Right On Time Part II

When Derek arrived home, there were a few things off his mental checklist that he wanted to get done before the day was up. He kicked his shoes off and stripped out of his shirt in favor of finding one that wasn't cold and damp. Once that was done, he walked over to the washer and transferred the new sheets to the dryer before making his way into the kitchen to find something he could eat while also preparing the ingredients he needed for his surprise treat for Stiles. He settled for a frozen burrito, but followed it up with a fresh orange, knowing that Stiles would be proud of his (semi) healthy choice. He checked his phone again for the recipe he had found earlier and followed it meticulously, wanting it to be perfect for tomorrow. And after placing the finished product in his refrigerator to cool, he crashed on his couch, wanting to unwind after his fairly busy day.

He must've dozed off a little bit because when he woke up to the sound of his phone ringing, it was already dark outside. Derek pulled out his phone and smiled. He pushed the 'Answer' button and held the device to his ear.

"Did you touch it?"

He heard Stiles sputter over the phone line. "Wha- no! I have more self control than that."

Derek snorted, but his smile stayed firmly in place. "Good." He glanced around, trying to figure out what time it was. "What's up? Still blue?"

"Fortunately, most of it washed out. But I'm calling about something else."

Derek sat up, not sure what to expect. "Something wrong?"

"He's horny!"

Derek blinked at his phone.

"Scott! Shut up!" Stiles growled at his friend who sounded like he was sitting fairly close by.

"Then move! This is a community area. I'm allowed to be here."

He heard one of them blow a raspberry. Considering how childish the both of them were, there was no way of finding out which one it was.

"He isn't wrong, though," Stiles said, attention returning to his phone. "It's your fault, what with the hands and the groping."

"Seriously, Stiles? Don't you think this is a conversation better had in your own room?" Scott complained.

Derek just shook his head in dismay. "So…? What's going on?"

"I mean, I figure- I know it's your- our, really-"


"-Routine to go to the coffee shop in the morning, but considering everything, I thought maybe, just for the morning, you might, I mean you should- that is-"

Derek tried to predict his boyfriend's ramblings and found the conclusion himself. "You're banning me?"

"I'm not banning you-"

"He's banning you," Scott answered plainly.

"But for a good reason!"

Derek heard a thump.


"Shut up, Scott," Stiles warned again. "Anyway… as I was saying… if you think about it, considering the state I'm in- the state you put me in, you evil, sexy menace- I don't think it'd be wise to leave me alone with you at my place of work. I mean, think of all the surfaces we could throw each other up agai-"

"I eat there! Come on, man!"

"-It's not surprising when you think of it," Stiles continued, unfazed. "The moment you walk through the door, I'll want to rip your clothes off and ravish you next to the register, plain and simple."

The image that presented sounded promising to Derek, although it seemed Scott would have to disagree. He heard a groan from the boy and had half a mind to wonder why Stiles didn't take this conversation to his room. 'Maybe he wants to make Scott squirm? A bit of payback maybe?' It sounded like something Stiles might do. And with that in mind, Derek decided to oblige him. "So… you're saying I should stay home or risk being attacked by a horny barista," he said, finally.


Again, Derek snorted and flopped over to lie on the couch. "I don't see a problem with that."

Stiles balked. "Derek! I need this job! I'm pretty sure sexing up one of the regulars is a big no-no, even if it's not directly stated in the employee handbook."

Derek sighed. "Fine. But you're coming over right after your shift, right?"

"Right. Then I'm all yours."

He smirked, seeing his chance. "Good. Because I have every intention of touching every inch of your body that was blue…"

"Oh," Stiles gasped softly.

"I want to feel you pressed against me, Stiles… feel how much you want me. I want you hard for m-"

"You're on speaker! Oh my God, Stiles! Go to your room!"

He heard a bit of shuffling before the line was cut. Derek smirked to himself and considered it a job well done. It grew into a smile when his phone began to ring, The Awesome Cool Guy Stiles :D appearing on the ID once more.

"You dastardly, evil, wonderful minx," Stiles laughed over the line.

"I take it he didn't much care for our topic of conversation?"

"No," the boy snickered, "it doesn't seem like he did."

Derek grinned. "So did you go to your room?"

"He went to his. He shoved me off the couch first, but it was all worth it just to see the look on his face."

Derek mentally patted himself on the back. He had a feeling that that was what Stiles had intended, and it felt good to know he knew his boyfriend well enough to decipher that.

"In all seriousness though, about the coffee shop-"

"It's okay, Stiles. I get it. I'll stay home. But only if you bring me some coffee after your shift."

"Ah, cause you want the extra energy, eh old man?"

Derek rolled his eyes. "I'm not that much older than you, brat."

Stiles just laughed.

"You know…" Derek said, quietly, his free hand playing with the hem of his shirt. "I wouldn't object if you called in sick for work again… just a thought…"

"Temptress…" he mumbled, the word making Derek scoff. "I would… I want to… but I shouldn't. I really do need this job. Besides, Isaac would probably kill me. Which, by the way I should add, as hilarious it might be to startle him, you really shouldn't anger the guy who handles your coffee."

"He told you about that, huh?"

"Please. I know everything about everyone's business."

"Actually… now that you mention it, I realize it was fun for you to mess with Scott just now, but why does everyone else know what's happening?"

This time it was Stiles who scoffed. "I should ask you the same question."

"What?" Derek frowned, confused.

"Yeah, you! You're the one going shopping for condoms with Jackson and Danny-"

"I didn- they just happened to be there-"

"Then how come Peter texted me earlier about an inflatable raft?"

"Oh God…" Derek groaned.

"And Lydia threatened to destroy me in a rather unpleasant way if she found out I played a certain song – which, by the way, I wouldn't have despite how hilarious it might've been and oh my God, Jackson really did play it that one time. I thought he might've been bullshitting me, but then Lydia was giving him the cold shoulder for a while after it happened and-"

Derek had lost track of his boyfriend's ramblings after that. He was too busy wondering if maybe it was mostly his fault that their business seemed to be everyone else's business. It hadn't been intentional, but somehow it did seem like he played a big part in their involvement.

"Derek? You still there?"

"Yeah… just… just debating on whether or not to talk to any of these people ever again."

Stiles laughed. "It just shows they care."

"I wouldn't mind if they cared maybe just a little less."

He laughed again, the sound of it making Derek smile in return. Stiles sighed. "I miss you. I can't wait to see you. Naked."

A sly smile spread across Derek's lips. "Are you sure you want to start this conversation?" he asked, voice low.

Stiles just groaned in frustration. "I'm going to scrub myself down with bleach if I have to. And I'm going to end this phone call now before you get all sex voice on me, making me want to pull my hair out and not letting me touch cause you're evil and a tease and-"

"I love you, too, Stiles." Derek grinned.

"I'll see you tomorrow, for sure for sure for sure. Good night, my cuppy cake."

Derek snorted at the name. "Good night…" Despite himself, he paused, phone still pressed to his ear, waiting, not exactly wanting to hang up just yet. He stayed quiet, waiting for Stiles to hang up first.

But even after a while, the line hadn't disconnected, though it was quiet on the other end as if Stiles were waiting for the same thing. Then, finally, "Is this a thing? Is this gonna be a thing for us now?"

Derek sighed. "Probably." In all honesty, Derek just couldn't seem to bring himself to hang up the phone. As pathetic as it sounded, he liked the idea of having a connection to Stiles while they were apart, even if they weren't talking to each other. Just knowing that Stiles was there, that he was listening, that he'd be there if Derek finally found words to say, was comforting. He could probably fall asleep with his phone still pressed to his ear, assured in knowing that Stiles was with him even when he wasn't physically there.

"…My 'end call' button is broken."

"You're a terrible liar."

"I'm… wearing gloves."

Derek snorted. Unlike his boyfriend, he tried for something a bit more honest. "I don't exactly want to let you go. Not if I can help it."

Stiles paused for a moment. "Samesies…"

Derek let out a breathy chuckle. "That's not even a word."

"You know what? This can be a thing. I don't mind it being a thing. I like… whatever this thing is. And if that makes us one of those couples, then that's perfectly fine with me. Because if any of those couples feel for each other what I feel for you, then… nothing else matters. Who cares what anyone else thinks? And if me loving you makes me annoying – or at least more annoying that I tend to be – then so be it. You're my baby cakes and they ain't takin' you away from me."

"Baby cakes…" Derek laughed, shaking his head, amused with by the name, while warmed by Stiles' sentiment. "Well good," he said, finally. "Samesies," he added, getting his desired effect when he heard Stiles laugh in return.

Stiles sighed again. "Well then what do we do in the mean time? Just… keep our phones attached to our ears until either our phones die or we get buried under insane phone bills?"

"You could always get Scott to tackle you again."

"Oh ha, ha," Stiles drawled. "We can do this. It's like ripping off a bandage. Just… push the end button."

"Okay. Then do it."

"Well why don't you do it?"

"See, this is our problem. This is why it's a thing."

He heard Stiles sigh again. Then, finally, "Scott!"

They'd work on it. Eventually.

Once the line was officially disconnected – thanks to the incredibly obliging Scott ('Seriously, guys?') – he hugged his phone to himself as if it could transfer the action to its intended recipient. He stayed like that for a while, grown man lying on the couch, hugging his phone until eventually, he managed to roll off the sofa and change into pajamas, mindlessly leaving his phone on the kitchen counter as he passed by.

It wasn't until he was in his room that he remembered his new sheets were still in the dryer. He was just about to retrieve them when he paused just at the door of his room. He gave the place a quick once over.

'If I move my bed over there, I can hang up those Christmas lights over that wall so the cord won't have to stretch as far… There'd also be more room in front of my closet. Why didn't I think of this before?'

Still awake from the energy he'd stored from his power nap, Derek set about rearranging the furniture in his room. He also grabbed his stepladder so he could hang the lights over the bed.

'Wait… would it look better hanging up along the ceiling? Or just strung along the headboard?'

He cocked his head to the side trying to envision the whole picture. In the end, the image of the soft lights twinkling in Stiles' eyes where they hung by the bed won out. Derek went to grab the bag to set everything up when he spotted another box in the bag that he hadn't noticed before. He pulled it out, sighing in exasperation once he realized what they were. During their excursion – probably while Lydia was listing off her dos and don'ts – Allison had snuck the box of silk red rose petals in with everything else. Shaking his head, Derek tossed the box back into the bag and stuffed it into his closet. He'd return them in the morning.

Satisfied with how everything was arranged, Derek finally stretched his new linens over his mattress. Just picturing Stiles spread across them, Stiles tossing his head from side to side in ecstasy, Stiles screaming out his name was enough to consider it money well spent. To actually have him there, that would just be icing on the cake.

