Chapter 9:

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In the car

Tae kyung was driving Go Min Nyu said "Shooting can be exhausted" Tae kyung said "Really didn't you say it fun?" She said "Yea but it can be tiring too" He said "Who told you to feel sorry for them? Manager Ma never seems to stop asking for favor" Tae kyung said she smiles. Tae kyung said "What do you think of Kim Min Jae?" She said "Huh" He said "You guy seem to get along well" She said "He seem nice, he really famous he in a lot of dramas did you know?I am going to watch one"he looked at her he said "What?Really your going to watch his dramas?" she said "Hmm" he didn't say anything she lean next to the window Tae kyung said "You can sleep I will wake you up when we reach" She said " It okay".

While he was driving Tae kyung ask "How was Africa?" She said "It was really amazing I had so much fun there, the people was great working with the kids been really fun" He said "Really was it that fun?" She said "Yea but it ended so soon" he look at her and said "Ended soon?" he said "6 month is long Go Min Nyu" She said "Yea but when you're having a great time, the time just went by fast" he said "So you were having fun without me I guess you didn't miss me at all then?" she said "Hyung-nim that not true I missed you a lot" he said "Really?" she said " A lot a ton" he smile.

Go Min Nyu said "So Yoo He Yi are you guy still talking?" he said "That devil fairy after what she made me do I don't ever want to talk to her, why are you asking about her? Why are you jealous?" Min Nyu said "Aniyo why would I be jealous?"She quickly said " But hyung-nim you should a little be nice to her" He said "Why?" She said "Because she wasn't that bad of a person" He said "What?not bad after all the thing she put you through?" She said "Hyung-nim can you blame her she liked you a lot" Tae kyung said "Go Min Nyu then if I liked her you wouldn't mine?" She look down and he look at her thinking he said "This pig-rabbit is really" She said "If you liked her back then I wouldn't mine" he quickly said "What? Really you wouldn't mine?" She said "Well if you liked her and not me what could I have done?" He said "Then would you have liked Shin-woo?" She said "What?" He said "Ya Go Min Nyu you really are ungrateful" She said "That not it hyung-nim I would have still liked you first anyway" he looked at her and smile by hearing that he said "Don't ever bring up that devil fairy again understand?" she said "Really?" he said "Hmm" she


When they reached home Tae kyung park his car he then look at her she look at him he lean closer to her and say "You're the only one I like got it" She shook her head.

At home

Go Min Nyu was in Jeremy room playing game with him,although he alway win he said to her "It alright let play another" they played and played,Tae kyung look through Jeremy door to see them playing and having fun,he went in he said "Stop playing now and go to sleep" Jeremy said "Were still playing go to sleep if you want hyung me and Min Nyu are playing" he look at her he said "Go Min Nyu get up" she look at him she ask "Why?were playing" he said "He need to sleep" Jeremy said "I don't" he said "We have shooting tomorrow early,Go Min Nyu come out" she said to Jeremy "We can play tomorrow" he smile and said "Yea" Jeremy look at him,he close Jeremy door and look at Go Min Nyu she look at him,he said "What?" she said "We were not done playing yet" he said "It late you can play tomorrow"she said "Fine" he look at her she ask "Are you going to sleep now?" he said "Aniyo not yet are you?" she said "Aniyo not tired yet" he smile and said "Then come to my room?" she look at him she ask "Didn't you say you have work early?" he look at her and said "Hmm why?" she look at him she said "You told Jeremy to go to bed but your not" he look at her and was guilty since he wanted to be with her but lucky enough she didn't catch on what he did, he look at her and didn't know what to do, he walked away but realize she didn't come he head back to the door and said "Are you coming?" she smile and said "Hmm".

In the room he look at her he said "Go Min Nyu" she said "Huh" he said "You have glitter still in your hair" she said "Really?I was going to wash it but it was late" he try to take out the glitter he said "It stuck" she said "Hmm" he said "Did you enjoy working today?" she said "It was fut but i don't like it" he smile and said "Really?Then was it hard when you done it before?" she said "Hmm a lot at first but you helped so it become easy" he said "Really?You look really like a girl wearing girl clothes" she said "Hyung-nim what should I look Like then I am girl" he smile and said "Aniyo you're not" he joke she said "Your so mean" he smile and said "Ya I was joking you're a girl" she look at him and smile he look at her lip she look at him,she quickly get up she said "Hyung-nim I am going to sleep goodnight" and quickly ran out his room,his heart was beating he said "Ah what was I going to do?" he bit his lip and went into bed thinking about her.

The next day Min Nyu went with them to work Tae kyung said "You better not to cause any trouble" she said "Hyung-nim I don't cause trouble" He said "Really you never cause me any trouble?" he looked at her she look down at the floor and said "Sorry I won't cause you trouble anymore" he smile and said "So you know you cause me trouble?" She looks at him and shakes her head. Min nam came and said to Tae kyung "My sister where is she?" Tae kyung said "Ya what do you want?" Min nam look at him.

Later Jeremy came next to her and said "Min Nyu after this photo shoot let go for ice-cream" she said "That sound great Jeremy".

President Anh and Manager Ma was looking at yesterday picture feature Min Nyu one of the woman said that Min Nyu looked perfect with the boys in the picture, that there is something about her in every picture that work perfect with the President Anh said " She look perfect to be in the Photo with them" Manager Ma said "Min Nyu can model for sure".

Yoo He Yi came in the studio everyone's look at her wondering what Tae kyung ex-girlfriend doing here. President Ahn said "I got Yoo He Yi to work in the photo shoot with you I hope Tae kyung wouldn't mine working with his ex-girlfriend". Yoo He Yi came where Tae kyung, Jeremy, Shin-woo, Go Min Nam, Kim Min Jae were Yoo Hee Yi said "It an honor to work with you guy's again" they all looked at her Tae kyung said "What do you mean working with us devil fairy?" Yoo He Yi said "Did President Ahn told you guys that I will be working with you for the shoot?" Min Nam said "You are working with us where is president Anh?" Min Jae said "It a pleasure working with you He Yi" she smile and said "Your Kim Min Jae" he said "Yea" Jeremy scream and said "No way in hell am I working with you" and walk off but President Ahn grab him and said "What the problem?" Tae kyung said "There is something you didn't tell us?" President Anh look at him and said "I forgot to tell you guy that Yoo He Yi will be working with you guys".

Tae kyung said "I am not doing this anymore" he walk off President Ahn follow Tae kyung and said " I am sorry but we didn't have any other chose I hope you don't mine working with your Ex-girlfriend" Tae kyung said "What ex- Tae kyung" he walked away angry couldn't believe he have to work with the devil fairy again

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