Chapter 7:

(Enjoy...this chapter is more about Cha Bo and Ki young but also with Lee shin and Kyu won)

Cha Bo is getting ready for his date with Sun Hee she tumbles through her closet to find her clothes. Sun Hee was walking with Ki young, Sun Hee said "I have a date with Cha Bo today" Ki young said "A date?" Sun Hee said "Yea were going to see a movie" Ki young didn't say anything he was hurt he didn't know what to say at all he said "Have fun" Sun Hee said "Thank" As Ki young he walking he couldn't stop thinking about Cha Bo going on a date he said "I don't care" he keep telling himself that but no matter what he couldn't stand it.

Cha Bo showed up at the movie where Sun Hee is waiting for her, he went up to her and said "You look pretty" she smiles inside the movie theater they were watching "From me to you" during the movie Cha Bo was thinking about Ki young and remember that they sat at the same seat that they sitting now she turn to look next to her thinking Sun Hee is Ki young but when she look all she see is Sun Hee. Ki Young is thinking about Cha Bo with Sun Hee thinking of what could happen, after the movie was finish Sun Hee walking Cha Bo home, when they reached her home he told her to go inside she look at him and nodded.

The next day at school Cha Bo saw Ki Young she look at him and could feel her heart beating but doesn't know why she walk pass him he said "Cha Bo" she stop walking she said "Yea" he said "How was your date?" she said "What? How did you know?" he said "Sun Hee told me" she said "Oh it was great" he said "That good" she look at him he said "I have to go" she look at him walk away, Cha Bo said "Why did Sun Hee told him?" Lee shin is at school with his 3 friend practicing.

Lee kyu won is with the Director talking about her acting role as the main lead he said "Lee kyu won just because your famous doesn't mean you don't practice like the other's" she said "Director I know" he said "I am just making sure" and he messed her hair up she said "Director" he look at her and hand her the script she said "This is the script?" he said "Yea look at it too" she said "Hmmmm" he said "Should we have another MT?" She said "Really another MT yea we should" he look at her and smile and said "Okay" he messed her hair up she said "Ya" he said "Your still the same" he smile. Ki young headed out of school at the same time Cha Bo was also heading Cha Bo said "Are you leaving?" he said "Yea are you?" she said "Yea I am abou- but he didn't let her finish he said "I am going" she look at him and wonder why he acting like that.

Lee shin stand in front of Lee kyu won home wondering if she at home since he didn't see her after school as he was about to open the door her grandfather came out and see him he said "Hello did you come to listen to my story?" he said "Ah- grandfather cut in and says "It okay if you don't want to listen to it" Lee shin said "That not it" grandfather said "Lee kyu won is not home yet" Lee shin said "Ah okay then goodbye" grandfather said "Goodbye" as Lee shin left grandfather smiled and said "He act like I didn't know, I was just like him in my younger year".

Lee shin called Lee kyu won but she didn't answer he wonder where she is, Lee kyu won fell asleep since she been practicing all day, Lee shin couldn't sit still he decide to go back to school to see if she still there he went to the wildflower room but didn't see anyone there he then went to the practice room and see her there he said "Lee kyu won" she didn't answer he went up closer to her and see her sleeping he smile and said "Lee kyu won you been practicing all day haven't you?" he look at her he take her arms and put it around his back and carry her.

While walking and carrying her, he remember when he first carry her when she was completely drunk he smile , 3 minutes she woke up she lift her head from his back she wonder who carrying her she when saw that it was him she said "Lee shin what are you doing?" he said "You're awake" she said "Why are you carrying me?" he said "You were sleeping in school" she said "I got from practicing" he said "Don't practice so hard?" she said "Hmmm but Lee shin how did you know I was here?" he smile and said " You weren't at home and i didn't see you so i came" she smile she said "Lee shin" he said "Yea" she said "Put me down I can walk?" he said "It okay since you're tired" she said "Aniyo I can walk" he said "Stay still" she said "Director is thinking about having another MT" he said "Really" she said " I hope we go, we didn't get to see the ocean" he smile and said "I hope we can see it" she wrap her arms tighter he smile and said "Lee Kyu your really heavy" he joked she said "Really?Put me down" he smile and said "I am joking you're not" she hit him he said "I can't wait for the MT" he said "Me too"

He carries her home.