Derek was just about ready to call it a night when he noticed that there were little particles of dirt on the floor where his bed used to be.

'A quick vacuuming wouldn't hurt,' Derek shrugged. 'I'm sure Stiles would appreciate it,' he smiled to himself, decision final. He quickly vacuumed the space, but then decided he might as well vacuum the whole room. Afterward, he figured why not vacuum the whole apartment for that matter? He was just about to do that when he spotted his sneakers lying haphazardly on the floor. Turning off the vacuum, he picked them up and put them away properly. And then he saw the shirt he had stripped off earlier lying on the floor. He picked that up too, tossing it into his laundry hamper where he should have put it in the first place.

Derek went all over his apartment, picking up lazily discarded clothing and tucking them away. He tossed leftover candy wrappers and food cartons before deciding to take out the trash as well. Derek got so in the groove of cleaning up, knowing that Stiles would be pleased to see the apartment in such a nice condition, that before he knew it, he was dusting.

'I just don't want him thinking in the back of his mind about how messy this place is,' he rationalized as he reorganized the things on his desk. 'I want him focused on us. On me.' And with that in mind, Derek found himself scrubbing the countertops. And once he finished that, he vacuumed once more, just in case he had missed a spot before.

He hadn't been aware of the time, nor did he find himself concerned with the pale light of day peeking through his window once Derek was finally satisfied with the state of his apartment. All the dishes were washed and put away. He had washed and folded and was now putting away the laundry that had formally been in his hamper. Even the pillows on his bed and couch had been fluffed twice over. And it wasn't until he turned his focus off that exhaustion took over. And when Derek fell back onto the couch, hugging one blessedly fluffy pillow to himself, it was only then that he thought that maybe he had gone a little overboard. But the worry soon left him as sleep dragged him away.


When Derek woke up, he was aware of a few things. One, his TV had been turned on as there were strange voices permeating through his sleep-addled mind. Two, he felt incredibly warm and comfy. And three, two was only made possible by the fact that there was someone lying on top of him.

Derek popped his eyes open, startled at that last thought. Glancing down, he spotted a familiar shorn head, one that brought a smile to his face as he hugged the boy tighter to him.

"Stiles…" Derek breathed deeply, stretching a bit. "What are you doing here? You decide to call in sick again?"

Stiles shifted his attention from the television, resting his chin on his arm where he'd used it as a pillow against Derek's chest. He smiled fondly at Derek. "No, my Sleeping Beauty. I didn't."

Derek frowned in confusion. "Then what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at work?"

Stiles grinned, amused. "I was at work. My shift ended. Now I'm here."

Derek blinked, his sleepiness making him feel sluggish as his mind tried to make sense of the words. He sat up, looking around. The sky outside was bright, despite a few clouds. He looked to Stiles once more. "What? What time is it?"

"Mmm… nearly three-thirty, I'd say?"

"Three?" Derek sat all the way up, nearly toppling Stiles in the process as he looked at his clock. Sure enough, it was about five minutes until three-thirty, just as Stiles had said. Derek had slept the morning and most of the afternoon away.

"Why didn't you wake me?" Derek frowned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"I tried at first," Stiles admitted. "But you were so out of it. And I can see why. Derek, did you clean for me?" He smiled, kneeling on the couch in front of the older boy.

Derek flushed, eyes falling to his lap.

"Don't be shy," Stiles hummed, moving forward, trying to get Derek to meet his gaze. "I think it's sweet," he added, punctuating it with a chaste kiss.

"I didn't- I just… I wanted it to be perfect…"

Stiles simply responded by pulling Derek into a hug.

"I… may have overdone it… a bit…" he admitted, sheepishly.

"A bit," Stiles snorted. "You rearranged the furniture in your bedroom."

Derek sighed. "You saw that."

"I did."

The older boy dropped his head back onto the armrest of the couch, staring at the ceiling, only to have Stiles take the opportunity and kiss along the exposed neck.

"The sheets are a nice touch," Stiles murmured between pecks. "We should christen them."

"Mm," Derek hummed, bringing his head back up to give his boyfriend a good and proper kiss.

"But first," Stiles said, pulling back a bit. "A late lunch, maybe? You skipped breakfast. And I was waiting for you to wake up so we could get something to eat."

Derek sighed, realizing his plans would have to be postponed yet again, but ultimately agreed once the mention of food reminded his stomach of the meals he had skipped.

"Come on," Stiles said, stretching his long limbs and climbing off the couch, taking Derek's hand in his to help him up. "I'll make you some coffee."

Derek frowned again, standing up, but keeping hold of the hand in his. "You were supposed to bring some from your work."

"I did," Stiles bit back, playfully. "But since you were sleeping, I drank it so it wouldn't go to waste. Shame too," he moped. "You should've seen my masterpiece, Derek. My best foam drawing yet."

Derek cocked an eyebrow, intrigued. "Of what?"

"The most glorious sight the world's ever seen. A tribute... to your derrière." Stiles sighed in reverence.

Derek paused. "You did what now?"

He just grinned, proud of himself. "I mean, have you seen that thing? I bet people would make pilgrimages just to bask in its glory."

Derek snorted, a comment about his boyfriend's childishness on his lips, only to be squelched as Stiles took a step towards him to cup said derriere in his free hand.

Stiles smirked. "You've got yourself one fine ass, Mr. Hale," he said, voice low, biting his bottom lip before leaning in for a quick kiss. "I'm the envy of the ball because only I get to touch it."

Again, any reply Derek might've come up with simply fell off his lips the way Stiles was squeezing. But then he gave it a light smack, smile spreading across his face in impishness.

"Go order us some pizza," he said, releasing his hold on Derek before making his way into the kitchen. "And make it extra large. We'll need the extra energy," he winked suggestively, tossing his phone to the older boy. "Oh, and also," Stiles started. He opened Derek's refrigerator, grabbing something from inside before closing the space between them once more. "Some sweets for my sweetums," he said, placing two lollies in Derek's free hand, kissing him on the cheek before making his way back into the kitchen.

Derek glanced at what Stiles had given him. They were individually wrapped cake pops, dipped in chocolate, decorated sparingly with tiny round sprinkles. Derek was impressed. "You made these at work?"

"Mm-hmm," Stiles nodded, grabbing a mug for Derek's coffee. "You'd be surprised by how much I can get done when I don't have a sexy customer distracting me with his pouty lips and glorious ass."

The older boy scoffed. "You have a one-track mind."

"Derek, I just handed you a pair of balls. I think that fact's been made abundantly clear."

Derek laughed, moving to unwrap one of his treats.

"Ah-ah!" Stiles snapped. "Order our pizza first."

Derek didn't pout. His face was absolutely neutral as he turned his attention to Stiles' phone in his hand. So there was absolutely no reason for Stiles to murmur "pouty lips indeed" as he watched Derek from across the space.

After placing the order, Derek munched merrily on his treats, the vanilla flavor of the first one and the mocha flavor of the second one doing sinful things to his taste buds as he washed them down with a swig of his delectable coffee. If these were the kinds of treats Stiles made while Derek stayed home, maybe Derek should consider staying home more often. And then Derek realized that was just a stupid idea because he'd rather spend time with Stiles when he could instead of tasting the product of their time spent apart.

The pizza soon arrived and Stiles and Derek ate their fill while catching some reruns of a show they both enjoyed. They settled onto the couch, relaxing, just enjoying being together.

Derek placed an arm over Stiles' shoulders, pulling the boy against him as Stiles rested his head on a firm shoulder. And despite the interesting goings-on of the TV program, Derek's attention soon wavered to the boy curled up next to him. Resting his head on his hand, Derek turned his gaze on Stiles who was watching with apt attention to the TV.

And while the plan for the day was supposed to involve fewer clothes and more touching, Derek found he really couldn't complain. Sitting on the couch with Stiles pressed against him while they watched some mindless TV show was more than enough for him. Just being with Stiles, loving Stiles, was all he needed to be content. As long as Derek had Stiles, was allowed to love him, to keep him, he'd be satisfied with his fill. Anything more was just a gift.

Stiles chuckled at something on the TV. "Man, that lady got swindled," he commented, amused eyes glancing at Derek. He turned his eyes back to the TV before doubling back to Derek once more. He smiled at him, quirking an eyebrow. "What?"

Derek shook his head. "Nothing… I'm just… I'm happy."

The smile on Stiles' face grew fond, and after a moment of just gazing into one another's eyes, he finally moved, reaching over for the remote. Derek watched his every move as Stiles shut off the TV before moving to straddle Derek's lap. Derek let out a contented sigh as Stiles ran his hands over his chest before slinking his arms around Derek's neck and leaning down for a full, firm kiss.

Instantly, Derek's hands moved to Stiles' hips, squeezing them lightly before caressing up his sides and down his thighs. He slipped his hands under the boy's shirt, feeling the warmth emanating from his skin. He moaned into his mouth when Stiles tentatively licked across his lips before brushing his tongue against Derek's. He groaned loudly when Stiles began to rock forward, pressing his groin against Derek's at every pass. He could feel Stiles' growing interest, his own mirroring its hardening state.

"God… Stiles," Derek panted.

Stiles just continued his ministrations, fingers laced in Derek's hair, tugging ever so slightly while he trailed a line of wet kisses down Derek's throat, licking and nipping as he went. Its effect on Derek was maddening.

Stiles let out a breathy chuckle. "Just-ah… just so you know, I might not… not last long," he panted out. "Con-considering how you left me yes-terday…"

"If I remember correctly – and I'm pretty sure I do," Derek started, planting kisses along Stiles' jaw between every few words, "you kicked me out."

"You were misbehaving!" Stiles growled, managing to pause only for a moment to glare at the older boy, but the rasp of his voice only added to Derek's heightened arousal.

"Can you really blame me? Flaunting yourself in front of me like that," he huffed, accentuating his point by sliding his hands down Stiles' backside and giving it a firm squeeze.

"I wasn't-ah! Flaunting," he defended lamely.

Derek hummed. "Mm, no, I suppose not. I guess I just couldn't help myself…"


They were gasping now, rocking against one another in long rolling motions. No longer content and wanting more, Derek took a firm hold of Stiles' thighs before standing up, easing the boy down to find his footing. Derek led them to his bedroom, eyes closed, lips nearly never parting. He pressed Stiles against the door, the younger boy's hand stretching out as he reached blindly for the handle, nearly tumbling them to the floor once he'd found it. Once Derek felt the mattress against his shins, he lifted Stiles again, hugging him close before toppling them onto the bed. However, as they settled into it, Derek was surprised to see little red pieces of fabric fly up around them.

