The Olympian Gods are dying because Luke, when he stole the master bolt covered their items of power with godly poison (from the very depths of Tartarus) but Ares (Kronos didn't know he knew) found out about it, when he went good again he told the other gods, the poison would take years to kill them. The gods either blessed a group of 4 year olds or new-born (Poppy) destined to become gods or selected a demi god to take their place (unknown to the children and demi gods. The big three each picked 2 replacements so that they could never have the problems that children of the big three are more powerful. Also Mara and her parents moved to Australia at the same time as Mick, she goes out with him and Jerome is a player who never fancied her.

Hera- Nina- (21)(School opened a college so they all stayed on)

Zeus- Thalia (15, Hunter of Artemis when she finds out) and Jason (21)

Aphrodite- Amber (21)

Hermes- Alfie (21)

Apollo- Jerome (21)

Artemis- Poppy (17)

Athena- Annabeth (21)

Poseidon- Percy (21) and Fabian (21)

Hestia- Is Ok Trudy is really her in disguise (she has no symbol of power)

Hecate (also got affected because she touched the helm of darkness) - Patricia

Hades- Eddie (21) and Nico (17) (A/N: Just a guess because he's younger than Percy)

Demeter (and Persephone- she was at the meeting as well) - Katie Gardner (A/N I love Tratie but I can't think of a way to get him into the story. Also Katie doesn't have to stay in the underworld)

Hephaestus- Leo Valdez (21)

Ares- Clarisse La Rue (21)

Dionysus- Pollux (21)

Any gods I missed?

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