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The Universe is a mysterious place, many things can happen and there exist many beings that are beyond your comprehension dwelling within it.

The universe hangs on a thin thread that protects the all important balance, if thread was cut the universe would cease to exist as we know it.

Now this is the story of how a mistake can throw the balance to hell, all we can do now is see what happens.


In the universe there are several different dimensions that started off as one plain of existence before they were separated the world was filled with nothing but bloodshed and depravity.

Thousands of years passed on this world and as the deaths piled up due to needless wars, as children were kidnapped and tortured due to who and what they are and as they laid waste to their once ethereal world, nine of the most powerful beings, disgusted with what horrific acts that were being committed, decided that something had to change.

So they searched the world for those who believed as they did , but through out the world the only people who felt as strongly about it was themselves.

Now if I hadn't mentioned this before there are three core races that populate most of the world.

These races were the Akatsuki, who, lacking power of their own, killed and absorbed the powers of the other races no matter their age or sex, they were a horrific race that killed unabashedly, then there was the Elemental's who gained their powers from the universe allowing them to control certain elements (this is subject to each individual), although not as sadistic as the Akatsuki they were still revered nearly as much, humans also 'lived' on this world but they were often used as food for the Akatsuki and rarely lived past 40 years and lastly , a race that were far more advance power wise, were the jinchuuriki, the jinchuuriki possessed the souls of great animals, the more powerful the animal soul, the more tails it has which results in the the host gaining more power.

It took years of research, with countless failures in attempting to change their world before they came upon the realisation that no matter how hard they tried nothing would change and saddened by this fact they, with the last slither of hope gone, made a hard decision.

They would rip the universe asunder and banish all three races into separate plains in hopes of halting the mass genocide that occurred daily and as the spell was cast the nine all looked at each other before all was dark and the worlds ripped apart and was re-created.

Thousands of years in the future

It was a scorchingly hot day in the fire country that, despite its name, was usually more on the cool side, so it came as no surprise as most of the citizens were taking to any shade available to them.

There was only one city in the whole kingdom that still still bustling like normal, the name of this city Konoha.

Now if the people of Konoha had a choice they would be taking to the shade, as the heat was near unbearable, but their king had earlier that year after his favourite maid took the day off sick and left him without any breakfast (Yeah he's a spoilt ruler) decreed that any person who did not do their work was to be sent to the jail and be subjected to having two of their fingers cut off so that they were never to forget his lesson.

So while it was hot the people who inhabited the city didn't dare to lay off off work for the day.

Now there is only one road that led to the city of Konoha and was usually bustling with activity but alas due to the heat there was only about 3 people who where using it at the moment.

The first person who was using it was a very old looking lady who was weighed down by tonnes of fake jewellery that glittered in the scorching sun.

The second was a fat middle aged man who was, despite the horrible body hair, balding, his face red with heat and exhaustion.

It was the third person who was the most interesting out of all of them, he was short (About 5/9) for what it appeared to be his 20 or so years but he was well built with wide shoulders and slim hips, he was lightly muscled and had what appeared to be a large grin on his face, but most stunning of them all where his electric blue eyes and hair that looked like spun gold, all in all he looked like he was made of sunny days, all warm and bright with a kindness that shone from somewhere deep inside.

The name of this person was Naruto but he was not what people perceived him to be, Naruto was a Demon and how he came to be here you will have to find out later in the story.

Walking at a leisurely pace Naruto walked up to the gates of the city and taking one look at the name gracing the gate he blew out a relieved breath.

'At least I know where I am.' He thought with relief as he had been walking for days and was suitably exhausted.

Passing though the wrought iron gates Naruto was surprised to see the city in a flurry of activity.

'Why the hell is everyone rushing around, it's to hot to be working so hard.' He thought with concern as he saw men and a women gasping and turning ugly shades of red and hoped that they would see sense soon.

Making his was though the stalls and people, only stopping to help when he saw a person close to collapse, so that they could take a breath and a long drink of water before going back to their duties and sending Naruto on his way.

Turning a corner after helping a heavily pregnant woman set up her stall Naruto spied a huge water fountain and still exhausted sat on the marble edge of the fountain and let the sound of the cascading water soothe him.

After what was only 10 minutes but felt like 60 Naruto's peace was disrupted by the load shouting of several children.