"What?" he blinked, breaking their kiss. He picked up the one that landed on the hollow of Stiles' throat and realized a little belatedly in his hazy state that the rose petals that he had thought were safely hidden away in a sealed box in his closet were now spread randomly over his sheets.

Stiles laughed from where he was pinned under the older boy. "I found them in your closet when I went to hang up the jacket you left at my place yesterday. What happened there, hm? You have second thoughts about buying them?" he asked, amused.

Derek shook his head. "I was going to return it – and for the record, it wasn't even my idea to buy them. Allison snuck them in at the register while I wasn't looking. I thought they were cheesy."

"Oh they are," Stiles nodded, wrapping his arms back around Derek's neck as he leaned up to tease a sensitive ear. "In fact, they're so cheesy that they become awesomely cheesy. Which is exactly why I had to open the box."

Derek didn't have a moment to try to figure out his boyfriend's rationale because the next thing he knew, two long legs were wrapping themselves around his waist as his ear became trapped between the soft nibbling of dangerous teeth. He groaned as Stiles rocked his hips, pressing up against Derek over and over again.

"Mm, Derek," Stiles moaned, breath ghosting over Derek's ear. "I… I want-"

Stiles didn't need to say more because Derek wanted just as much. It occurred to him that his first experience with Stiles was about to boil down to a fevered groping session that would last an embarrassingly short amount of time considering how good it felt every time Stiles ground up into him. He couldn't find it in him to care.

He slid a hand down Stiles' chest, fingers pressing against warm skin where his shirt had ridden up. Without breaking their kiss, Derek undid the button of Stiles' jeans before undoing the zipper. He reached a hand into the opened fly, rubbing against Stiles' already straining erection, causing the boy beneath him to gasp and lean into the touch. Derek took the opportunity to lick across his Adam's apple, feeling it bob as Stiles gulped for air. Without further delay, he finally slipped his hand under the waistband of the boy's boxers, fingertips running through the hair there before finding and taking hold of Stiles' erection, eliciting yet another sinful groan from the body beneath him.

"Derek… Derek…" Stiles panted, the sound of it only making Derek desperate to hear more.

He sat up, grabbing Stiles by the hips and pulling him as close as their groins could come before he returned his hand to Stiles' cock, flushed and leaking, as Derek ran his thumb over the head. He sat up once more, taking in the sight in front of him.

Stiles' shirt had bunched up just below his armpits, abs flexing with every breath. His eyes were heavy-lidded, his head tossed to the side in absolute bliss. He was sure his own expression was just about the same. Needing more, Derek quickly hooked his pajamas and briefs and shoved them down haphazardly, exposing his hardness to the cool air. He pressed it against Stiles', rubbing them together before taking both in his hands and stroking them simultaneously. The effect was achingly good.

He felt fingers cover his own as Stiles reached out to touch. A fresh wave of pleasure washed over Derek as Stiles began to stroke him, loose grip turning firm. Derek thrust into the hand, feeling himself coming undone under his boyfriend's touch. But he wanted more as an insistent urge to taste began to overwhelm him.

Releasing the hold he had on Stiles, he lifted him easily and hiked him further up onto the bed, making more silly little rose petals fly up in the air. He yanked Stiles' jeans and boxers down the boy's thighs before surging forward, yearning to feel the weight of him in his mouth.

"Wa-wa-wa-wait!" Stiles said in a flurry, holding one hand up while pushing himself up off the bed with his free arm.

Derek was salivating, mouth open and ready to take as much of Stiles as he can, and just barely managed to pause to give his boyfriend a questioning look.

"I'm just- I'm," Stiles fumbled, trying to sort through the sex-filled haze evident in his eyes. "I'm still all funky from sweating at work and- oh my God!" He collapsed back onto the bed, his moan muffled as he bit his wrist, eyes rolling up and hips rolling forward.

Derek could care less. He was pretty sure he wasn't in top shape either after his unplanned workout from all the cleaning he had done the night before. He stored the idea of a mutual shower in the back of his mind. He had other things to focus on at the moment.

Derek took Stiles into his mouth, going as far down as he could, sucking tightly on his way back up, releasing the hard cock with a loud 'pop'. He licked the head, swirling his tongue around it before wrapping his lips around it once more.

He sucked hungrily, enjoying himself and the way Stiles was falling apart in front of him, because of him. The boy was thrusting shallowly into Derek's warm mouth, eager for more contact, for more of Derek's tongue. His arm was draped over his face as he moaned into the pit of his elbow, his other hand fisting the soft sheets until his knuckles turned white.

Derek took a second to reach up and pull Stiles' arm away from his face, wanting to hear the sweet sounds escaping his lips. Instead, he guided it to his hair, wanting to feel Stiles' fingers lacing through it, his cock twitching in interest at the thought of him tugging on it. So maybe he was a little masochistic in that way, but the idea of Stiles owning him was such a turn on, Derek thought he could possibly come on that thought alone.

Spurned on by his new thoughts, he returned his attention back to the leaking hardness in front of him, desperate to taste Stiles, anticipating stream after stream of come sliding down his throat. He bobbed up and down the shaft, stroking the base with one hand while fondling his balls with the other, squeezing and rubbing them alternatively.

"Derek- I'm comin- I'm gonna-!"

This only served to spur Derek on, taking as much of Stiles' cock down his throat as he could. Stiles gripped Derek's hair hard as he came, calling out his name as spurt after spurt filled Derek's mouth. He did his best to swallow it down, lips still wrapped around Stiles' cock, until he heard the boy whine in his overly sensitized state. Derek wiped at the corner of his mouth where a bit of Stiles' come had dribbled out, only to lick that down too. He heard Stiles groan, and saw him watching Derek with interested but hazy eyes.

"That… you… your tongue…" Stiles panted, unable to form a coherent thought. "Just… just gimme a-a… a minute…"

Derek smirked. "Now who's the old man?" he teased. "I thought one of the perks of having a younger boyfriend was getting to skip these moments."

"Well, after a blow job like that, I doubt anyone young or old would be that quick to bounce back…" he defended, bringing his hand up to rub across his stomach.

Derek smiled, taking that as a compliment before his eyes grew transfixed on the nimble fingers playing across pale skin. He watched them, suddenly reminded of his neglected erection as the desire to have that hand wrapped around his cock overwhelmed him. "Stiles…" he very nearly whined. "I…"

"Oh my God! You didn't even-! I'm so sorry!" He blurted out, eyes going wide as he tried to sit up.

"No, just…" Derek shook his head. He was already so close. He shifted on the bed so that he was straddling Stiles. He reached for Stiles' hand, the same one that had him transfixed with its motions just a second ago, and wrapped it around his hard cock, wanting to feel those fingers at work. He moaned as a warmth spread over him, his erection finally getting the attention it had been aching for.

Stiles immediately took control, hand working deftly as it pumped Derek's length, alternating between long and loose strokes and short and firm ones. Derek was panting. He leaned over, needing to brace himself against the bed as to not crush the boy underneath him.

Energy restored, Stiles pulled his jeans back up so that he could push up against the bed and take control, flipping them over so that Derek was on his back and Stiles was sitting over his legs. He bent down, kissing Derek sloppily as he continued stroking him below. With his free hand, he pushed up Derek's shirt, rubbing a strong hand over his bared chest, pausing to tease a nipple with his thumb. Stiles kissed a line down Derek's body, short puffs of breath brushing against his heated skin. He licked across Derek's other nipple, before teasing it between the tips of his teeth. The slight pain of it made Derek groan as he thrust into Stiles' hand insistently. Stiles continued his way down, licking along the dips and curves of Derek's abs. He placed gentle kisses along Derek's thighs, teasing the sensitive skin.

Derek was caught in between a world of frustration and pleasure. The things Stiles was doing with his hand was driving him crazy, but with his lips playfully pressing feather-soft touches across his length, Derek was just about ready to go insane. He wanted Stiles to take him into his mouth, to show him if his tongue was just as talented as those skillful hands.

He pictured it, seeing Stiles' lips, red and swollen from their kissing, stretch around the tip of his erection. He anticipated the heat of his mouth enveloping him, as Derek strained to keep it together, to refrain from thrusting up into Stiles' eager mouth.

But his Stiles was impish, dangerously so. He continued to lay soft kisses over the tip, trailing them down before moving back up again. And when he peeked up, eyes catching with Derek's lust-filled ones, Derek knew. Stiles was teasing him on purpose. Derek let out a groan in realization, but this only spurred Stiles in the wrong direction, lips pulling away into a devastating smirk as he chuckled to himself. Derek could feel the short breaths brush against his erection, as Stiles' strokes grew agonizingly slow.

"You're leaking…" Stiles commented as easily as if he were describing the weather, though his voice was rough and low. "Do you want it that bad?"

He did. He wanted Stiles to put better use to his mouth, but he couldn't find the words for it and all that came out was a strained sound that was most certainly not a whimper. He was struggling to hang on, but it grew more and more difficult, despite Stiles' deliberate pace. He was so on edge that when Stiles finally bent forward to give an experimental lick to the head of Derek's cock, Derek couldn't take it anymore and almost immediately found himself coming hard. He groaned in ecstasy, thrusting lightly as he rode out his orgasm, feeling himself shoot as a surprised gasp reached his ears.

Eventually, he managed to glance down to see streaks of his come splattered over Stiles' face, the younger boy swiping at it with the back of his hand. The sight of it was perhaps a little more enticing than Derek ever thought it could be. But then Derek frowned, realizing he hadn't given Stiles any sort of warning. "Shit," he murmured, sitting up on his elbows. "I... I should've warned…" Words managed to fail him as he watched Stiles swipe at the last bit of come on his face before sucking his finger into his mouth, cheeks hollowing out. Derek's spent cock managed to twitch in interest, leaving him wondering just which of the two of them was supposed to have the libido of a teenager. He couldn't find it in him to care much, not when just watching Stiles was getting him aroused.

Stiles smirked as if he could read Derek's thoughts, as if he knew exactly the effect he was having on Derek. He crawled back up, straddling Derek's thighs once more before he slowly pulled off his own shirt. He wiped his hands on the fabric, wiped his face before tossing it aside and leaning down to cover Derek's body with his own. "You are incredibly sexy when you come," he remarked, slowly, pressing his lips against Derek's in a languid kiss. "You know, I read this thing once that I've always been curious about," he continued, moving back down, peppering kisses along Derek's exposed abdomen. "Apparently, consuming plenty of fruit juice, including lemon," he smirked, licking a stripe across Derek's navel, "is supposed to make… well, you… taste good."

