank you headmaster. If it's all the same to you, would you mind if I went and had a rest?" said Sirius, laughing fondly at his ex headmaster.

"You must stay with us!" Remus exclaimed "At least until you get back on your feet."

Harry beamed "Yeah please stay." he said.

"Oh all right then." said Sirius, like it had been the hardest decision in the world.

Harry smiled again and went to say goodbye to Ron and Hermione, who were lingering a few feet away, not wanting to intrude on the happy family moment.

"Hey guys it's great news isn't it?" said Harry, sitting down on a bench.

"Yeah brilliant." said Hermione breathlessly, Ron smiled his agreement.

"Harry come on we need to go. Ron and Hermione can come round sometime." said Remus, smiling at Harry.

Harry bade goodbye to his friends and left the courtroom with Harry. Sirius beamed down at Harry when they arrived in the atrium and got in the queue for one of the fireplaces.

"So I'm a free man now Harry. Its all down to you." said Sirius, clapping a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Not just me." said Harry bashfully

Sirius just smiled fondly at Harry and ruffled his hair. Abandoning all pretences, Harry threw himself at Sirius and wrapped his arms around his middle, Sirius chuckled and wrapped his arms around his happy godson.

People in the queue and walking past smiled at the little display of familial affections. Witches and wizards alike were happy for the small thirteen year old boy and seeing him reunited godfather again was a rather harrowing sight.

It was their turn to use the fireplace so stepping into the ever green flames, Sirius wrapped an arm around Harry and Remus took Harry's hand, he shouted "Rose cottage!" and they were off.

They spun through numerous grates, catching glimpses of wizarding houses as they whizzed past. Harry was beginning to feel slightly nauseous so he gripped Remus' hand. Hard. Finally, they started to come to a stop. Harry would have stumbled out had it not been for Sirius' arm around his shoulder and Remus gripping his arm tightly.

Harry smiled when they stepped into the living room of Rose Cottage. He'd been living there for two weeks now but he still smiled every time he saw the house. The living room was warm and cosy. The fireplace they just stepped out of was tall and grand, carved in intricate designs of birds and other woodland animals, that moved when the fire was lit.

Atop the mantelpiece was an assortment of moving photographs of his parents, Sirius, Remus and his dad as Hogwarts students, Harry when he was a baby and though Harry had no idea how Remus had got hold of it, a picture of him, Ron and Hermione.

The living room walls were a caramel brown with brass candle holders set here and there. The floor was an oak brown with a large fluffy white rug sprawled in front of the fireplace. The sofa was big and squashy, scattered with gold and brown cushions.

A large bookshelf sat in the corner, absolutely crammed with books (Remus had been very excited when he saw that.) Next to the bookshelf was a large window, looking out on to the cliffs edge and the frothy, churning sea.

To the left of the sofa was a chunky, wooden side table with black metal hinges. On top of that was a large, white lamp, powered not by electricity but by magic, thus making it brighter.

Harry left Sirius and Remus to reminisce over the photographs and went upstairs to his bedroom. When Remus had first shown him his bedroom, Harry had almost knocked him over with the force he embraced him at, so grateful for the amazing room.

The walls were an off white colour, now plastered in Quidditch posters of Harry's favourite Quidditch team, the Tutshill Tornados and on Ron's insistence, the Chudley Cannons. In the corner was a chunky, wooden bed with a thick, red comforter spread upon it, emblazoned with the Gryffindor lion, which roared every now and then.

He had numerous pillows, all propped up to make Harry as comfortable as possible. Next to the bed was a chunky bedside table and stacked upon it was the photo album Hagrid had made for him, a pile of chocolate frog cards and a moving photograph of his parents on their wedding day.

Underneath the window, which looked out onto the sea was a chest of drawers in which he had put his school robes and other Hogwarts clothes. On top of it was all of his school stuff, his books were stacked In a large pile, his cauldron sat next to them.

On the opposite wall, was a cork board on which Harry had pinned pictures of his friends, a feather from Buckbeak, notes he'd passed to Ron and Hermione in History of Magic class, a Gryffindor banner. There were also his Hogwarts express tickets from the past two journeys that he'd been on, along with his Hogwarts acceptance letter. They were all pinned on with beautiful pins with pins that had moving smoke inside of them.

