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Chapter 1

I walked behind Soichiro Yagami and Touta Matsuda. We were on our way to meet L for the first time. I could see the apprehension in even the way the walked, ridged and un-paced. There was some small talk between them, no doubt nervous of my presence. I could tell they didn't trust me, they thought I wasn't a true follower of L because I hadn't shown much enthusiasm to meeting him, I'd even heard some talk of them thinking that I am Kira. Nonsense, but I couldn't help but find it amusing, which probably didn't help my case at all. I couldn't afford to give away anything, I don't want them learning my personality and therefore it helps to keep it hidden.

However, I was sure they were much more nervous to meeting L. This is the first time he's allowed his face to be seen, so why now? Does that mean this case is too grand, even for the great L? If that was true, then what was to become of them, just mere police officers? And amongst all those questions... what is he even like?

We passed by the large, marble pillars of the Hotel, especially selected by L. It was cold in Japan, I'd found, and especially in the middle of the night, so I had been crossing my arms over my chest in hopes of keeping warm. But, as we entered the Hotel a great warm wave rolled over me and instantly I felt the heat tickle my pale cheeks to life. Yagami and Matsuda loosened up too, although they still had apprehension written all over their faces. Honestly, I doubted anyone else could really tell, although it probably looked suspicious, two men and a female walking up to a singular room where one man was supposedly already residing. You can never be too careful, however it seemed to me that nobody really cared, it was nearly midnight and therefore practically no one around to see, and those who did, didn't seem to suspect a thing. I already said, you can never be too careful and as I had already been walking behind the two men , and at respectable distance that people may have doubted I was with them at all, so I took this useful portrayal to split from the two, go a different route to the room of L. They glanced as I parted, but said nothing, already having worked out my plan and respecting the choice. I was never really a part of them anyway, I had only recently joined the force and therefore barely knew any of them, I have the intention of keeping it that way, if I can.

I climbed the stairs of the Hotel, easily and swiftly, I even thought maybe I could be there before Yagami and Matsuda, even though they were taking the lift. There were many as the floor we were visiting was rather high up and very out of the way, I bet it had a nice view, one I'll get to see shortly. I reached the floor in no time, completely intact and high on the near moment when I'll be in the presence of L. I felt my stomach flip, but showed none of the emotion on my face, I was sure my muscles looked ridged though, so I tried to shake it off. Body language, even without the emotion on the face, could be a dead giveaway. I arrived at the same time as the other two; I could see slight surprise in their faces as we came to the right numbered door, our faces solemn. We stood there as our co workers slowly gathered from different entrance points at different times, completely staggered and in groups of 2.
Each one looked at the other in a circle, but no one looked at me, except Matsuda, his eyes kind, but filled with sensible recognition of the coming scene.

Soichiro Yagami spoke:

"L is on the other side of this door, are you ready men?"

Everyone nodded, silently.

Yagami put his hand on the door, and knocked.
His voice replied, no longer the computer generated sound we have always heard.
"Please, enter. I've been awaiting you."