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This an AU version of the iCarly trio in which Freddie closed up on the romantic feelings he felt for Carly the first time he met her for a far more greater desire to befriend the brunette instead of pursuing a romantic relationship which may or may not work out since they're only at the age of 13 at the time, Sam gets a rude awakening when she's pushed the "nub" just a bit too far off the end of his rope which coincidently lead them to being as close friends as they are towards Carly, and of course, as for Carly, she's not as shallow although she may have her complexes and phases still, in this version she's not as blind as to who she really wants to be with but is only afraid to confront him for fear that he might not feel the same way about her.

Seattle WA

Bushwell Plaza, iCarly Studio

June 12, 2009

"And tonight on iCarly!" hosted Carly giving Sam her queue to follow up.

"We give you our newest segment of! GULLIBLE Freddie!" hosted Sam waving towards the monitor. With a passing thought "Oh boy" he reluctantly activates their swing monitor showing the video.

Freddie enters the school immediately exclaiming, "HEY! Why aren't you dressed as clowns!?"

Students around him laugh as he heads for Carly and Sam's nearby lockers.

"What are you wearing?" Sam asks him with a sly grin on her face.

"I received an e-mail from school today saying it was clown day!" Freddie answered pointedly.

That was when Carly couldn't hold back her laughter which was hurriedly joined by Sam while clutch their stomach.

"Wait, it was you?" pointing at Carly, in which the brunette replied to with a blame towards Sam, while they're still both laughing. "She made me"

As it dawns on him, Freddie said "hang on, is this on camera!? GIBBY!" walking to the monitor's point of view. While you hear Gibby's protest from behind the scene as Freddie wrestles the hidden camera from his friend.

With the sound of static and darkness on the monitor, they end the web show as both girls were still giggling from watching their first and recent prank on Freddie.

"And we are clear! Great job again tonight girls" saying his usual prompt to the girls when they are done and complementing them on yet again another great job on the show. "Although, now I know that the memory card I ripped out of Gibby's pear phone was just a decoy" Freddie stated with a studious expression towards his two bestfriends as he confirms his suspicions, "How did you do it?" asking the two still chuckling girls.

It was Carly that answered first, "wireless video recording using one pear phone's camera and memory of another, new pear phone app" starting off with a proud tone but gradually lost confidence as she gets to the last part saying it was new pear phone app.

"You probably had to be close though, I'm guessing you hid the other phone in Sam's locker?" Freddie said as he smirked turning his attention towards his blonde friend in which Sam retorted "So sorry Frednubs but you have to admit, that was hilarious. Wait, how'd you found out it was in my locker and not Carly's?" stopping just for a moment before continuing, "Nah never mind, I still gotta raid Carly's fridge before we go to the groovy smoothie" Sam said still chuckling as she play fully punched Freddie in the shoulder before heading towards her best friend's kitchen.

Smiling at Sam's usual antics, Carly did get curious about something and asked Freddie about it.

"How'd you found out it was in Sam's locker anyways?"

Freddie grinned and answered, "I didn't smell any food coming from her locker that morning, no bacon, ham or chilly wafting from her locker."

"oh, that make sense." She giggled at remembering how Sam's locker would be used for a variety of cooking activities instead of putting books in it. "you two have gotten along nicely ever since that time with Fred when you fought back and stuck up to your opinion, I'm glad Sam seem to have admired you for 'growing a spine' as she put it" feeling a slight twinge in her stomach Carly couldn't think what to make of it as she reminded Freddie of the time when he and Sam have finally started treating each other as friends.

"Well, I did apologize to her when we got back here by way of some bacon strips and ham sandwich." Freddie chuckled as he too remembered that turn of events. "And not to mention a few reinforcing factors such as that time with Missy, or Papperman, or when we were helping her out to be more girlier, well, you were helping out and I got to be a dummy she could practice on"

Snorting out a chuckle at the reminder, "Hey, It turned out to be a good idea wasn't it? We actually had fun during those practices, I even thought at that time you two kinda looked cute together instead of her and Pete" Carly said showing a genuine smile at the memory.

Non too surprised at what Carly said, for she has mentioned it at one of those practices as well of how a cuter couple he and Sam would look. "You do remember us thinking you had brain damage at the time right?" Heavily chuckling remembering at how he and Sam reacted when Carly had said that to them, standing right up and walking towards her to feel her pulse, back of the hand on her forehead, poking her arms and cheeks to see if she was sick or just mentally deranged to even suggest such a thing even if the two truly are friends now.

Laughing along with Freddie, Carly heads towards the door to follow Sam in her kitchen, Carly turned and asked, "hey Freddie, you coming?"

