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"Come in, Aka-chin."

Though it was him who invited his captain at his home, he wasn't really sure what he should do. After all, inviting his Aka-chin was a spur-of-the-moment thing and he really doesn't have any plan for it.

As Akashi entered the house, strode over to the sofa and just sat there, silence immediately grew between them.

"Do you want some tea?" Murasakibara asked, having nothing else to say. His effort was easily shot down with the redhead's answer. "Not really." Akashi replied as he loosened his tie till it was undone and placed it in his bag.

The silence once again had settled, and it was becoming deafening. The only sound in the background was the clock ticking and faint breathing. For one, the purple-haired boy was nervous, and for another… "Aka-chin," he trailed off.

"Yes?" Akashi immediately answered, their gaze connected. But as mismatched orbs stare at him, he found all of his confidence going away. He tore his look away, and another consuming silence enveloped them. Well, until…

"Let's go to your room Atsushi." Akashi suggested and walked towards the said place without waiting for the other's answer. Murasakibara blindly followed behind him and does as told. When they got to his room, which he thankfully cleaned this morning, Akashi sat on his bed and patted the space beside him. The purple-haired boy didn't have to be told to know that he is asked –ordered- to sit there. And so he does.

With smaller proximity, his nervousness increased ten-fold, but the deafening silence urges him to speak once again. "Um, Aka-chin…"

"Atsushi, if you don't say it this time, I'll get angry." Akashi threatened with a blank look at his face.

He somehow fidgeted in his place before he dropped the question. "Well… why didn't you ask me about it?"

"What is?" Akashi inquired back, his tone almost flat. Murasakibara wonders if Akashi really doesn't know what he's trying to ask since the smaller boy usually seems to know the answer to the question not even said yet.

"You know, the one you asked with Kuro-chin…" If his Aka-chin just consulted to him and not to Kuroko, then they wouldn't have that misunderstanding at the first place. That thought still bothered him.

"That's… because I needed third person's opinion on the positions." Akashi reasoned out, and as if finally looking properly at the redhead, Murasakibara realized that it was not only him who was nervous.

"Ah…" Akashi sighed as he looked straight into amethyst orbs that were staring back with equal fervour. "Why would I… with someone like you?"

Before Murasakibara had any time to question those words, Akashi pulled him down towards him. The purple-haired giant found himself hovering over his captain, their faces too close for comfort, their breaths mingled and their positions suggestive... in his bed.

"Why do I not mind this… why want it when it's with you?" The redhead asked to himself because for a fact, he hates it when people look down at him (both literally and figuratively) and when he lose his control over things.

But deep inside, he knew the answer. As he has the ultimate control over most people, somewhere within his subconscious, there was that need for someone who'll make him lose his reasons, his composure. That someone who'll be obliging to his wishes and yet, retaliating to his dominance. Someone who spoils him and at the same time, he couldn't help spoiling back.

Besides, he knew that even if submitted to Murasakibara, the taller boy would relinquish all that control back to him in the instance he asks for it. And that's the only thing that he needed, and that reassures him.

"Aka-chin?" That deep voice called Akashi out of his thoughts, and as painful smile graced his face for a split-second, he pulled Murasakibara even closer for a kiss. He was filled with a complex mixture of joy, sorrow and longing as he kissed him. It was a very foreign emotion.

Though taken by surprise, Murasakibara took the initiative to try and deepen the kiss. Akashi didn't resist, and openly invited the purple-haired boy by parting his lips. Their tongues slid together and the kiss was sloppy and wet. They roamed each other's mouth, trying to lick and taste as much as they can in one breathing.

When they parted, they both huffed for air. The taller of the two noticed how Akashi was blushing so hard, and breathing heavily, and on another account, there is that considerably visible bulges in both of their pants, possibly due to raging hormones of pubescent boys. Murasakibara just took this time to just appreciate the dishevelled, erotic state his Aka-chin is in. He leaned again and gave a light kiss at his captain's cheek.

"Can I, Aka-chin?" He inquired in a voice a single octave lower.

The redhead pulled his necktie a bit harshly and seductively whispered in his ear. "Of course, Atsushi. You don't plan on leaving me like this, are you?"

Murasakibara let a single smile pass by his face before replying. "No, of course not."

He claimed the smaller boy's lips once again as his hands wandered over in attempt to remove Akashi's clothes. The redhead tried to make it much easier by unbuttoning his clothes himself without trying to break the kiss. Or maybe because he just knew that when Murasakibara got impatient, he would find the buttons of his shirt flying all over.