(I hope you enjoy this chapter with Lee shin and Kyu won and Cha bo and Ki young)

The next day

Director asks everyone's what they think about having another MT everyone's said that it would be great if they go, the Director said he talked to the principal and he think it a great idea too.

Lee kyu won said "We are going to the see the ocean this time right?" Director said "Yea" she smile Ki young said "When?" Director said "Friday we will be spending 3 days and 2 nights" Sa rang said "Really" Lee shin said "That in 2 days" Director smile and said "Yea so get packed and Sa rang don't bring so much thing again" she look at him and smile along with everyone's.

Ki young been avoiding Cha Bo all day every time she went to talk to him he say he got to go she wonder and wonder why he like that but couldn't come up with an wildflower and the stupid along with Ki young went to karaoke, everyone is singing and having fun, Cha Bo look at Ki young and quickly turn he head when he look.

After everyone's left Cha Bo and Ki young was still there singing Cha Bo look at Ki young and her heart stared beating fast suddenly she ask herself why she like that when Ki young and her eye meet she quickly turn away and say she leaving Ki young grabbed her hand she look at him and let go of his hand as she was leaving she trip on the wired and fall right on Ki young both of their lip of their lip touched Cha Bo and him stare right at each other Cha Bo pulled away from the kiss and get up Ki young get up and they both look at eat other awkwardly.

Cha Bo is at home thinking that her first kiss is ruin because of Ki young she put her hand on her lip,Ki young is laying on his bed thinking about the kissed he touched his lip The next day Lee shin and Lee Kyu won saw sigh of MT all over the school she said "Were really going" Lee shin said "Are you that happy?" she said "Of course I wanted to see the ocean so bad the last time why?aren't you?" he look at her and smile seeing that she excited just about that he said "Of course" he smile. Everyone's was gathered in the practice room talking about MT Cha Bo was sitting next to Ki young he look at her but she avoid looking at him Sun hee came next to them and sit he notice that something is going on between Cha Bo and Ki young buy was sure.

Cha Bo and Ki young didn't talk all day Sun hee was with Cha Bo he ask "Did something happen between you and Ki young?" Cha Bo said "What?Aniyo why? He look at her who is nervous when he bring his name he said "Nothing you guy was acting strange that all did you fight? She said "Ahh" Sun hee came across Ki young he ask him the same thing he ask Cha Bo earlier and he reacted the way she did he wonder what could happen but didn't think about it much since he and Cha Bo went out on a date.

At the catharsis

Lee shin and Lee Kyu won were together when a bunch of older guys around their age come up to them and ask for Lee Kyu won autograph which she gladly give them but that didn't upset him the guys took her away from him and they talked and talked Lee shin look at them feeling jealous he was about to get up when some girls came up and ask for his picture since he also popular at school Lee Kyu won look at him feeling jealous that other girls are with him.

One of the guy lean close to her and was about to make a move on her Lee Kyu won was about to push him away when Lee shin grab her out of there. Outside he said "What were you going to do?" she look at him she said "Lee shin" he said "We were on a date and you spend all your time with others guys and then this" she said with a mad voice "You too were with girls and nothing happen" he look at her and said "Nothing happen do you always act so friendly toward others guy?" she said "What did you want me to do? He said "Just stay and talk with them I am leaving"

She grab his arm and said "Are you leaving?" he said "I am not in the mood" she look at him. She said "Fine go I don't want to see you today either" he look at her he said "What? Aren't I supposed to be mad? She yell "What?" she turn to leave when he grab her arm she said "Let go?" he look at her he said "Where are you going?" she look at him and said " I going back in like you say didn't you tell me to go back in?" he look at her feeling mad and jealous he said "Fine go and be with them I don't care don't what you want Lee Kyu won" she yell "Fine I will" he leave her standing there.

Lee kyu won look at him leaving and said "Lee shin you fool" she went home mad wondering why he mad about that when nothing happen she said "Fine Lee shin I am really mad at you how can you be mad about that?Fool-fool" Lee shin is at home thinking about what he said to her feeling mad he couldn't believe he was jealous because of that,he look at his phone wanting to call her but didn't know what to say.

Lee Kyu won couldn't sleep,she was hitting he teddy bear calling it a fool,she said "I can't you Lee shin" she lay down on the bed. Lee shin also couldn't sleep,he was thinking back to earlier and how she got mad at him when he didn't do nothing at all.

The next day

(To be continued)