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Chapter 1 – it's Her

Senior prank night

"Who are you?" Caroline asked to a blonde girl staring blankly at her.

"I am Rebekah, the new girl, but I think not so new to you." She answered still dumbfounded.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Caroline asked while she stares at her curiously. Something then caught Caroline's attention, the pendant Rebekah wore. I think that belong to me, she taught. When Rebekah saw Caroline's attention focused to her pendant, she snapped out of her trance of curiosity about the girl and suddenly dragged Caroline.

"Hey! What are you doing? Let me go!" Caroline protested, but for whatever reason she felt she can trust this girl. This girl that showed up out of nowhere and just grabbed her. What am I thinking? How can I trust a this girl? Caroline what are you thinking? Caroline thought, and then suddenly everything went black.

I'm sorry Caroline, but you hate compulsion so I have to resort to this method, Rebekah thought as she carried the unconscious Caroline and flashed to their mansion.

Rebekah laid Caroline to her bed and called Niklaus.

"I hope this is important Bekah, because I'm here with my not dead doppelga_," Klaus was not even finished talking when Rebekah blurted out "I found her Nik, we are at the mansion." Niklaus was speechless for a moment, then, he instructed Rebekah to stay put and keep her safe.

Niklaus just left his doppelganger and his favorite ripper and went to his mansion without even thinking twice. In a few minutes Nicklaus was staring at the unconscious Caroline. "Why is she unconscious Bekah? What did you do to her?" Klaus shot at Rebekah angrily.

"Nik, she hates mind control, remember? She doesn't remember us, so I know she will not easily come with me. She is a vampire Nik, she is fine." Rebekah answered still not taking her eyes out of her best friend.

Call Kol, tell him to bring Gloria. Nicklaus said.

"Is she? Is she really our Caroline?" Kol asked eagerly as soon as he stepped foot at the mansion with Gloria.

"Yes! Kol it's her. When I first saw her, I could not believe it either. But then, I think, she felt this belongs to her." She said as she holds out the necklace. "And I think I know my best friend, when I see her."

"Then, there will be no problem. Give me the pendant and I will use my juju so that no one will try to burn my bar to the ground." Gloria said as she shot a glare to Kol.

"What can I say, I am very persuasive." He said smirking at Gloria. "Where is Nik?"

"Where do you think?" Rebekah replaid simply.


"Nicklaus", she stutters out. "You reek of alcohol". As Klaus entered the hut and suddenly kissed her. And unfocusedly said "I love you, Tatia". A tear then suddenly escaped from Caroline's eyes and she quickly wipes it away. Then, she put the best smile, and assisted him to put new clean clothes.

Caroline wakes up and thought that is some dream. Then, she realized she is not in her room. As she scans the room, she saw the man in her dream gently watching her. "Who are you? Where am I? What are you going to _" She asked angrily. "sssh love, you will understand soon enough. I am your Nik" He softly said while putting put the necklace around her neck. Then everything went black again for Caroline, as she fell in a deep sleep.

"Sweet dreams, love."


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