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How to Slayer Vampires by Buffy Summers
by TheMuffinSlayer

Chapter 4:
Stakes: The Pointy

How to Slay Vampires
by Buffy Summers

The Pointy

There are four general types of stakes; we are going to begin with my personal favorite: the Pointy.

The Pointy stake is long and often sorta square-ish at the start. It gradually moves into the point, unlike the alternative pre-prepared stake, the Duller, which has a more construct, y'know, construction.

The Pointy stake is the kind that is pointy. Of course, I guess all stakes are supposed to be pointy, because you can't really stab anyone with a dull stake, but this one is, like, extra pointy. The Pointy stake can be used for a daily patrol or a special fight, as it makes a good weapon against any kind of demon.

The only reason the Pointy stake can be less-than-vampire-kill-y is that it can give you splinters. Ow. We will get into the proper way to hold a stake in order to prevent this, later.