Calming down he responded, "Yeah, I'll just be in a minute, but you both should probably go ahead, I'll just finish up some last minute maintenance on our site server." Smiling at Carly's thoughtfulness but turns his attention right back to his laptop.

"Ok, we'll be at the groovy smoothie if I can pry Sam off our fridge" saying back to Freddie as she headed out.

As Freddie finishes up his work about 15 minutes later, he turned towards the elevator exiting by the living room floor checking to see if the girls were still there. He found Spencer, Carly's older artist brother, working on quite a few sculptures with varying sizes.

"Hey, Fred-o, great show again tonight." Spencer greeted.

"Thanks, interesting video on that last bit huh?" Giving a light laugh.

"yeah, about that, Clown day?" Spencer lightly laughing along with Freddie.

Freddie rolled his eyes and said, "It was a very convincing mail ok? I gotta hand it to Carly, she's pretty good with forging that mail"

"Yeah, she takes after dad with those technical skills. At least you didn't get tricked into believing it was naked day like I was one time at Camp" Changing into a semi serious tone "ever played dodge ball naked?"

"no" was all Freddie could offer when Spencer immediately retorted, "Don't ever try it"

"ok" Freddie said as he laughed with the tall artist. "hey, So, I'm guessing the girls have gone ahead to the groovy smoothie, I probably should catch up to them. Later Spencer" he said while heading towards the elevator to get to the lobby, while the artist waved him off turning back to his sculptures.

At the groovy smoothie, Freddie joined the girls in conversation after he got himself a strawberry splat, they talked and laughed about random things and occasionally getting some ideas for their next week's web cast.

A good hour later. Carly asked the two, "it is Friday today, you guys wanna go back up and watch a movie?"

"Nah, I can't tonight Carls, I gotta turn in early so that my mother can't bug me into a tick bath and she'll take day shift tomorrow at the hospital and said she'd do a couple extra hours. So that gives me the whole day tomorrow for fencing." Freddie answered kindly to Carly's invitation.

Feeling slightly disappointed Carly was about to turn to Sam when the blonde smirked and said, "oooh, you still on that Fredward? Thought your mom forbid you to continue fencing and besides, weren't you already pretty good at it?" Sam genuinely complemented on the last part.

"Why thank you Sam, but eh, even if I was already pretty good at it, doesn't mean that I have to stop practicing; besides it's a good workout. Plus, we never know when we'll have to deal with another of Carly's bad boy interest." they both laughed at that while Carly retorted.

"Hey! I told you two I was over that!" Carly said putting up a half hearted annoyed expression at the reminder and finally joined in the laughter when Sam reminded "Yeah! Amazing how much pewie Babies can turn you off huh Carls!" still heartily laughing when she felt her phone vibrate.

Sam's expression gradually changes into worry as she reads the message on her phone, "Oh man! You don't wanna do that! Sorry Carls, guess I'll take a rain check on movie tonight as well, I gotta get home and set mom straight before she gets here. I'll tell you about it tomorrow!" she said as got up and headed out nearly shouting the last to appease Carly of her curiosity at the moment.

"OK! Try not to kill each other!" Carly waved her best friend off before she was entirely out of the place.

Freddie snorted at that last bit of advice when he noticed the blonde poke her head back at the door in which he answered before she could ask him or Carly, "I got it Sam! Go do what you gotta do, but remember what Carly said!" Chuckling as he repeated the advice.

Sam smiled at both Carly and Freddie, nodded and turned to head off again.

"She didn't pay for her smoothie did she?" asking Freddie with a sudden apprehension at the exchange of both her best friends.

"No, and 3 muffins I assume you didn't notice she consumed in the past hour." Replied with a nonchalant tune but with a playful boyish grin he usually reserved for when he's talking to some of the girls at the fencing club after a match.

Carly slightly giggled at Freddie's subtle way of charming her, which always made her think twice whether he was doing it on purpose or just him being Freddie, "oh, wanna split it?" she offered, in which he agreed to as they prepared to leave and head back to the apartment.

As they both fiddled with their keys to get inside their respective apartments, Carly turned and asked, "Hey, will you be coming over after you finished fencing tomorrow?" Almost whispering the last part when she realized that Mrs. Benson might hear her in the hall and don't want to spoil Freddie's only escape from his mom when he's not over at her place.

Freddie gave an apprehensive nod at his best friend's sudden whispered tone and replied, "ah yeah, I'll just be doing some updates and look over our message board."

"Oh ok, well, see you tomorrow then, Sam and I will just probably be in my room tomorrow when she gets here." Carly said suddenly feeling cheerful that they'd be hanging out again tomorrow as they do almost every day of the week.

Waving each other off for the night, they each went inside their own apartments.

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