"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

-Sir Arthur Charles Clarke (16 December 1917 – 19 March 2008)














Night was always good for thugs, they could attack good men or women every seconds they wanted at night. This forest was also dark and quiet enough.

"Help me, help me, please," shouting a woman along the forest near beach somewhere in Si Racha.

The woman was just 20, she was dressed in formal academic uniform of a university in Si Racha. But only her skirt was very short. Two men were running after her, their determinations were to rape the academic woman.

"Help me!"

She ran from them until she stumbled on a branch. The two men were standing right near her now.

"Let me see your breasts, girlie," one of them said that as they breathed for oxygen.

The woman hesitated. She had no way to run. She tried to move away from them slowly on ground and they also stepped closer her slowly.

"I think I love this girl. What do you think, my friend?"

"Just a lust. Buddy, let's penetrate and kill this bitch."

They craved. They had those eagle masks. They touched the woman's hair as she tried hard to move away. Her hands poked around to find anything to help herself.

One of them touched her cheek but she turned her face away from them at the same time she found something to help her, soil or maybe sand in both of her hands.

"Tasted her and we have to go before our leader become angry," the one who had been just 2 meters away from her warned another.

The woman smiled trickily.

"Go to hell, men," the woman shouted at them and threw her sand toward their eyes.

She quickly stood and started running away from them.

They turned around.

"Get her," one of them spoke angrily.

They started running after her. She ran and ran and wouldn't stop her pace easily. She sprinted as fast as she could. They ran after her with more strength and speed, they speeded up their paces right toward her angrily and lustfully.

Good luck, she found the street and the beach.

"Oh! God, good help," the woman hoped and continued her way along the street.

"I think I'm bored with this girl," one of them said to another.

"So be it."

Then he drew his pistol and fired right at the woman's left knee. Immediately after firing, she fell onto the asphalt street near the large beach. Distantly, there was a pier and two bridges connected between two zones of Si Racha city.

The woman now became the hot spot of those thugs without any help from other persons because no one was there.

"Ha ha, dead end, girlie," laughed one of thugs.

"You can't run anymore, whore bitch," another continued.

The woman couldn't run anymore, she held her hands around her new painful bloody wound. Her fear was up when she turned around and saw no one who could help her during this bad situation.

"You will say another, bitch," one of them said as they both slowly and playfully stepped closer her. She had been their games.

"Get ready to be ours tonight, our bitch."

"You don't dare. You don't know who I am. I'm a daughter to Colonel Kraiwut," she explained it fearfully. "My father can hunt both of you easily and the rest of your lives will be in prison."

But they both shared funny looks and laughed at the woman.

"So be it. My father is General Hitler. Don't lie to us. We don't believe you," they continued toward the woman.

She looked tearful and shouted for... "Father, help me. I'm sorry," she screamed loudly. But no one could hear her, except they could.

Those men got closer her. One punched at her belly, choking her with his strong fist. She couldn't scream and shout anymore. All her strength lost. She was holding her belly as they slowly undid their trousers.

"Oh! Please help me, anybody help me," the woman groaned weakly. She couldn't even protect herself. Her legs tried to push her body away from them but one of them locked her arms with his.

She almost had no hope but...

...there was always last hope as the last chance for her.

"So that's what you did to a lady?" The mystery voice asked.

The men quickly turned around to see Allison Pichitchai in her new costume; long blue tactical pants, white gloves and a costume that had red arms, blue torso and one big elephant logo on its chest. The costume had black cape in the back. A mask was made of black shred. The shield, SVALINN, was on her left arm; the star on Captain America's shield was replaced by a white elephant logo, the first red ring and the whole circular area inside it was painted blue color, the whole meant like the present day national flag of the Kingdome of Thailand. Her boots were black ironic ones. The boots didn't look heavy for her, maybe, because of something that caused them to be: only she could wear them. When she looked like this, we would call her LADY SIAM.

"Now, taste the strength of a girl," Lady Siam spoke playfully.

"Who are you, bitch?," questioned a thug.

Lady Siam smiled subtly and... "You shouldn't call me bitch," she responded a bit angrily. "Run if I still let."

