This isnt connected to my other story, it's a stand alone story.

I'm one of those girls that say 'So and so should get together so i can have so-so' XD

Anyway enjoy- should only be a few chapters

Chapter 1- Attack from Below

"How long we got, B?" Chase asked from the back of Evo, Jinja behind him.

"Well.." Bren replied flying alongside Chase on Quickforce. He tapped on his Core-tablet and sighed

"Another five or so minutes before the Monsuno return to their core"

"Will we make land in that time? Glowblade cannot fly" Beyal said behind Bren

"We should reach land in under four minutes if nothing happerns"

"What could happen? We're in the middle of the ocean!" Dax smirked Vileblaze

"Yeah I second that" Chase smiled.

It was the first time in days that the team of five had simply flew for fun, not in retreat or fear.

Bren, still tapping on his tablet frowned

"Theres something in the ocean below us… a ship… Or a submarine?" He muttered

"Very informative" Jinja sighed

As if on cue, a beam of yellow light shot up from the ocean.

"Woah, whats that?" Chase cried as Evo shrunk back to avoid the beam

"It's S.T.O.R.M" Dax said pointing to an army ship, all t's turrets pointed to the sky

"How could we miss that?" Jinja asked as Evo dodged another ray

"Its not on the screen" Bren panicked holding the tablet towards Chase and Jinja. He quickly grabbed Quickforces neck as it swung leftwards.

"This isn't good" Beyal cried, holding on for his life

Vileblaze was below them both, serving the ocean

"Theres only one, we can take it" he cried upwards

"We cant Dax, our Monsuno energy will run out in three minutes! We need to make land or grow wings" Chase replied WI hate to say it.. but we need to retreat, we can come back and kick butt later!"

Dax tch'd in annoyance "Have it your way, little Suno"

Another beam shot up, so close to Quickforce that it had to swerve madly to the right, crashing into Evo

"Watch it Bren" Chase cried, holding Evo's long slender neck "I don't want to fall"

"Sorry" Bren panicked

"That was close, Jin" Chase said to Jinja behind him….but t here was no response

"Jin?" Chase said turning roung

Quickforce's steel wings had knocked into Jinja and sent her flying backwards towards the end of Evo's tail, balancing ever so carefully on it's legs unconscious

"Crag!" Chase cried

"Oh no, did I do that?" Bren panicked "Bad Quickforce"

Quickforce roared an apology

"Evo, fly steady" Chase commanded as he turned to make his way to his friend

Dax looked up, he panicked, the slightest tilt would sent the unconscious girl crashing into the waves below, most likely drowning her.

He flew lower, trying to get underneath Evo's giant wings, just in case Jinja should fall, he could be the hero and catch her.

Fate was clearly not on their side, a final beam shot up, hitting the side of the side of Evo's wings, it jerked. Chase only survived but clinging onto evo's feathers and bracing himself, he only just managed to remain upright. Jinja however did not.

The attack dislodged her and sent her crashing towards the ocean.

"JINJA!" the boys cried together

Dax aimed downwards like a falcoln about to attack it's prey. He desperately tried tto catch up to Jinja, but unforuntaley, gravity was quicker then insect.

"Give me a boost" he muttered to his Monsuno as he got closer to the falling Jinja

Insect jerked upwards and then flicked it's body foreward, providing momentum to Dax.

The thrust sent Dax foreward quickly reaching Jinja. He grabbed her, holding her close to him and he prepared for the rush of water.

Vileblaze returned to his core, seconds before Dax and Jinja crashed into the waves below.

"Can you see them?" Chase asked swooping low to the ocean, he could see land only a few hundred metres away

"I fear they cannot survive that fall… we have failed" Beyal said, tears welling up in his eyes

"NO! I refuse to believe it, I know they got out.." Chase said, tears also in his eyes "they're both too suborn to die!"

"We have 40seconds before the Monsuno return!" Bren whispered

"We'll get to land, find our friends then destroy S.T.O.R.M" Chase commanded, heart full of worry

The three remaining members of Core-Tech flew off towards the shoreline relunctanlty. Each unsure as to what will happen, all knowing that an army vessel floated behind them.