Derek had no response to that. In the back of his mind, he was curious, wanting to ask whether or not Stiles found it to be true. But the rest of his mind was basically useless. The only things coming out of his mouth were the heavy pants of him trying to catch his breath – a difficult feat considering the sort of stimulation Stiles was providing.

But if Stiles was expecting some sort of response, he didn't wait for one. Instead, he found himself back down at the foot of the bed, face nuzzling Derek's exposed thigh before taking him back in hand and slipping his mouth over the sensitive head, sucking on it, trying to taste every bit of it Derek had to offer. This time Derek had to cry out in his overly sensitive state, reaching feebly to still his eager love.

Stiles easily complied, releasing the spent cock, smiling thoughtfully. "Well, fancy that… They were right." Stiles gave Derek one last playful stroke – earning him a hiss in response – before crawling back up the bed. He sighed in content, lying back down, using Derek as a pillow and hugging him sideways. "This was fun. We should definitely do this more often," he said plainly, trailing open-mouthed kisses along Derek's collar.

Agreeing with the idea, Derek managed to utter a feeble "Yeah" as he modestly reached down to straighten his pants before turning to his side to hold Stiles fully in his arms.

Stiles chuckled happily, burying his face in the crook of Derek's neck. Derek rubbed his hands up and down Stiles' back, enjoying the feel of warm skin against his palms. He kissed him on the forehead before settling in.

"Mmm," Stiles hummed. "This is nice. Nice and comfy."

Again, Derek had to agree with that, closing his eyes as the sounds of Stiles' soft breathing were trying to lull him into a blissed out state. He felt Stiles shift slightly as fingertips trailed over his features. When one skimmed over his lips, he bit at it, earning a little yelp of surprise, followed by a soft chuckle.

"Hey…" Stiles chided.

Derek only smirked and released the finger from its trap. He pulled Stiles back in, practically squeezing him in his embrace, loving how their bodies slotted together. He breathed deeply, feeling utterly content.

"You're not falling asleep, are you?"

Derek didn't immediately reply. It sounded like a great idea. "…Maybe," he eventually replied.

"Nope. Come on," Stiles said, finally pulling away. Derek felt him climb off the bed. "Get up, lazy butt," he tried again, smacking Derek's backside.

Derek just groaned, not wanting to get out of his comfy bed. But he heard Stiles' footsteps pad out of the room, and not long after, he heard the sound of running water coming from across the hall. Curiosity and intrigue getting the best of him, Derek finally cracked an eye open.

"Stiles?" he called.

"In here!"

Bidding farewell to any chance of a quick doze, Derek sat up, stretching his arms over his head, figuring Stiles must be up to something. Following the sound into his bathroom, he rubbed his eyes, trying to wake himself up as he watched curiously as Stiles crouched next to the bathtub, testing the water flowing from the tap.

Stiles glanced over his shoulder and smiled in seeing Derek. "Ah good," he said, standing. "Come here," he moved over, motioning to the tub. "Make sure it's not too hot for you."

With Stiles standing in front of him without a shirt on and his jeans slung low on his hips, Derek was one hundred percent positive that it wasn't the water that was going to be too hot for him. "You drew a bath for me?"

"For us," Stiles clarified.

"Oh," he breathed, eyeing the tub. Liking the prospect of bathing together, Derek did as was asked of him and bent over the tub, sticking his hand under the flowing tap. He adjusted it a tiny bit to his liking and flipped he switch to plug the drain before standing back up, only to see Stiles ogling his backside with great interest.

Derek shook his head, amused. He smirked, cocking his head to the side as the sound of running water splashed behind him. Slowly, playfully, he trailed his hands to the hem of his shirt, pulling it up over his head and tossing it lazily to the floor. He enjoyed the way Stiles' eyes roamed freely across his bared skin, felt excited in seeing the desire there. Derek hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his pajamas, pushing them down until gravity did its job, pooling the fabric around his ankles. Derek kicked them aside towards the vicinity of his discarded shirt. He was clad only in his boxer-briefs, loving Stiles' intense scrutiny. He watched as Stiles' eyes trailed down, letting him get a good look this time, opposed to the frantic groping earlier on the bed. Finally, he thumbed his briefs, peeling them off and tossing them aside, standing in front of Stiles completely nude. The tongue that ran over the boy's lips made Derek smile.

"Stiles," he said finally, voice low, seductive. "This isn't a museum, you know. You're allowed to touch."

A small smile spread across the younger boy's face, a playful glint in his eyes.

"In fact," Derek continued, feeling emboldened, bringing a hand up to trail slowly across his abdomen. "Touching... is very much encouraged."

The grin that broke out over Stiles' face was, in a word, stunning. It was the last thing Derek saw before the younger boy suddenly pounced on him, their lips crashing together in an almost painful way. Derek's reflexes were fast enough for him to be able to catch the shower door, but the sudden weight was still too much to keep him and Stiles upright. He felt his back hit the wall before he quickly slid down into the water with a heavy splash with Stiles still clinging to him.

Stiles gasped in surprise before he started laughing. "Sorry," he managed to heave out, although he didn't seem the least bit. And although Derek was charmed by Stiles' enthusiasm, he could have done without the sudden attack, as well as the rather large puddle on his bathroom floor.

"Sorry," Stiles tried again, this time putting in a better effort, but still unable to hide his smile. He leaned over and kissed Derek on the lips, and suddenly, everything was better.

The younger boy stood and reached for a towel to mop up the mess he created as Derek swung his legs from over the edge of the tub and into the bath. Once the puddle was gone, Stiles tossed the towel into the hamper before turning his attention back to his awaiting boyfriend. He smirked at Derek before humming an unknown ditty, swaying his hips from side to side.

Derek chuckled, a bit confused by Stiles' antics, but amused nonetheless. "What are you doing?"

Stiles paused with a little scoff, looking at Derek as if affronted that he didn't know. "Isn't it obvious? I'm giving you a little show," he explained, breaking out into a grin before picking up where he left off.

Derek watched in pleasure as Stiles slid his hands over his body to the music in his head. He undid the button and zipper of slightly soaked jeans before hooking his thumbs to inch them down just a bit. "Not too much," Stiles commentated, biting his lip enticingly. "Gotta make him wait a bit," he winked, "to make him want it more…"

Derek very poorly stifled a laugh. "You're such a goof."

And again, Stiles scoffed, affronted expression making its way back. "Here I am, trying to be sexy for you and you don't even appreciate-"

"Oh I appreciate. I appreciate very much," Derek defended, moving onto his knees and reaching over to pull Stiles towards him, sliding his hands over the boy's thighs. "I'd appreciate it more," he said, taking matters in his own hands by tugging at the fabric, pulling them down, exposing sharp hips, "if you got in here so I can show you just," he kissed Stiles' navel, "how much," he kissed along his trail, "I appreciate."

Glancing back up, Derek was met with glossy eyes as Stiles looked down at him in reverence. He tugged Stiles' jeans and boxers the rest of the way down, his shoulders used as support as Stiles kicked them aside.

Derek took the opportunity to drink in the sight of Stiles, finally getting to see him fully bared. His eyes drew invisible lines between the various moles as he connected them down the length of Stiles' body. Involuntarily, he licked his lips, seeing Stiles' half-hard cock, remembering the taste of it and wanting it back in his mouth. "You're…"

"Scrawny?" Stiles blushed, ducking his head, rubbing the back of it while subtly trying to cover himself.

"Stunning," Derek finished, making the other boy blush a little more. He reached his hands out, inviting Stiles into the bath. The younger boy complied, tentatively stepping in before he quickly sat down in a slight attempt to hide himself from further scrutiny. But Derek was having none of that.

"You're gorgeous," he reiterated, pulling Stiles to him so that he was practically in his lap. He could idly feel where their cocks rubbed against each other under the warm water. Derek wrapped his arms around Stiles' waist, kissing him on the nose and all along his jaw. "You're gorgeous," he whispered into his ear before kissing that too.

"You're the gorgeous one," Stiles said with a shudder, hands roaming over Derek's chest. "Me? I'm-"

"Perfect," Derek finished. Stiles opened his mouth to say more, but Derek cut him off. "Perfect for me," he said, looking at Stiles in all sincerity.

Stiles smiled shyly at Derek before wrapping his arms around his neck and pulling him into a kiss. They kissed unhurriedly, letting their lips taste and tongues explore, only parting so Derek could reach over and shut the tap off, tub nearly full to the brim with two adult males pressed together inside. As he sat back, he rearranged them, choosing to sit behind Stiles. The younger boy smiled as Derek hugged him from behind. He relaxed against him, leaning on him, resting his head on Derek's shoulder.

"Mm, this is nice too," Stiles hummed, running his hands up and down Derek's legs.

Derek planted light kisses down the line of Stiles' neck by way of agreeing.

"Next time, we should get bubbles," he snickered. "I'll make you a crown."

Again, Derek made no answer except to run his hands lazily over Stiles' chest, continuing his kissing down the boy's shoulder.

"Actually- that reminds me!" Stiles said, sitting up suddenly. He flipped around, kissing Derek briefly before standing up and climbing out. "I brought the thing," he said lamely, words failing him as he reached for another towel.

Derek frowned at the sudden loss, but nonetheless enjoyed watching Stiles towel himself off before he rehung it on the rack. "Brought bubbles?" He offered, resting his arms along the edge of the tub, leaning on them.

Stiles scoffed before darting out of the bathroom, only to come back a few seconds later with a bottle of body wash in one hand and a loofa in the other. Derek's interest perked in seeing the bottle.

"Is that the one from yesterday?"

"Well, it's not like I could let it go to waste… it's not what I normally use, but it'll do," Stiles explained as he climbed back in, grabbing Derek's bottle of wash along with him. He knelt down and began shuffling around, limbs knocking into Derek.

"Stiles, what-" he balked, trying to figure out his boyfriend's movements.

"I just wanna- move over Derek," he growled half-heartedly, sounding more amused than annoyed. Once he was comfortably behind the older boy, Stiles finally settled down. "I wanna wash your back," he said, finally, wrapping his legs loosely around Derek's waist.

"You could have just said so," Derek said, matter-of-factly.

"Well, where's the fun in that?"

Derek just chuckled, allowing Stiles to pamper him. He heard the bottle crack open, followed by some light splashing before he felt the sudsy mesh brush against his skin. Stiles' hands were magic as they expertly trailed across Derek's skin, one hand scrubbing with the loofa, the other massaging tense muscles.