Akashi hissed as cold air touched his skin, breaking their kiss apart. That didn't seem to faze the taller boy and Murasakibara continued to trail butterfly kisses from the redhead's jaw, to his neck and to lovingly perked nipples. The contact seems to make Akashi jerk a bit.

Out of the blue, the giant threw his question. "Aka-chin, are you alright being the bottom?"

Akashi tried to glare but with his consciousness half-lidded with pleasure, it hardly looked scary or defiant. Instead, it looked like impatience of sorts. "Are you sure you should be asking that now?"

"No, I'm sorry." Murasakibara briefly apologize before starting to undo his captain's pants and pulling it off. As his erection was slightly released from its confines, a sigh came past kiss-swollen lips.

"Atsushi," Akashi breathed out and he wondered whether the redhead changed his mind now that there's only a single fabric left for Akashi to be completely exposed to him. "I don't want to be the only one getting bare."

He was left dumbfounded for a minute before he realizes that Akashi just asked him to strip. In the time his mind was blank, the redhead was able to undo his necktie and the first three buttons of his shirt. It makes Murasakibara wonder just how long would it need for Akashi to have completely undress him.

Akashi kissed the purple-haired boy's neck just when the latter suddenly asked. "Aka-chin, where did you put my necktie?" It would be a bother to search for it later.

Since the question was totally unexpected on the redhead's side, Akashi couldn't help but chuckle, his laugh sending vibrations to Murasakibara's throat. "I wonder." He muttered in between the light kisses he gave his partner.

The purple-haired giant pouted at the teasing, and decided that a small payback won't hurt. He suddenly bit on Akashi's left earlobe, not expecting to be rewarded with a moan. Akashi immediately retreated as much as he can with their position, as his face, cheeks and ears rivalling his hair in their redness. A smirk then graced Murasakibara's lips.

"W-what?" Akashi reacted flustered at the hungry look the taller boy gave him. The purple-haired boy just shook his head. "I was just thinking how sexy Aka-chin is."

Though no one would agree with him, their devil captain Akashi Seijuro was still his sexy little Aka-chin.

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I wanted to put an Omake here, but I wasn't sure what to write but then someone suggested that I write the supposed conversation that Akashi and Kuroko had from the previous chapter. Well, here it goes.

Kuroko: What is it Akashi-kun?

Akashi: (fidgety at his seat) How did you do it with Daiki?

Kuroko: Aomine-kun? What are you talking about?

Akashi: You know what I mean.

Kuroko: …I'm not sure, perhaps if you say something more…

Akashi: Is it decided that the taller one gets to top?

Kuroko: Top? Wha- Oh. Are you finally dating Murasakibara-kun?

Akashi: What do you mean by 'finally,' Tetsuya?

Kuroko: Nothing. Anyway, perhaps what you meant by 'top' is… sex?

Akashi: Do you have to say such vulgar things out loud?

Kuroko: No, sorry, I didn't mean to offend you but…

Akashi: But what?

Kuroko: We haven't really done it yet.

Akashi: …yet?

Kuroko: Aomine-kun really wants to do it but when he's about to put it in, I really get scared and asks him to stop.

Akashi: T-tetsuya! Can you stop talking like that? You're ruining your image.

Kuroko: But it's true. Aomine-kun's too big, I think I'll get torn apart. We have only gone as far as fingering—

Akashi: Enough Tetsuya. You're making fun of me are you?

Kuroko: Just a bit.

Akashi: (stares for minute before sighing) …So Daiki tops. Well, personality-wise I bet he wouldn't bottom at all.

Kuroko: Yeah. Well, you were asking before if the taller one tops right?

Akashi: (reluctantly nods)

Kuroko: In your case, you really wouldn't like to bottom, would you?

Akashi: But won't Atsushi like to top?

Kuroko: Now that's rare for you to take other's opinions.

Akashi:Are you making fun of me again, Tetsuya?

Kuroko: No, um, Yes. I'm sorry. (bows) What do you think about you topping then?

Akashi: Wouldn't that look awkward?

Kuroko: Well, at one look, it's hard to see any of you bottoming. Murasakibara-kun's really tall, and Akashi-kun seems to be more dominant though…

Akashi: Though?

Kuroko: Though if Akashi-kun will reconsider and submit to bottoming, wouldn't that solve the problem? Being the bottom doesn't really mean losing all the control.

Well, that's it. Is this still considered a T Rated fic? Or should I move it up? ...actually, I'll move it up anyway.