After 5 minutes of trying to ignore the noise Naruto finally gave in to his curiosity and looked over to where the chatter was coming from and froze at the sight that met his eyes.

Sitting there by the wall was a small child probably about 8-9 years old and in his lap was a huge book he seemed to be reading but that is not what shocked Naruto, no what shocked him where the obvious sneers, glares and fearful glances from the other children.

'What the hell, why are they looking a the boy like he's some kind of disease?' Naruto thought horrified by the looks he was seeing and not being one to leave things alone he approached the small boy.

"Hi, what's your name?" Naruto asked bending down to look at the boy face to face a small and kind smile gracing his lips.

"Madara, what yours?" the boy Madara replied tonelessly.

"My names Naruto, Why are all the children looking at you like that?" Naruto asked indicating the kids with his thumb.

Madara's face soured and he replied with a trace of bitterness in his voice. "They fear me because of my last name.

Naruto looked at this child and was confused. 'Who could hate someone for their name?'

Wanting to cheer the boy up Naruto leaned in closer to the boy.

"Hey, want to see something cool?" He asked with a grin.

Madara thinking that he was bored anyway nodded his head slightly obviously not expecting much.

Grin growing wider on his face Naruto sat on the floor and bringing his fingertips together and concentrated.

And after a minute or two Madara's eyes grew large as not one or two but four elements appeared between his hands all spinning in different direction to make a sphere.

While Naruto concentrated on creating the elements, he failed to notice that the child's face had gone hard and his eye started to bleed red, because what Naruto didn't know was that Madara was an Uchiha and not just any Uchiha he was the first in line to the throne and when an Uchiha, whether they are big or small find someone with the potential to become stronger than them, they eradicate them.

Looking up with a blinding smile Naruto abruptly froze as he met the child's blood red ones.

"Sleep now." Madara commanded and then the world went black and Naruto knew know more.

24 Hours later

Waking after what seemed like years Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes, light blinding him for a few moments before he noticed he was chained to a floor.

Looking around in confusion Naruto saw he was in some kind of meeting hall or a throne room as he finally spotted two big thrones seated directly in front of him of which where occupied by two people.

"You have been brought before us because it was witnessed that you have the power over more than one element and as decreed by us the noble house of Uchiha, is that as we do not know who you are or where you are from we have decreed that you should die before you powers could be used against us."

At these words Naruto snapped out of his initial confusion to take in the scene before him, in the room it appeared that there was about twenty people and they were all staring at him but that is not what scared Naruto, no, it was the couple seated on the thrones who scared him with their ice cold gazes and sneering mouths that had just informed him he was going to die.

"But as we have all witnessed, Wecannot kill you as all previous attempts have failed, so we the rulers of this kingdom, the Uchiha have decide that a curse shall be placed on you and you are then to be chained in our dungeon till a time that you should die." the man on the throne decreed and there was a resounding cheer from the surrounding people.

After Naruto's fate was decided the boy from earlier stepped out from the shadows of the thrones.

"Ahhh, here's my boy, what a specimen you have brought us and as promised because it was you who brought him to us you may place the curse of the heart upon him." Chortled the man on the throne as a child appeared to the left of the mans throne.

"Yes father." Madara replied with a smirk upon his face.

At the word father, Naruto's racing thoughts froze as he began to understand the situation he was in but as he tried to speak he found that he couldn't.

As Madara made his way over to him Naruto began to struggle uselessly against his bonds.

Upon reaching Naruto, Madara began chanting with the slight smirk still on his face as Naruto looked on in dawning horror.

Until the day,

That a royal by blood,

can look upon you

and with conviction say,

I will give my heart,

I will give up my life,

I will give up anything,

to stay by your side,

until that day,

cursed you will be,

to be hated and feared,

so mote it be.

As Madara finished the incantation Naruto was finally able to talk and with his eyes becoming red and Demonic he laid a curse upon the Uchiha.

As you who deem yourselves better

you and all Uchiha

as you have cursed me

so shall I curse you

women shall be banished

not a one to be born

to any and all Uchiha

only males are born

and with each passing year

with me in your dungeon

you will all shed tears

for without your women I decree

that the mighty Uchiha will fall thanks to me

With the last words of the curse ringing in the Uchiha's ears Naruto was dragged of not to be seen for another five hundred years.

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