He felt Stiles trail his fingers over his tattoo. "Past," the younger boy murmured, placing a soft kiss in the center of one of the branches. "Present," he murmured again, placing another kiss. "Future," he finished with one last kiss before nosing the inked skin and wrapping his arms around Derek's waist.

Then, Stiles grew uncharacteristically silent, concerning Derek a bit. "You okay?" he asked, trying to catch his eye over his shoulder.

"Yeah," Stiles nodded, his forehead still pressed against Derek's back. "I was just thinking."

Derek rubbed the arms wrapped firmly around him. "Thinking of what?"

"Of how much this guy whose past, present and future is helping him become the man he is today is just so… incredibly…"

"Psychotic?" Derek supplied. "Pretentious? Arrogant?"

"Amazing." Stiles squeezed him tightly briefly. "Perfectly perfect for me."

Derek smiled in content, taking one of Stiles' hands into his own and bringing it to his lips.

Soon, Stiles' hands continued moving, continued massaging the tense muscles of Derek's back. The older boy closed his eyes, head lolling around as Stiles kneaded against him. He was half aware of the tiny moans escaping him, but found he couldn't care when everything felt this good. Stiles worked his way down Derek's arms, moving him, shifting him, Derek putty in capable hands. He felt so good, so relaxed in Stiles' arms, enjoying the palms running all over his skin. He was already half hard by the time Stiles moved down to his legs, rubbing them under the water as far as he could reach.

"What about here?" Stiles teased, speaking lowly into Derek's ear as his hands travelled back up Derek's thighs. "Should I wash you here too?" He asked, squeezing along Derek's thighs, purposefully avoiding touching the older boy anywhere else, much to his dismay.

"Stiles," Derek moaned, pressing against him, leaning back and shifting his hips, trying to rub against the teasing palms. A chuckle vibrated against him, as Stiles easily evaded Derek's squirms.

"Already hard for me, hm?" Stiles continued, trailing one forefinger down Derek's length, earning a rumble of frustration in return. "You really are a dirty boy," he teased, unfazed by the torture he was putting Derek through.

Had he had a fully functioning brain, Derek might've said something about the hardness pressing into his back. Had he had a semi-functioning brain, he might've commented on how cheesy that line had been. However, his brain was, in fact, mush and therefore he was speechless as he yearned for more of Stiles' touch.

But if Stiles was anything, he was most certainly mischievous, a fact making itself clear as he withdrew his hands from under the water and back up Derek's arms. Derek could have growled, wanting to take the wandering hands into his own to direct them to the place he wanted them to be. But when long fingers weaved their way into dark locks and began to massage Derek's scalp, any signs of frustrations that might've been uttered simply died on his lips. The things Stiles was doing with his fingers was just plain heavenly.

Again, Derek felt Stiles chuckle against him. "You're practically purring."

"Your hands… feel good," was all he could utter in response. And while he felt like he could be content just doing this forever, he wanted Stiles to feel good too. He wanted Stiles to melt against him, the way Derek felt he did against Stiles. So, with much resolve, Derek reached a hand up, entwining his fingers with Stiles' to still them. He pulled the hand forward, kissed it down his arm before finally sitting up and turning around.

Stiles simply smiled, but quirked his eyebrow in question.

"Your turn," Derek said, twirling his finger, motioning to Stiles to turn around.

Stiles complied as Derek reached over for the floating loofa and for the citrus-scented body wash. Just squeezing the mesh to get it sudsy was enough to get a good whiff of the aroma, reminding Derek of all the treats Stiles had baked before the two of them even got to this point. He smiled fondly as he brought the loofa to Stiles' skin, taking care of him the way Stiles had cared for Derek moments ago.

Derek had considered asking Stiles to keep the scent, but ultimately decided that was a bad idea. He already had a tough time keeping his hands to himself, but if Stiles smelled as enticing as his baked goods, Derek knew it would be his doom. He did his best to scrub without scratching, leaving trails of bubbles up and down Stiles' skin. Once that was done, he tossed the loofa aside, wanting to try his own hand at a massage, wanting to ease any tension Stiles might have wound up. He squeezed shoulders lightly at first before pressing his thumbs in with a little more force. It was perhaps a bit too much force considering the way Stiles' shoulders hiked up.

"Easy, easy," Stiles winced.

Derek lightened his touch, but it seemed it was still too much for Stiles.

"Ow, Derek, I'm a person, not a stress ball. Go lightly."

"I am going lightly," he frowned, easing up even more.

"When was the last time you gave someone a massage?"

"Uh…" Derek actually thought about it. He couldn't exactly say he'd had that kind of intimacy before.

Stiles snickered. "Okay, okay, my broody brute. Here," he said, reaching for the loofa once more and handing it back to Derek. "You have gentle hands when you scrub me. We can work on your massage technique some other day."

Again, Derek frowned. He took the loofa once more, and this time, purposefully scrubbed down Stiles' back with a little more force than necessary.

"Hey!" Stiles whined.

Getting his desired effect, Derek tossed the loofa over his shoulder, turned Stiles' head towards his and proceeded to silence any oncoming complaints with his tongue. The act finally got Stiles to melt against him as Derek trailed one hand up to tease a pert nipple and the other down to rub teasingly against Stiles' thigh.

"Mmm," the younger boy moaned, hips rocking forward. He broke the kiss only to spin around and face Derek, wrapping his arms around his neck, lips meeting once again.

Derek's hands roamed freely and eagerly, one traveling up the broad expanse of shoulder, the other moving boldly down over Stiles' backside, giving one cheek a firm squeeze. He found a desire for more, wanting to touch Stiles in the most intimate of ways. He grazed his fingers along Stiles' cleft, finding the puckered hole there, teasing as he rubbed against it.

"Ah!" Stiles moaned, back arching slightly as he pressed against Derek's hand. But Stiles had something else in mind, taking control of the situation. Derek could only oblige as Stiles maneuvered him around, pushing him until Derek was up on his knees. It was then that Stiles got down on all fours, taking Derek's length into his mouth.

"Ugh, Stiles," Derek groaned, one hand moving to the back of Stiles' head as the other held firm against the edge of the tub. Stiles' mouth was much warmer than the water that surrounded them as he bobbed his head up and down, going deeper with each turn.

Stiles shifted his weight onto one hand, reaching up with his free hand to squeeze Derek's balls, massaging them as he licked along underside of Derek's cock. The dual sensation was driving Derek wild, pushing him closer and closer to the edge. He had to fight to keep himself from thrusting too much, not wanting to gag his boyfriend. He let out a groan of frustration when Stiles pulled back, getting up off his hand, smirking at him, teasing him. Stiles kissed Derek, one hand stroking lazily up and down Derek's cock.

"You're… such a…" Derek panted.

Stiles just chuckled and moved again. He sat down, stretched his legs out in front of him, and pulled Derek's hips toward him. He returned his lips to Derek's erection, one hand stroking the base as the other wrapped around Derek's thigh to rub and squeeze his ass. Derek placed his hands on Stiles' shoulders, needing to touch him.

Derek thrust shallowly again as Stiles licked him up and down, both hands now playing and spreading his cheeks. Stiles ran his fingers along the center, teasing Derek's hole as he rubbed against it. Derek moaned loudly, hips rocking forward into Stiles' mouth, rocking backward to press against Stiles' hand. When Stiles worked a finger in, Derek was borderline ready to come undone. Stiles pushed his finger back and forth into Derek, moving faster and faster, swirling his tongue over the head of his cock all the while.

"Stiles, I'm… I'm coming…" Derek groaned. Stiles just hummed in response, moving faster still until Derek came into his mouth. Stiles swallowed him down as much as he could, as wave after wave of euphoria came over the older boy.

Feeling tired and spent, Derek sat back, catching his breath.

"Good, yes?" Stiles smirked, swiping at the corner of his mouth.

Derek responded by pulling him forward into a kiss.

"Your turn," Derek said once again as they pulled apart, twirling his finger, motioning to Stiles to turn around.

And again, Stiles quirked his eyebrow in question, but smiled, intrigued.

Derek moved Stiles until he was on his knees, bent over, hands braced against the brim of the tub. Derek edged forward, wrapping an arm around Stiles' waist before taking his length back into his hand and stroking it slowly, making the younger boy groan in pleasure.

He removed his hand, only to spread Stiles' cheeks, using his thumb to rub against Stiles' hole. Then, Derek leaned forward, giving in a tentative lick.

"Oh, God Derek…" Stiles called out, throwing his head back.

Derek ran his tongue over it again as Stiles rocked backward, trying to feel more of Derek against him. He licked Stiles from bottom to top, before circling his tongue around the rim and peppering it with kisses. Stiles moaned, rocking further back, wanting even more. Derek obliged, pressing his tongue into Stiles, trying to edge his way into the tight hole. He drew back, trying the same with his thumb this time as he reached between Stiles' legs with his other hand to stroke the neglected erection. Alternating between fingers and tongue, Derek continued to please Stiles, the younger boy's moans getting louder in the small space as he thrust into the circle of Derek's palm. Derek pushed in two fingers, trying to find that special spot, while simultaneously stretching the fairly tight hole. When he finally reached it, rubbed against it with his finger, Stiles cried out, fucking himself on Derek's hand, fucking himself into Derek's hand as spurt after spurt shot out of his cock and landing half into the water and half against the tiles of the shower wall.

Unable to support himself anymore, Stiles fell back into the water, leaning heavily against Derek, who welcomed him with open arms. Derek took the opportunity to finish washing his boyfriend, reaching for the discarded loofa, as Stiles closed his eyes, panting, body pliant as Derek scrubbed gently all around, careful not to touch any sensitive areas that would cause over-stimulation. Once he was done, he put the loofa aside, and sank back against the tub, pulling Stiles against him, one arm wrapped around his waist while the other searched for the boy's hand to entwine their fingers under the warm water.

Derek was comfortable, content as they sat in the afterglow. He knew that the water would soon chill and they would have to get out and dry off, but until then, he was happy to relax with his love. In fact, he couldn't be sure from this angle, but he wouldn't be surprised if Stiles had fallen asleep. In case he had, Derek resisted moving too much, and settled with planting feather-soft kisses along the crook of his neck.

He didn't exactly want to – so comfortable he was with Stiles pressed against him – but eventually, Derek shifted in the cooling water, ready to pick Stiles up and carry him to bed if need be. But the movement made the younger boy groan.

"No…" Stiles whined. "No moving… I can't move. I am unable to move. Just leave me here." And despite his claim, Stiles did move, rolling around to face Derek, wrapping his arms around Derek's waist.

Derek snorted. "I thought you might've fallen asleep."