"Let's see this, girl."

Immediately, Lady Siam ducked a punch and dropped to the ground, viciously LEGSWEEPED the thug, then TWISTED and PIVOTED around his body RAINING DOWN BLOWS on the overmatched man.

Another one aimed his pistol and fired but Lady Siam shielded herself with her lovely Svalinn on her left arms.

The woman saw the bullets falling from the shield, they warped, losing their shapes. Wow! This was really her dream heroine.

The thug was agape after he emptied all into the thin circular shield but nothing had been useful. Not even one bullet touched Lady Siam's skin.

"I already have said it," Lady Siam accentuated as she slowly lowered her shield.

The thug reloaded the gun and fired at her again, this time she didn't shield, she just SPRINGED up the tree nearby and BACKFLIPED over the thug's head in non-human force and landed... her cape which she whipped into the air and it snapped out, wrapped around the thug's wrist and yanked him forward where he met...

...The Lady Siam's fist. WHAM!

The thug fell his back onto the ground painfully. Another one rose behind Lady Siam.

"Beware your back," the woman warned Lady Siam who suddenly turned and grabbed the hand of that thug with her right hand as he was about to attack her with his switchblade in his hand.

Lady Siam's force couldn't really fight the man but she had her way to win this without any wounds on herself.

So Lady Siam hit the head of the thug with her shield. WHAM! At ease, the thug lost his consciousness and fell onto ground like another one.

"At ease, man."

The woman had watched Lady Siam with her hope, she helped her without any words for benefits. Lady Siam stepped toward the woman, looking at her with friendly smile on her face.

"Are you okay?" Lady Siam inquired the woman politely.

The woman looked at her own leg. It was painful, bloody.

She smiled up at Lady Siam who dropped to help her with a piece of small black shred. Her shield was put on the ground, staying there silently. Lady Siam smiled back while she was bandaging the woman's wound.

"Next time, don't go into the forest alone like this again, girl, you have to think about this before," Lady Siam explained so and her voice seemed to be full with sincerity. "I'll take you to the hospital nearby. Then you call your parents. I'll go."

"My mother is dead," the woman spoke in hush tone, more like sadly tone.

"I'm sorry," Lady Siam responded unceremoniously.

"Thank you for your help."

"Never mind. I just never want to see any weak be harmed by stronger ones." Lady Siam finished bandaging. It was she was ever trained to do, so she could have done it easily.

"Who are you?" The woman inquired cordially. She wanted to return this favor, she really wanted that.

Lady Siam gently supported the woman up to her feet. The bandage was firm enough, it hadn't allow blood to flow out more. Lady Siam still held her arms.

"I asked you. You should answer me. I'm a daughter to Colonel Kraiwut. My father is rich, if you..."

"I never need any money. My husband is rich enough, he doesn't have much money but he has a lot of goodness."

Lady Siam wrapped the woman in her right arm very firmly.

"Let's go."

Lady Siam quickly rose her shield with her right arm then she flied up into the air. She hovered toward the skyline building in the city of Si Racha. The woman wasn't even afraid of this non-human flight.

The wind blew pass both of them as they hovered forward. It wasn't just the woman who felt so proud with this flight but Allison in Lady Siam's costume felt that too.

Just a few minutes, Lady Siam could arrive on a roof of Phayathai Siracha Hospital. Lady Siam let her go and waved to her.

"Now you should get in there alone. I have to go."

The woman quickly turned. "Why? Why don't you just..?"

"I have to go. Bye."

Lady Siam just smiled. Okay, that woman understood it. She nodded. Lady Siam waved her hand good bye.

And as she was about to go...

"I am Wimol. Nickname's Mol. What's your name? Please tell me who you are supposed to be," the woman quickly inquired her.

Lady Siam smiled again.

"I'm Lady Siam. Bye."

Just that, the lady flied up into the air. The wind blew the cape of her wave. She looked so smart in this costume, really like a female knight with long cape and circular shield. She smiled to the girl once again and hovered away to the north.

Mol turned and looked after her. She smiled proudly.

"I won't forget this, my heroine."

Mol walked into the door.