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I don't know a lot of things, but I sure as hell am certain about one thing: Sheldon Lee Cooper is in love with Amy Farrah Fowler.

It doesn't take a (proverbial) rocket scientist—or two PhDs—to figure it out. What Sheldon says I lack in education—given that I didn't even finish community college—I definitely make up for my knowledge about people and what makes them tick.

The signs were all there. Both Sheldon and Amy were either too naïve to notice or they had finally perfected the art of Kohlinar. It didn't matter. What did was that it was pretty obvious that they belonged to each other. It's odd how they don't notice it. After all, their combined IQs would already be half of the total recipe for producing that benign overlord they were hoping will eventually rule the world and save mankind. Then again, most of the time, the brain does nothing when the heart takes over.

What gave them away, in my eyes, at least? Just simple things, really. When one tries to think of it, the simple act of love is much more powerful anyway than a marriage proposal done right smack in the halftime program at Superbowl for the whole country to see. Sheldon is never really the type to declare his love for a woman. Heck, Doctor Whack-a-doodle is never even the type to know that he's in love with a woman. However, his actions and words basically clue me in on the heart he's unknowingly pinned on his sleeve.

How do I know Sheldon loves Amy? Let me count the ways.

Author's Notes:

This is my first TBBT fic and the first I've written in nearly four years. I'd have to admit I still need to get my groove back but I hope this is a step. I really just needed to get this plot bunny out into a full-blown story so I could free up space in my head to write my journal article for refereed publication. Also, this would serve me ample exercise to get those four other plot bunnies (one of them with an M rating) happily out of my system.

I speak neither Sheldonese nor Fowlerian. I don't know if I'll ever get the hang of it soon. It is for this reason that I decided to write this out from Penny's point of view.