He sighed. "Thought about it. Tempted to," he said, nuzzling the pillow of Derek's chest. "You're invited to stay in here with me, too, if you want."

Derek chuckled softly and kissed the top of Stiles' head. "So what do you propose we do, hm? You wanna spend the rest of our lives in my bathtub?"

He felt the grin against his chest as Stiles smiled in amusement. "As tempting an offer as that is, it's not exactly a practical one. We're already pruny," he said, lifting his hand up to examine the water wrinkles of his skin. "Actually, I read recently that when your skin gets like this, it's not because of overexposure to water, but actually just a way for your skin to adapt to its wet surroundings. Pruny skin equals better grip," Stiles grinned self-satisfactorily, showing Derek how good his grip was by taking hold of him underwater.

Derek let out a heavy breath, torn between wanting to let Stiles have his way with him again or stopping him before he could get started. Considering how overly sensitive he felt under the lazy stroke, Derek chose the latter, taking Stiles' wrist in his hand and kissing the soaked fingertips. "As fascinating as all of this is, I think we'll have to test your findings on another day."

Stiles smiled and snuggled against his boyfriend and nodded. "Okay then. Let's get out of here," he said, although made no move to do just that.

Derek climbed out first, releasing the stopper before helping Stiles up. He reached for a towel and wrapped it around Stiles, embracing him from behind while inhaling his fresh citrus scent. He kissed him gently on the back of his head, earning a soft chuckle and a fond caress as Stiles brought a hand up to run it through Derek's damp hair.

"I love you," Derek murmured into his ear.

"Good. Mission complete," the boy smirked. At Derek's prodding, he sighed. "Yes, yes," he smiled, turning around kissing Derek firmly. "I love you, too."

"Come on, you," Derek huffed with nothing but fondness in his eyes. He grinned before leading them back into his bedroom.

Derek toweled off haphazardly, pulling out and slipping into a fresh pair of boxer-briefs from his dresser. He walked over to Stiles who was slipping into his own boxers he had pulled from his backpack in the closet, hopping precariously on one foot as one hand tried to pull up the shorts and the other tried to towel dry his hair. Derek chuckled at the display, moving over to help him out.

"Oh?" Stiles breathed in surprise as the towel was pulled out of his hand, only to return draped over his face.

Derek smiled to himself as he ran his hands firmly, yet gently over Stiles' head to dry it off as much as he could. His smile only grew hearing Stiles' muffled chuckles from under the towel.

They both just threw on shirts, comfortable wandering around the apartment in the few garments that they had on. Afterwards, they walked back into the kitchen to grab some leftover pizza, turning on the TV to see if anything good was on. They ended up ignoring it anyway as they argued over what made the pizza still good despite its chilled temperature.

Eventually, once the pizza was all gone and the TV had been turned off in favor of good conversation, Derek tentatively made his way back into the kitchen, ducking his head into the refrigerator, wondering if maybe he could pretend there was no dessert in fear that it hadn't turned out so well after all. He sighed, coming to a conclusion, and pulled the bowl out.

The smile on Stiles' face was dazzling. "Pudding!"

Derek tried to tamper down his blush as he looked sheepishly into the bowl. "Yeah… I made it from scratch, but… I'm not too sure about how it turned out though… I just wanted… you make stuff for me all the time, so I wanted… it might not be any good."

Stiles smiled fondly, taking the bowl from Derek and grabbing two spoons out of a drawer and two smaller bowls from one of the cabinets. "I'm sure it's delicious," Stiles eased, taking a seat at the counter, scooping out a portion just for him and digging right in. He hummed in content as he devoured the first spoonful, eagerly reaching for a second. "So yummy," he said, voice muffled by the chocolaty concoction melting in his mouth.

Dipping his own spoon in, Derek tentatively tried his first attempt at really cooking something for someone else. Pleased with its outcome, Derek finally scooped out some pudding for himself, eating it as he stood at the counter, enjoying Stiles' contented sounds more than he enjoyed the dessert himself.

"You know," Stiles hummed, tapping his spoon against the tiny bowl. "I'm a little disappointed," he finished, taking another bite.

Derek swallowed down another spoonful, worried. Was the pudding not good after all? Did he add too much salt? He thought it tasted all right, but maybe Stiles had a more sensitive tongue? Oh. Stiles' tongue. Sensitive…

Derek had to refocus his wayward attention, setting his bowl down. "What's wrong?" He managed to ask. "Is it the pudding?"

"Wha- no, no! The pudding is delicious," he smiled encouragingly, emphasizing his point by taking another bite. "It's just… you were in the kitchen the whole time… did you at least get one chocolate chip smeared on your shirt?"

Derek just rolled his eyes. "Stiles, 'me' and 'kitchen' do not equal 'mess'. I'm fully capable of keeping my shirt clean."

"Ah, but then what's that?" He asked, pointing with his spoon at Derek's shirt.

"What?" he looked down, but didn't see anything.

"That," Stiles said again. He bent forward, slapping the chocolate covered spoon across Derek's chest, making the older boy gasp in surprise.


The boy just laughed, placing his spoon back in his mouth. "If you want, I brought along your 'Love Machine' shirt. Figured I should, just in case."

Derek frowned. "I'd rather go without, than wear that shirt again."

Stiles smiled mischievously. "Ah, but maybe that was my plan all along."

Derek scoffed, but couldn't help but smile. His smile continued to grow as he watched Stiles set down his pudding and his spoon, stand up and move in front of him, and tug at the bottom of the ruined shirt.

"Such a mess," Stiles tutted, pulling the shirt over his boyfriend's head. With the shirt in one hand, Stiles greedily ran his hand over the newly bared skin. "You being in a shirt is criminal, anyway," Stiles said, matter-of-factly. "You should be – at the very least – half-naked at all times."

"You want me to go around half-naked in public?" Derek asked, eyebrow quirked in question.

Stiles made a show of thinking about it as he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Derek's neck. Derek took this as an invitation to rest his hands on Stiles' hips, thumbs slipping under the hem of his shirt to rub small circles into the younger boy's skin.

"I suppose not," Stiles finally said. "There are prudish people out there who won't appreciate what a fine specimen you are, Mr. Hale. And of course, there are others out there whose minds would explode at your sexiness overload and we have to think about the people, Derek. They could have families." He smirked. "I guess you'll just have to compromise and be fully naked when you're just with me at all times."

"Ah. How self-sacrificial of you."

Stiles nodded solemnly. "It's a tough job. But if it means the safety of the innocent bystanders, then I'll gladly suffer through it."

Derek rolled his eyes, but smiled nonetheless. He certainly wouldn't mind the sacrifice if it meant Stiles was naked with him too. He heard the boy snicker. "What?"

"It's just…" he started, pointing at his chin. "When I took your shirt off, the pudding…"

Derek frowned, swiping at his chin, missing the small mess.

"Here," Stiles said, taking Derek's wrist in his free hand before leaning forward to gently lick at the offending stain. He grinned. "Yummy."

Unable to resist, Derek leaned forward and pressed his lips to Stiles', eliciting a pleased chuckle from the boy in his arms. He hauled Stiles up onto the counter, guiding the boy's legs to wrap around him as he leaned forward into the kiss. He was so caught up in everything Stiles that he nearly forgot about the bowl of pudding still on the counter, now teetering precariously on the edge from having been knocked sideways because of Derek's eager manhandling.

"Mm-mm!" Stiles hummed, quickly pulling back from the kiss as he smacked Derek lightly on the shoulder to get his attention. "The bowl!" He pointed, trying futilely to grab for it, missing it by millimeters.

Derek lunged for it, and fortunately for his relatively clean kitchen, he caught it before it had splattered everywhere. He sighed in relief, as did Stiles, before the younger boy broke into a laugh.

"That was close," Stiles shook with mirth.

"Too close," Derek blew out another breath, settling the bowl carefully and out of danger's way.

Stiles leaned over for it, dipping his finger in the chocolaty goodness for one last taste. He sucked his finger listlessly as he bent over the other way to drape the shirt still in his hands over the seat he had vacated.

Derek was too busy staring at the red lips wrapped enticingly around the digit to really be aware of anything else going on. So when his phone began to unexpectedly ring, he was doubly surprised.

Stiles scoffed. "Seriously, Derek? I shut my phone off."

Derek frowned. "Well, no one really calls me. I didn't think it'd be a problem," he said, reaching for it at the other end of the counter where he had left it last night.

With a sigh, Stiles just snatched the phone out of Derek's hand and looked at the caller ID before answering it for him.

"Unless Derek has another uncle I'm unaware of, hello Peter."

Derek inwardly groaned. He should have known that if anyone were to call during this day, it would be Peter.

"Yeah, he's right here," Stiles nodded, as Derek listened to this one-sided conversation. "I mean, not really. Not technically," he shrugged, draping his free arm over Derek's shoulder. "Hands and tongues."

"What? Stiles? What are you sayi-"

Stiles just waved Derek's hands away as the older boy reached for his phone, silently shushing him with a stern look before returning his arm back on its perch. "No, I didn't get the raft… Yes, I got the diagram… Oh, I plan to. We are gonna try all sorts of things," he smirked, lazily leaning forward to place a brief kiss on Derek's appalled lips. "Oh definitely. Maybe get some leather chaps or something. I know how he likes leather."

"Stiles." Derek glared at his boyfriend, silently demanding him to either tell him what exactly they were saying or – better yet – to just stop altogether.

"Mm-hmm. If I do, you have to not call again. Don't lie. We both know you're just calling for fun, trying to interrupt," Stiles rolled his eyes, amused smirk on his lips. "Okay, hold on."

Before Derek could even register what was happening, let alone protest, Stiles had snapped a picture of him, typing away at the device, likely sending it to the man on the other end of the line, swatting nonchalantly at Derek's hands still trying to pry the phone away.

Stiles brought the phone back up to his ear. "You get it? Yeah," he chuckled. "I'd say it's more confused. Murderous. Okay. I will. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Okay. All right. Bye Peter. I'll talk to you later."

Derek stared incredulously at Stiles. "I can't… I don't even… I don't even think I wanna know," he shook his head, ready to walk away.

Stiles just laughed, grabbing Derek's arm and pulling him back in between his legs. "Good news is he's agreed not to call again. Oh, and he says hello and that he loves you very much."

Derek just scoffed, but was easily appeased when Stiles ran his hand through his hair.

"Bad news is it sounded like Peter was in a store or something so I'm pretty sure there's a group of eavesdropping strangers out there who now know that Peter Hale's 'baby boy' is sexually active and is about to 'seal the deal' tonight."