His trunk sat at the end of his bed, waiting to be filled at the end of the summer. The desk in the far corner of his room, littered with parchment and broken quills and an open pot of ink. His potions were stacked neatly in order next to the parchment.

Hedwigs cage sat on the windowsill. It was empty at the moment as Hedwig had gone hunting. Smiling, Harry flopped down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling that was charmed to reflect the sky outside, much like the Great Hall. At the moment it showed a stormy, grey sky.

Harry felt extremely tired and fatigued, his head was hurting and he felt as if he would vomit but it couldn't ruin the huge bubble of happiness that swelled up inside of him. Deciding that he'd have a nap, Harry climbed under the covers and fell asleep immediately.


Harry awoke to a very large, black and fluffy something licking his face. He pulled his glasses on and came face to face with Padfoot.

"Eww Padfoot gerroff." said Harry, pushing the dog off of him.

The dog bowed it's head and transformed, revealing a grinning Sirius.

"Remus says dinner is ready." said Sirius, bouncing up and down on Harry's bed, making Harry's stomach churn.

"Sirius stop." said Harry, putting a hand over his mouth.

Sirius stopped, eyeing Harry in concern. He laid a hand on Harry's forehead.

"Are you all right? You're a bit warm."

Harry shook his head and climbed out of bed, still holding a hand over his mouth. He staggered into his adjoining bathroom and dropped to his knees by the toilet, clutching the bowl for dear life. He bowed his head as the nausea built and he retched, bringing up his breakfast.

Sirius followed after, frowning in concern. He sat down in the bathroom, murmuring soothing words as Harry threw up over and over again, clutching his sides with the pain of bringing it up. Harry dry heaved a few times, and then leant against the wall, sweating profusely.

"Harry you're definitely not okay. You must be coming down with something." said Sirius, wetting a flannel and putting it across Harry's fevered brow.

Harry shook his head, leaning his head against the wall with his eyes closed.

"I'm not coming down with something..." he said slowly, opening his eyes to peer blearily at Sirius, gauging his reaction.

"Of course you are you've just been sick for the past ten minutes." said Sirius, really concerned now.

"No no you don't understand." said Harry, clutching his stomach as another wave of nausea overtook him.

"Harry, understand what?" said Sirius, getting scared now.

Harry took a deep breath "I have cancer."

Sirius looked horrified, tears filled his eyes and he sat back, leaning heavily against the bathtub.

"Oh Harry." said Sirius, gazing sadly at his godson.

Tears filled Harry's emerald orbs and he let out a strangled sob. Sirius' with tears in his own eyes, crawled over to where his godson sat and pulled him into his arms, crying into his hair. Harry gripped at Sirius' robes and let all of his emotions out.

It felt as if he had been holding all the pain of his condition all year. He hadn't told anyone that he was secretly terrified that he was going to die.

"I'm scared Sirius." said Harry hoarsely.

"It's okay to be scared Harry. It's okay." Sirius soothed, rocking Harry gently.

Sirius eventually pulled back, looking into Harry's waterlogged face.

"Why don't you wash your face? Then we can go downstairs and get some dinner, Remus must be having kittens."

Harry chuckled weakly and staggered to his feet. He gripped the sink as he got up and splashed his face with cold water, and then towelled it dry. Feeling slightly better, he turned and smiled at Sirius. Sirius smiled at him and threw an arm around him, leading him out of the bathroom.

Harry went over to his chest of drawers and took the potions he would need to make him feel better. He downed them, grimacing at the foul taste.

"Ugh tastes like eggs." said Harry, screwing his face up.

Sirius chuckled and put his arm around him again, leading him down the stairs and into the dining room where dinner was laid out. Harry took a seat next to Remus, who looked concerned when he took in Harry's still puffy eyes. He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off from a look by Sirius that clearly said later.

Sirius and Remus engaged Harry in conversation as they ate their chicken and vegetables and then apple pie and custard, regaling him with stories of when his parents were at school. After a while it was obvious that Harry was becoming tired again, so Remus sent him off to bed, after giving him a tight hug of course.

Harry fell asleep watching the sun set, casting long shadows over the trees and flowerbeds that surrounded Rose Cottage.

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