Aniyo mean noDe mean yes

Chapter 1

After Lee kyu won and Lee Shin finish performing together at the Catharsis they left. Lee Shin and Lee kyu won were holding hand walking.

Lee kyu won is still mad at Lee Shin for pushing her away 1 year ago and for not telling her about his hand she let go of his hand and walk away Lee shin ask "Are you okay" she turn around and said "Lee Shin you idiot".

Lee Shin said "What?" She said "Why didn't you tell me about your hand? Did you think you can hide it forever without me knowing?" he said "Ahhhh yea" she said "What?" He said "I am sorry for not telling you, I didn't want you to give up everything you dream about just because of me" he walk up and hold her hand again and say "I am sorry for everything I hurt you didn't i?".

She said "Did you know because of you I went on hating you?" He said "I know I deserve it then but now you cannot hate me" She said "Why? Why should I listen to you?" Lee Shin looks at her sad face and said "I love you so you cannot hate me anymore" she look at him and said "You really are an idiot" He smile and said "I missed you so much" She said "I miss you too".\

After hearing that she missed him too he hugged her. When they reached next to her home Lee Shin said "Goodnight" and kissed her on the cheek her eye was open wide he look at her and smile because he miss her reaction every time he kiss her and she looked cute "Goodnight" he said" Goodnight" she said.

When Lee kyu won went inside her grandfather asked "What are you smiling about? Did something happen?" he said "Aniyo" She reply then go to bed it late "Goodnight" She said.

When Lee Shin arrive home his mom saw that his face looked different she said "Did something happen?" He said "What? Aniyo" She said "Your face is glowing" His sister came and said "It because he perform at the catharsis with kyu-unnie" His Omma said "Really you perform with Lee kyu won" "Are you back together?" She said Lee shin didn't know what to say his Omma smile and said "That good".

Lee shin sister came into his room and said "Oppa are you really back with kyu unnie? What if she left again are you going to be sad again for a whole year again?" She said Lee said "Don't worry" and smiled she look at him and walked out of the room.

The next day Lee shin was outside Lee kyu won home waiting for her to come out Lee kyu won came and saw him waiting for her with his bike he said "Get on" While riding he told her to hold on she grab on his bag pack he said "Hold on tighter" she grabbed his waist and he smile.

In school he holds her hand she said "Shin what if someone see?" He said "Didn't we date before" she look at him

Lee kyu won look at him he smile as they were walking Cha Bo saw them together holding hand she hasn't see Lee Shin happy since Lee kyu won left she was happy that they got back together and happy that Lee Shin is performing again.

Cha Bo came next to them she said "It good to see you guy together again" Lee Shin said "Cha Bo" Lee kyu won said "Cha bo sorry about getting drunk that night making you all responsible".

Cha Bo said "It fine I am use to you getting way too drunk but next time you drink I will kill you if that happen again" Lee shin "You really are something" he looked at Lee kyu won he remember that night that Cha bo called him to get Lee kyu won at the Catharsis because she was way too drunk but instead he call her dad to get her. Lee kyu won asked "What happen?" Cha bo and Lee shin said "You don't remember?" Lee kyu won said "Aniyo".

Cha Bo asked kyu won if she was busy later that they want to catch up on stuff but Lee shin eyed Cha Bo she look at him and said never mind we can hang out some other time she say goodbye and left. "Ya Cha Bo" said Lee kyu won "Where are you going"?We can hang out"

Lee shin said "Leave her" She look at him he said "We have things too to catch up on" She look at him and smiled he said "Oh and if you ever drink again and get drunk you will be dead understand" She looked at him and try to talk back but instead she said "Yes but how did you know?" He said "Cha Bo called me" You didn't know?" He asked she pretend like she didn't know she said "Aniyo" he turn and look at her and said "Do you want to go to to movie later?" Movie? What movie?" She asked he said "Anything" She said "Okay"

They went to class together.

The director is teaching again he said to Lee kyu won "Your here" She said "Hello" the director said Lee kyu won "Use your talent and help people who need it okay" She said "Yes" .

When class was over Lee shin went to Lee kyu won class but she wasn't there Cha Bo was coming out of class Lee shin stop her and said "Cha Bo have you see Lee Kyu Won?" Cha Bo said "She in the dancing room" He said "Okay thank you" and left he went to the dancing room and saw Lee kyu won dancing he smile he watch her for a minutes when Lee kyu won saw him and jump and said "Ya Lee shin you scared me" He said "Sorry" "What are you doing here? Do you want to take a break?" He asked

"A break sound good" she said he hold her hand and said "Let go" while walking he said "Your dancing improve" She said "Yes I been practicing a lot when I was in the UK" he said "You better not think of going to the UK again" she said "What?" Who fault was it?" She asked "Are you saying it my fault?" He looked her and said "It my fault" She turn and look at him and said "At least you know who fault it is".

He said "If you didn't go then you wouldn't have become famous" She said "Who said I wanted to become famous like that" Lee Kyu won phone was ringing she looked at it Lee shin said "It Cha Bo" .

"How did you know?" She asked he said "Perfect timing Cha Bo" kyu won smile he notice she still had the couple teddy bear on her phone. "Hey Cha Bo what is it?" She asked "Sorry to called but Lee shin was looking for you" Cha Bo said Lee kyu won said "He with me now" "Okay" Cha Bo said

Lee shin look at kyu won and pointed to the teddy bear on her phone and said "You still have that?" she look at him.

(To be continued)