And although he really shouldn't, considering those people were on the other side of the country, Derek couldn't help feeling embarrassed by his uncle's loud mouth and nosy personality. He buried his face in his hands, wondering if perhaps there was some sort of exchange program he could put Peter in so he could maybe get an uncle who didn't enjoy embarrassing him so much. 'Just a week,' Derek thought. 'I'd trade him for just a week. Maybe a month.'

And before he could register what was happening yet again, Derek's head snapped up in hearing the camera of his phone going off once more as Stiles quickly typed away, a stifled laugh escaping through his nose. This time, Derek did manage to pull the phone away, only to see too late that another picture had been sent.

"You're in cahoots!" Derek growled, pulling Stiles to him and attacking his neck with little nips and kisses.

Stiles just laughed, enjoying his punishment.

When Derek felt Stiles had had enough, and when he was content with the slight love bite he had left low along Stiles' collar, he pulled away.

It was getting later into the evening, so the pair eventually found themselves back inside the bathroom. They brushed their teeth side-by-side, although Derek seemed to have invoked a war when he playfully elbowed Stiles, to try to get more space in front of the mirror. Of course, Stiles elbowed back until the two were a hopeless case of giggles, light shoving, and foamy mouths of minty freshness.

And since Stiles was Stiles and wanted to break Derek's bad habits, he sent the older boy out with the large pizza box, training him to discard it right away instead of a week later, while assuring him that going outside in just his skivvies was a gift to mankind and not borderline indecent exposure. Derek settled it by slipping into some shorts before walking out the door, while Stiles tidied up the kitchen, refrigerating the leftover pudding and washing off the small bowls and spoons they had used to devour it.

When Derek got back in from outside, Stiles was sitting at the desk, fingers typing away on Derek's laptop. "What're you doing?" he asked, curious as he came up behind Stiles, kissing him on his shoulder.

Stiles looked up, a smile playing on his lips. "What, you don't recognize it?"

Derek took a look at the screen and read what was there.

"Day One: Stiles and I baked cookies together…" he read aloud, instantly blushing once he realized it was his notes. "Stiles, what're you-" he tried to reach over and take the laptop, but Stiles quickly pushed his hands aside.

"Keep reading," he nodded encouragingly.

Derek sighed. "It should be noted that the cookies weren't for me, but for a friend of his… Stiles, why-"

"Keep going," he pressed again.

Derek held back the urge to groan. He thought he and Stiles had moved past this. They admitted that they were both crazy and let it slide. So what was Stiles still doing with this information?

"Also note," he continued, "He was comfortable enough to reach into my jeans to pull out my phone. And while it's true that sometimes Stiles has no sense of personal space, it was also a great excuse for him to rub up against me…?" Derek had to re-read the note, to make sure what he read was right. He knew for damn sure he wasn't the one who wrote it. He looked to Stiles, confused.

"You kept saying you needed more data… what better source do you need than me?" he shrugged. He stood up, offering the seat to Derek.

Derek sat down, maybe a little more cautious than he needed to be. He wasn't exactly sure where this was going. But he looked back to his laptop, half-aware of Stiles pulling a seat from the dining table to sit next to Derek.

"Day Two: I met Stiles at the coffee shop this morning. He brought the Jello he had promised me. Note: he spiked them with vodka because ever since his surprise birthday party, he's wanted to see me loosen up and share my carefree smiles with him and not just Chastity, despite how fabulous Chastity is." He was briefly reminded of the rather bold drag queen who had stuffed her number in his pocket that night. He chuckled at the memory.

"Day Three: Stiles and I went grocery shopping this afternoon. He kept returning all my Hot Pockets and replacing them with some leafy stuff because while he does worry about everyone in his life, I am one of the more important ones. The ones of which he couldn't bear to lose." He felt a hand wrap around his as Stiles leaned against him, burying his face against Derek's arm. Derek squeezed the hand in his, nuzzling against the top of his head while continuing to read more.

"Day Four: Stiles purchased a Lego set for he and I to build together. At the time of purchase, there were no metaphors involved, and he was still just psyched that I even had the room at all, but now that he's thought about it, he's excited to see where life takes us. Of course, more data will be needed." Derek laughed seeing Stiles copy his line.

"Day Five: Stiles does not have a thing for redheads. Stiles has a thing for Derek. He'd have a thing for Derek no matter what color his hair was."

Derek was surprised to see that it hadn't ended there. There was an entire archive of the past few weeks. Wait. Scratch that. There was an entire archive of the past few months from the day Stiles first met Derek.


Stiles finally turned his head to the laptop. "Before Derek Opened His Eyes And Finally Figured Out That Stiles Might Actually Like Him, Which He Totally Did By The Way." He chuckled at Derek's stunned expression and just shrugged. "It's a working title."

Derek looked from the laptop to Stiles and back. "You did all this?"

Stiles sat up, but still kept his hand secure in Derek's. "I mean, I didn't log everything. Only the important stuff."

Derek paused at the day that retold Stiles' first visit to his apartment. "You think my mess is important?" he asked, skeptical. When Stiles just grinned in amusement, Derek continued back through the archive, slightly alarmed to see a picture of himself covered in whipped cream. "You promised I wouldn't see this online."

"Well, technically, you're right. It is online- but! It's in a private journal that has been locked and pass-coded and probably the only person with the skill to crack the code who would be remotely interested in looking anyway would be Danny, and that's only if he's bored and if he even knew it existed. Which he doesn't." Stiles turned to look Derek in the eye. "If it bothers you, I'll take it down. But… I think it's just a nice way… to remember everything, you know?"

And while he wasn't exactly happy to see that particular picture, nor the embarrassing ones his sister evidently had sent Stiles, only to have him upload into his journal, he didn't mind seeing the other ones. Like the ones Stiles took of them together in their costumes. Or the one he was currently still using as the background for his phone where Stiles was kissing the cupcake. He couldn't even complain about the video Stiles had uploaded of their fateful night when Derek sang for him. Despite his rather uninspiring performance of missed notes and failed lyrics, he had to admit that he was happy to be able to relive the otherwise blur of a night. Sure, Stiles had dropped the phone and the only thing you could see was the ceiling, but you could hear everything that took place. Then, Stiles abruptly reappeared before he snatched the phone off the floor only to shove it in the pocket of his hoodie. And it had apparently continued on, Derek hearing for the first time Stiles berating himself for his stupidity as the elevator took him down and the excuses he was trying to come up with as he hurried out of the building and the quiet murmur of 'shit' when he heard his own voice call out from far away. The video had ended soon after that as his own memory of what happened afterward came to mind. Derek wrapped his arm over Stiles' shoulder, pulling him close.

"I love it," he admitted, kissing Stiles' temple. "I mean, I don't exactly love some of the pictures, but I do love it." It was a chronicle of their friendship-turned-more. It was a retelling of everything they went through that made Derek fall in love with Stiles and inadvertently Stiles fall for him. And it was only just the beginning. He couldn't wait to see what it'd be like a month from now, a year from now, four years from now. "I love it," he said again, meaning every word of it.

Stiles smiled. "Good. Now scoot over. I wanna finish this entry. Day one billion and seventy-one. Stiles showed me the pearly gates of heaven when he gave me the all-time greatest blowjob I've ever had in my entire lifetime."

Derek balked. "You can't be serious." Stiles just snickered and made a grab for the laptop, but Derek wasn't having any of that. "Stiles, you can't write that."

"It's my log. I can write what I want." He lunged for the computer, but Derek easily blocked him, tackling him off his chair and onto the carpet where they tumbled together in a heap of limbs and laughter.

In his moment of startled haze, Derek took the opportunity to scoop Stiles back up and lug him over his shoulder, carrying him into the bedroom.

Stiles just laughed. "Well, hello there," he greeted, as Derek felt hands pawing at the back of his shorts. "This is a familiar sight- whoa!"

Derek dropped Stiles onto the bed, ignoring the cascade of silk petals fluttering around them, before promptly covering his body with his own, kissing him deeply.

"I have legs you know," Stiles stated, matter-of-factly once their lips parted, as if Derek didn't know.

Oh, Derek knew. They were long legs, often confined in slim jeans of varying colors. They were sexy legs, the perfect length for wrapping around Derek's waist. He showed Stiles his appreciation for those lovely legs by stroking up and down the length of them, rubbing and caressing as he moved to kneel between them.

"I like your legs," Derek finally said, summing up his thoughts in a simple statement, kissing each knee cap before crawling back up, kneeling between the favored limbs.

Stiles just watched Derek, eyes heavy in amusement and arousal, soft breaths escaping his lips.

Derek reached up past Stiles' head, switching on the line of lights strung up along the headboard, casting them both in a soft glow. Stiles looked up at it, flashing a smile that Derek committed to memory.

"Oh," Stiles said, sitting up and pointing over Derek's shoulder. "The lights. Hit the lights."

Derek hesitated for a moment, looking over his shoulder at the light switch by the door. "But… I wanna see you."

"That's what your fancy Christmas lights are for," Stiles smiled.

Still, Derek remained. "…All of you."

Stiles' gave Derek a look of mild surprise before a faint blush spread across his cheeks. "Oh. Well then what about your special lights?"

Derek simply shrugged before leaning down to place a soft kiss on Stiles' lips. "Maybe they weren't such a good idea after all." The room lights were staying on as far as Derek was concerned.

"You should get a lava lamp," Stiles suggested, looking back down to catch Derek's eyes. "It'll be groovy, baby, yeah!"

That most definitely wasn't a good idea as far as Derek was concerned. "You're such a dork," he snorted.

"You love this dork," Stiles retaliated, running his hands down Derek's body, paying extra attention to growing stiffness trapped within his shorts.

Derek let out a low sigh, closing his eyes and rolling his hips into the touch. He was nearly lost in his lustful haze when something else caught his attention from where it was placed on the nightstand. He had to laugh. "Seriously, Stiles? You brought your wolf?"

"Sourwolf," he corrected, glancing over to where the wolf was seated. "And of course I did. He'll watch over us since we'll obviously be otherwise occupied."

He showed Derek just how occupied by taking a hold of his face and bringing him back down for a kiss. And while Stiles' lips were certainly alluring, Derek couldn't help but glance back up at the beady eyes looking back at them, watching them.

Eventually, Stiles also stopped his nipping and followed Derek's gaze.

"He's just watching us," Derek frowned.

"He's a stuffed animal."

"Still…" Derek reached over and turned the stuffed wolf around so that it was facing the wall, and therefore, no longer looking at them.

"You're ridiculous, you know that?" Stiles chuckled.

"Says the guy who sleeps with a toy he named 'Sourwolf'."

"Well this guy is about to sleep with a man he named 'Sourwolf'," he grinned.

