Magandang hapon :)

Ok Guys, still, a lot of people did not get me. And it's ok with me, that is just the way I see it. Anyway the whole werewolf thing, will not be in the next story. Just take what you want to take, the only important thing is Caroline died.

So, i thought I could never post the next story, I was just so, Ohh! you don't want to know my week, just really bad.

to add, I just couldn't resist spoilers, I have to wait after 4 days to watch TVD.

I still havent watch Memorial.

Well, enough of my rumblings, i thought I could never sit alone in the computer, first chapter will be posted in a bit. My siblings almost got me typing a different story, I told them its for school, the thing is, its our semestral break, worst liar ever, me! so, i had to cover up with another lie, its for school, an extra special homework for the times I was absent at school. Gosh! Good thing i was out of school for a long time, ..

my siblins are really curios about me typing... so.. i'm sorry for the wait. I could only type now at peace, when i'm alone..

And another thing..

Who can help me, polish my grammar for the next story?

Someone message me, explaining to me that, per story, i should have a different beta, something like that. well, just a huge thank you to CandiceFf for my first ever beta, .. and advance thank you, for the person who wants to be my beta.. :)