Okay, my pretties, I promise I haven't abandoned you, College started (The English one) and they just love homework! Anywho, I only have time for this short plot filler, because what's about to come needs some time, and I intend on making it good and long! But I have an essay due on the crusades for Monday so can only do this one for now! Sorry! :)

That night I dreamt, or, were they placid enough to even call dreams? Memories, that's more accurate, remembering everything, over and over again. I'm not sure I really wanted to, not that I really had a choice, but, still. Every single one tore at a part of me. Showing me.

One day everything had just gotten too much. My emotions became real. Death note became real. Or did it really become real? Perhaps it was already there, I think that's what Ryuk meant.


She was sat on the floor of her bedroom, legs crossed, all the volumes of Death Note spread out across her floor in a random formation. In her hands she held that one volume. The one which had haunted her, the one with the broken spine and damaged pages from where it had been read over and over. The one which made her eyes cry and her heart throb. L's death.

However now she didn't cry, no, this time she could look at it with her eyes clear and her heart regulated. She calculated, in her mind events which could have occurred to save him. What exactly was it he had done wrong? The world still needed him. She still needed him.

She sat and she thought. She thought, she thought and she pondered.

One singular tear rolled down her cheek.

That one tear filled with her grief.

That one tear filled with the thoughts of possibility.

That one tea filled with desperation, fear, anger and, most of all...Love.

That one tear trickled to her chin and fell on the page, the page.

That clip.

The one which held L's dying face.

The tear rolled onto his cheek. More and more followed, dropping and spilling onto the page. Each filled with the raw emotion the girl carried.

Slowly, unbeknownst to her, something started to happen.

It seemed as though a dark smoke was being emitted from the book. Could it be?

Her eyes were blinded by her tears, she wasn't sure, but she doubted herself.

Her mind felt dizzy, and her thoughts started to scatter. Shadows began to fill her room, and suddenly all was dark. High pitched noises sang in her ears. Her tears stopped, and the shadows filled her room, making her dizzier and dizzier, giving her no time to react. Something dark formed into a black human-ish figure. She reached out, as the red eyes glowered at her. The menacing spirit reached to her, and, when they touched, her world dyed, everything went black.