Sheamus awoke in his hotel room with an intense headache, his body aching and mouth extremely dry. He managed to sit up and look at the clock. He'd missed his flight by four hours. "What the fuck?" He realized that he was nude and covered in bruises.

Sheamus' memory was a blur. Actually he couldn't remember the last few days. He assumed he must've gotten into a hell of a bar brawl. He begin to notice all his other symptoms. There were marks around his wrists and ankles, his scrotum was swollen and ached, blood and something sticky oozed from his anus and it was extremely sore. He knew he had been assaulted but couldn't face the police or a hospital.

A week later, Sheamus confided in Randy and told him most the damage, leaving out things that were too embarrassing to share. He had flinched when Randy put his hand on him. Randy had gone ahead and slipped an arm around him and patted his arm and Sheamus was at ease quickly. There was something very comforting about Randy's presence.

He and Randy decided that Sheamus had probably been drugged, but by then, the GHB** was long gone from his system, leaving him with him no answers and only odd trace memories where the pain was brutal but the faces were never clear*.


*Repressed memory, also known as recovered memory, is a hypothetical concept used to describe a significant memory, usually of a traumatic nature, that has become unavailable for recall; also called motivated forgetting in which a subject blocks out painful or traumatic times in one's life.

**I realize that GHB (Liquid X) can be found in hair samples for weeks after it's ingestion but for sake of the story, I chose to ignore that fact. I also know it doesn't always cause an amnesia effect but for the story, I implied GHB and repressed memory accounted for Sheamus' lack of a clear memory of the event. To be honest, I wouldn't want my fave to have a memory of the brutality.