Mermaid Melody- E-pitch – new waves!

This is a new story of mermaid melody. I read online that pitchy is a sort of slang for e-pitch and new waves states a new generation of mermaid princess.

Disclaimer: I do not own mermaid melody, the characters, and the main idea of fighting mermaids. I do own the made up characters so don't bother suing.

The year is 82; 2082 to be exact and the new generation of Mermaid Princesses will set out. Since the original mermaid set out on their journey on land, all Princesses must live on land without the luxuries of home for a year before there thirteenth birthdays a mermaid's coming of age. The twist is that each year the land the live on is a different place. Now the mermaids must explore a place almost more hated by Mermaids than the Sahara Desert. Australia, a dry and hot place with no water except for the sea that surrounds it! Now a new evil is out to get the new 12 year old Orange, Yellow, Aqua, and wait …. White (!) mermaid princess and even more of a challenge, Middle School! In this new comedic, fanfic about friendship, loyalty, school life, and growing up anything can happen even the most unexpected.

From the new and first time author Shimmer you will never know what happens next.