Author's Rant: I don't have the right inspiration to continue A Few Close Calls so I ended up browsing for one. And it shocked me. There is no single MuraAka fic on the site! It's always someone x Kuroko, except for a very few fics. But that's it!

Okay, people might think I don't like Kuroko, but I do. In fact he's one of the best uke materials I've ever encountered in my life. I'm seriously an AkaKuro fan BUT there is a serious lack of MuraAka fic and love in this site.

Btw, this was also written for one of my story follower, 14th Musician. It was requested per say.

Full Summary: In Murasakibara's opinion, words that the rest thought were not fitting at all were exactly the perfect ones for the short boy. And no, it's not always about Kuroko Tetsuya… wait. It's Akashi Seijuro?

General Idea: Short sweet drabbles about attention, attraction and love between Murasakibara and Akashi. Do I need to say more? MuraAka fic.

Warnings: BWS, FWA and possible OOC moments. Read at your own risk, you have been warned.

Disclaimer: Well, KnB has its own owners, and I'm not one of them.


The sounds of bells, the squeaks of small wheels attached to metallic baskets filled with different items and the sales speech of the clerks. The cool breeze seeping from the air-con, the bustle of the people inside and the excessive lights used around the place. The different scent sifting through his nose, the panels and the shelves filled with multi-coloured packages.

"What are you buying Aka-chin?" A very tall boy in school uniform asked, he was strolling a cart. Murasakibara was asked by his red-haired captain to be accompanied at the supermarket. His height caught the eyes of many, but his attention was firmly on the smaller person beside him.

"Potatoes, carrots, curry roux… Or should I just get the powder one? Saves me the trouble." The team was planning on a camp, and of course, someone other than Momoi has to cook. He would not resort to manual labour if Akashi had a different choice aside from getting food poisoning.

Akashi paced his walking, just enough for Murasakibara to closely trail behind him and not to look like he was dawdling. He himself was getting a fair share of attention due to his companion, more because what he lacked in height is clearly extreme on the other.

The purple-haired individual simply nodded and followed where the redhead goes. He watches how those mismatched orbs scan through the various products, and how it'll light up once it found what it is looking for. Noticing how those arms reach for it, those lithe fingers taking the item and placed on the cart and how a frown was formed in that face as it gaze right back at him. Oh, Akashi noticed him watching.

"What?" His captain inquired, tone clearly irritated. "What what?" He asked back. Should he feign ignorance? "If there's anything you want, say it now rather than staring at me the whole time." A sudden urge, an impulse of sorts, shook the giant's mind and body. Didn't think his voice could go weak.


"I'm listening." No, not like that. There was nothing supposed to follow that. It should've been either 'sure' or 'no.' Murasakibara wanted to tell him that he wasn't simply calling him, he was referring to the redhead himself; he wanted Akashi. But no, not even someone like him could say that out loud. "Snacks." What came next from Akashi was a defeated sigh. "Okay, I don't mind spending for that." He gave his rare warm smile that the purple-haired boy would prefer over snacks any other day.

As they were paying over the counter, their cart almost completely filled, more of Murasakibara's sweets than Akashi's grocery needs, the captain dropped a certain question.

"Ne, Atsushi…" The purple-haired giant stared at his captain. "In a case where you could not eat snacks at all, what else would you eat?" Akashi then handed the cashier his card and the employee was wide-eye shocked with what she got. She obviously hurried her languid pace and then beamed her brightest, fakest if the redhead will comment, smile. "Thank you very much sir!" She greeted as Akashi left with a single bag, the rest was all left with his companion.

Once they were out of the supermarket, Murasakibara seemed to have found his answer and stopped in his tracks. "Atsushi?"

"Aka-chin." Again, he tried insinuating this time.

"I'm listening." Akashi answered rather instinctively than anything. The giant knew deep inside him that the redhead won't easily get it. "Aka-chin." He repeated, his mind telling him to stop before he regrets it.

"I said I'm listen—"

"Aka-chin." He cut off Akashi this time, in a firmer tone. For some reasons it finally clicked in the redhead's mind. "Oh, me? You'll eat me?" And a rather amused chuckle. "You would actually dare treat me as an emergency ration?" Murasakibara didn't know what to do since Akashi took it quite literally.

"Forget it Atsushi, you're smarter than that." Rather than getting livid, his captain seems to have enjoyed the idea. "Besides eating people is cannibalism. You'll upset your stomach." He added then another chuckle. If someone would face-palm, it is exactly at this moment.

Akashi checked his watch and acknowledged the time. "Come on, Atsushi. Everyone's waiting." But before he moved from his position, he took something from his pocket. It was small chocolate. He un-wrapped the treat and looked to Murasakibara. "I'll give you sweets so don't eat me, okay?" He stated with a sweet smile as he pushed the snack past the giant's lips, almost tip-toeing in the process. The purple-haired boy took it, licking the redhead's finger before it completely withdrew. What surprised him was Akashi staring at it before licking that same finger himself right after.

"You see I'm not sweet." He said with almost-mockery before going to direction of his house. Murasakibara stood there for a second just watching the retreating figure and smiled before he followed him. Murasakibara swore that his captain is just as sweet as the chocolate.

Though no one would agree with him, their devil captain Akashi Seijuro was still his sweet little Aka-chin.


Kise: I heard that Murasakibaracchi treats our captain as emergency ration.

Midorima: And where did you hear that?

Kise: From a friend who accidentally heard their conversation in front of the supermarket.

Aomine: So… it's like when you buy a rabbit, feed it till it's plump, then you eat it?

Kuroko: If that's the case, isn't it the other way around? It's Murasakibara-kun who's being fed by Akashi-kun right?

Aomine: So you mean, Murasakibara is the emergency ration?

(Silence emerges from the group when they witness Akashi giving a snack to Murasakibara)

Kise: Let's stop this. It was cute when the ration is Akashicchi. If you say it that way, I feel like Murasakibaracchi is really going to be eaten by our captain.

Midorima: For once I'll agree with you. Let's just forget this.

End Rant: Akashi is a bit OOC… haha. I don't think Akashi is yandere when it comes to Murasakibara… I think. Next chapter: Cute. xD