You're beautiful fanfiction

Go Min Nyu is back from Africa what will her relationship with Tae kyung be like? And what will happen when she starts working with the A.N jell and a new member Kim Min Jae start falling for her what will Tae kyung do?

Chapter 1:

It been has been 6 month since Go Min Nyu left.

The dorm is complete different Go Min Nam is completely different from his sister they are nothing alike the one thing they have in common is their look their behavior is the opposite,Go Min Nyu is sweet and nice and a walking accident zone that always cause trouble no matter what she do and Min Nam in the other hand is always fighting with Jeremy he never say sorry when he does something wrong like Min Nyu does he the complete the opposite of his sister.

Tae Kyung is in his room staring at the pig-rabbit on his desk that Go Min Nyu left,he and Min Nyu have been keeping in touch by been e-mailing each other 1 time a week he very busy with work and Go Min Nyu is busy helping in Africa so they only talk once a week. He missed her a lot although he doesn't like to admit it to the others, although he gets along with Go Min Nam well but every time he look at him he think of her and it hard for him.

Go Min Nam point of view

Min Nam is in his room talking to his sister on the phone without the others knowing every time he on the phone with his sister they all want to talk to her and he doesn't get to talk to her enough since she so far away from him and when he was in New york she was in Korea they been apart for a long time and he wanted to catch up with his sister, Go Min Nyu always ask him if he get along with Tae kyung and the others he said that Tae kyung personality is funny and strange and he ask her often why she like him? Min Nyu said "Hyung-nim is really nice when you get to know him well but it kind of hard to get close to him but once you know him he really kind and nice and it would be nice if he like him"

Min Nam said ''Don't worry sis even though he strange I get along fine with him but Jeremy is really childish and act like a kid all the time but he cool and as for Shin-woo he calm but they get along really well'' Min Nam asks "How Africa"? She said ''It really great and fun oppa the place it really beautiful you would like it here everyone is really nice''.

Min Nam said "So when are you coming back"? Min Nyu said ''Oppa that why I call is to tell you that I will be coming back next week Friday mother superior said that I can go back to Korea since summer almost over'' Min Nam said ''Next week your coming back sis that really great'' Min Nyu said '' Don't forget to tell the others too okay oppa I have to go now'' he said "Okay goodnight sis" "Good night oppa" (phone disconnect)

Go Min Nam in his room all happy that his sister is coming back he said to himself ''I have to tell the others but where are their anyway''? he ask ''Are they sleeping already it only 11.00pm well I will tell them tomorrow''.

The next day everyone was awake and in the kitchen Jeremy were fulling his mouth with food and Shin-woo was drinking tea and Tae kyung drinking water and manager Ma was also fulling his mouth like Jeremy.

Go Min Nam said "Guess what I was talking to my sister yesterday and she said- but before he could finish saying it Tae kyung cut in and said ''You talk to Go Min Nyu yesterday'? when? Why didn't you tell us?" he said ''It was late and you guy was already sleeping'' Jeremy said ''You could have wake us we wanted to talk to her too not only you Min Nam'' Shin-woo said "What did she say?" Min Nam ''Oh my sister is coming back to Korea next Friday''.

Tae kyung choke on his water everyone was looking at him Manager ma said "Tae kyung are you okay"? Jeremy said ''Really Min Nyu coming back that great'' Tae kyung said ''Next week'' Min Nam said ''Yes'' Shin-woo smile and said ''She probably finish volunteering'' Min Nam said ''She did that why she coming back'' . Manager Ma smile and said '' She coming back that great''.

Tae kyung couldn't believe that she coming back after Min Nam tell them they head to the A.N Jell van.

At the studio

Manager Ma told Coordinate Wang the news that Go Min Nye is coming back next week.

Coordinate Wang said ''Really I cannot wait to see her I bet the boys are really happy to see her'' Manager Ma said ''Especially Tae kyung'' Coordinate Wang look at Manager Ma and said ''Of course he miss her he hasn't see her in six month and you better not make her dress like a guy again or else you will die in my hand do you understand'' he said ''How scary''.

In the studio the boys were practicing for their live concert in 2 week Jeremy said ''I cannot wait to see Min Nyu again we should have a surprise party for her''. Go Min Nam said ''That sound great'' Shin-woo ''What do you think Tae kyung'' Tae kyung said ''What''? Go Min Nam said ''We are having a party for my sister'' he said ''Oh''.

Tae kyung was in his own little world thinking of Min Nyu he cannot wait to see her again he missed her a lot and she always their to cheer him up when he sad and when he with her everything fine he couldn't wait for her to come.

Back in AfricaGo Min Nyu is helping the nuns making dinner for the children Mother Superior said to Min Nyu "Are happy going back to Korea" Go Min Nyu said "Yes I cannot wait to see everyone's again I missed them so much" especially her brightest star Tae kyung she cannot wait to see him the most Mother Superior smile.

Later that night Go Min Nyu was sitting outside looking at the stars thinking of Tae kyung. It Thursday night and Go Min Nyu is packing her suitcase.

Abigail came in to help her she and Go Min Nyu has been friend since Go Min Nyu came to Africa. Abigail said "Min Nye I will miss you" Min Nyu smile and said "I will miss you too".

Manager Ma e-mail Go Min Nyu that night telling her he will pick her up at the airport on Friday and that he might be a little late because he have to drop the boys at a photo shoot Manager Ma said write and told her that the boys cannot wait to see her at last he wrote see you tomorrow.