Love Rain fanfiction

Ha Na and Seo Joon is finally married what will there new life together as a family be like.

Chapter 1:

After saying "I Do" Seo Joon and Ha Na are married. After hours at the wedding reception Seo Joon and Ha Na decide it time to go before they miss there plane which in leaving in about 45 minutes to Jeju Island.

Seo Joon and Ha Na are saying goodbye to their family. Seo Joon is saying goodbye to his Omma and Appa his Appa said "Seo Joon-ah have fun" His Omma said "Be careful" Seo Joon said "Don't worry"

Ha Na was hugging her Omma she said "Omma but before she could say what she wanted her Omma said "Ha Na-ah it okay don't worry about me and have fun on your honeymoon" She said "Okay"

Seo Joon Omma and Appa and Ha Na Omma waved goodbye to them.

In the airplane Ha Na said "I cannot believe were going to Jeju Island" Seo Joon said "Are you that happy" Ha Na said "Yes I always wanted to go there I want to see all the flower" Seo Joon said "What"? "You're going there to see flower" She smile and said "Hmmm"

He said "Do you like flower that much" She said "There are pretty" he said "Don't you see enough at home since you planted a whole garden of them" She said look at him and smiled he couldn't help but smile back.

When they arrive at the airport Seo Joon didn't want to take a taxi he wanted to rent a car Ha Na said "Why are you renting a car when there taxi right here" He said "I don't like taxi" She said "You really are something" he said "Of course" Ha Na complain about having to wait so long Seo Joon said "It been only 10 minutes" She didn't say anything but just look at him with a mad expression.

When the car arrived Ha Na was looking at the flower that was there Seo Joon look at her and said "She really- she complain about having to wait and look at what she doing".

In the car Ha Na eye began to close but as soon as it close she open it Seo Joon said "Ha Na you can sleep" She said "What"? He said "Sleep we have about an hour left before we reach" She didn't say anything when he looks at her she was already asleep.

When they arrived at their destination Seo Joon look at Ha Na who is still sleeping he didn't want to wake her up he took her seat belt and was about to carry her but suddenly her eye open she saw Seo Joon face next to her she said "What are you doing"? He said "We here let go" She get out of the car and they walked inside