Again, Derek could only laugh. This boy was certainly a strange one, but Derek wouldn't have him any other way. He sat up, pulling Stiles' legs to set them against his waist as he ran his hands over Stiles' thighs and hips, tangling his fingers with the bottom of his shirt. As he pulled it up slowly, he grazed his fingers over the soft skin of Stiles' sides, but the act only made the younger boy giggle.

"It tickles," he laughed out, raising his arms over his head.

Derek just tugged on the shirt some more, but the higher he went, the more Stiles laughed. By the time the shirt was basically a blindfold over the boy's eyes, Stiles was flinching away, seriously racked with snickers.

"Seriously Stiles?" Derek huffed, although without any heat. The laughs were starting to be contagious.

"I can't help it," he whined. "It tickles."

Derek just snorted and gave in, wriggling his fingers over the exposed skin, causing Stiles to burst out into laughter as he tried to squirm away from the hands, his head and his arms still trapped in his shirt.

"No, no! This is supposed to be sexy time, Derek!" Stiles growled, though its effect was lost in a trail of laughter. "Tickling isn't sexy!"

Derek just laughed and reached up to pin Stiles' arms back over his head. He bent down, kissing Stiles' lips, his nose and eyes still trapped around the neck of his shirt. Eventually, Derek released him from his confines, tossing the shirt carelessly to the side.

"I think you look sexy when you laugh," Derek confessed. He quite liked the entire effect – eyes that shone in mirth, lips stretched out in a grin, long neck exposed and inviting, and now abs that flexed with each chuckle. Yeah. Derek quite liked seeing Stiles laugh. But now, Derek wanted to see Stiles moan. He was sure he'd like that sight even more.

He reached for the waistband of Stiles' boxers, hooking his thumbs to slide them down, freeing Stiles' hardening erection with it. Stiles helped, bending his legs until they were completely off and being tossed away just like the shirt before it. Derek studied the body laid out before him, gazing in awe at the lithe muscles, the soft patches of hair, the sporadic dotting of freckles galore. His eyes moved from one to the other, following the trail he had set earlier that evening in the bathroom, connecting them with invisible lines before leaning down and copying the same trail once more with the tip of his tongue.

"God, Derek," Stiles breathed, hips rolling up off the bed, hands tangling in dark locks.

Derek trailed up Stiles' body, pausing only to lick and suck a nipple into pertness, moving over to its pair to force it into a similar state. Stiles was panting now, hips moving in short, little thrusts, the head of his cock glistening with precum.

"Pl-please… Derek…" Stiles gasped.

Derek obliged, moving back down, wrapping his lips around the head of Stiles' cock, sucking it, drawing out a deep moan from boy he loved. Stiles thrust up into Derek's warm mouth as Derek did his best to take in more with each roll of Stiles' hips. Derek pulled back, breathing deeply as he tongued the slit, swirling across it before taking the length back into his eager mouth. He stroked the base with one hand, before moving further down to take a ball into his mouth, sucking on that as well.

Stiles was mumbling incoherent thoughts now as his head thrashed from side to side. Derek took this as a good sign as he moved his free hand further down between Stiles' legs, fingers teasing his hole, rubbing against it, circling it, all while he bobbed his head over Stiles' cock. He released it from his lips with a loud 'pop', letting his hand take over as he stared down at the both writing underneath him. Derek smiled to himself, loving the effect he had on Stiles, feeling himself getting harder just watching him, listening to noises obscene.

Derek sat back, letting go of Stiles, earning himself a little whine from the lack of stimulation. He thumbed the waistband of his shorts and boxer-briefs underneath and shoved them down, kicking them aside as they flopped to the floor. He looked back at Stiles who was eying Derek with great interest. He reached out his hands for him, and Derek complied, moving back into his place between Stiles' legs. It was Derek's turn to moan in content as Stiles wrapped his hand around him, stroking him into full hardness.

Much too soon, Derek had catch Stiles' wrist, to stop him before it was over before they even began. Seemingly with the same idea in mind, Stiles looked up at him, breath coming in little puffs. "Condom?"

It was a good thing Derek had stopped Stiles when he did. The word was simple, but everything that it implied made Derek feel like he was close to the edge. He reached over to the nightstand, pulling open its drawer to grab the contents inside. He fumbled with the unopened box of condoms, pulling at it a bit too hard as the contents spilled out over the bed. "Shit," he mumbled, scrambling to gather them up and shove them back into the remains of their mangled container.

"Anxious, are we?" Stiles teased, getting up on his elbows, smirking at the boy sitting between his legs.

Derek just let out a breath, trying to reign in his enthusiasm. He put the box back into the drawer, pulling out the lube in its place. 'Wait,' Derek paused, looking between the items in his hands, to his erection then to Stiles'. "Should I... Do you want... or you want me to?" he stuttered, motioning between the two of them.

"Oh my God, Derek," Stiles groaned, flopping back down on the bed and covering his face with his hands.

Derek frowned, beginning to wonder if maybe he said something wrong. 'Maybe I shouldn't have..."

Stiles sat up again, taking the condom from Derek's hand. "The thought of being in you? Ugh..." Stiles groaned. "I want you so bad, Derek. I want to bury myself inside of you, but right now? I need to feel you in me."

Derek let out a haggard breath at Stiles' words, wanting nothing more than to do just that.

Stiles wrapped a hand around Derek's cock, stroking it lightly as he brought the condom wrapper up to his teeth. He bit on it, trying to rip it apart, but found it was easier said than done.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Stiles complained. "What is this? Industrial strength packaging?"

"Anxious, are we?" he teased. Amused, Derek took the condom back into his hands, tearing apart the packaging as efficiently as he did with the box it came in. He pulled out the rubber, but Stiles snatched it from him, wanting to slip it on Derek himself. Pinching the top, he rolled it down, squeezing the hard cock along the way, earning a hiss from the older boy.

Stiles smirked as he changed their positions on the bed, forcing Derek to lie down as he straddled his hips. "Lube?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow as he rocked teasingly over Derek.

Derek sat up a bit, eyes scanning for the bottle, reaching for it and cracking it open to pour some of the liquid into his hand. But when he squeezed the bottle, nothing came out. "What the...?"

Again, Stiles just smiled. "Safety seal?" he suggested.

'Of course,' Derek inwardly groaned, unscrewing the cap and pulling off the paper that sealed the top of the bottle. He screwed the cap back on, popping it open to try and squeeze the lubricant into his hand. The liquid spurt out into Derek's hand in excess, some spilling onto his thighs, some onto satin sheets. "Damn it," Derek cursed under his breath.

Thinking quickly, Stiles hopped off the bed and grabbed his discarded shirt up off the floor to wipe the mess as best he could. He tossed it back over the edge again once he was done, straddling Derek's hips once more. "Let's try this again," he smirked.

Derek spread the lubricant over his fingers, getting them nice and slippery as he reached between Stiles' legs to push one in. Stiles let out a low sigh, closing his eyes and resting his arms on Derek's shoulders, his breathing deliberate and slow. Derek watched him, awed by the fact that they were here, doing this, together. He bent his head forward, kissing Stiles' chest, nuzzling against the small patch of hair there, all the while sliding his finger in and out. He pushed another finger in, pushing into Stiles, trying to get him used to the added digit before scissoring the tight hole. Stiles moaned softly, moving up and down, fucking himself on Derek's hand before the older boy added a third.

"It's... it's a good thing I touch myself - often - or else this would've taken much longer," Stiles panted, cracking open an eye to smirk at Derek.

Derek licked his lips. "How... how often is often?"

"Mmmm..." he hummed, cocking his head to the side. "Ever since meeting you? Some weeks I touch myself more days than I don't. You provide... quite the material, Mr. Hale. Especially in those jeans of yours."

Derek snorted, angling his hand to press deeper into the boy, rubbing against his prostate. Stiles jerked his hips a little, eliciting a loud "ah" from the touch. "What about last night?" he asked, pausing his ministrations, looking up at Stiles with seriousness on his face. "Did you touch yourself here last night?"

Stiles had the decency to blush. "Technically, you said not to touch my dick. And I didn't." He tried rocking again, but Derek moved with him, not allowing Stiles to get the stimulation he wanted.

"So you did."

Stiles exhaled in frustration. "Derek," he whined. "I went back in the shower after you left. I could still feel the heat of your hands on my skin the way you were rubbing me. And on top of that, all I could think about was having sex with you today. I couldn't not," he nearly growled, as if this made it okay, trying again to rock against those teasing fingers, but much to his chagrin, Derek withdrew them completely. "Derek," Stiles whimpered, voice desperate.

"Stiles," he replied calmly, rubbing one hand up and down the boy's back, stroking his own erection with the other. "You're mine now, do you understand?" Derek said, voice low, stern. With his cock still in his hand, he ran the head over Stiles' opening, earning himself soft whimpers from the boy above him. "Only I get to touch you now," he demanded. "Here," he said, releasing himself to stroke Stiles' swollen length a few times. "And especially here," he finished, taking himself back into his hand and lining himself up, finally pushing into Stiles slowly, carefully.

"Yes. Yes, Derek," Stiles moaned, arms wrapping tightly around Derek's neck as the younger boy buried his face in Derek's hair.

Whether Stiles was truly agreeing with him or simply voicing his pleasure, Derek wasn't sure. Hell, he was pretty sure at this point, he could get Stiles to agree to anything. And with the way that Stiles was slowly easing down Derek's entire length, he was pretty sure he'd agree to anything as well.

"Unh… Stiles," Derek panted. The heat surrounding him, the arms pulling him close, the hand tugging his hair, the breath brushing again his ear, all of it was sending Derek into senses overload. He wanted to thrust up into Stiles, to make the good feel even better, but he restrained himself, not wanting to hurt Stiles as he tried to adjust to Derek inside of him. He peppered Stiles' chest with kisses, running his hands up and down his body, trying to soothe him, to get him to relax.

When he was about halfway down, Stiles pulled back, almost pulling completely off Derek before easing himself back down, taking more of Derek in. "Ah," Stiles moaned, throwing his head back.

"Easy. Easy Stiles," Derek murmured, moving to take Stiles' cock back into his hand, stroking it lightly until it was completely hard once more. Stiles buried his face back in the crook of Derek's neck, whimpering as he kissed and licked the skin there, making Derek let out a moan of his own.

Stiles was moving faster now, rocking up and down, taking Derek deep inside. He reached for Derek's face, kissing him, resting his forehead against his as their breaths collided between their parted lips.

Derek thrust up, pushing deep into Stiles, as far as he could go. With a final kiss, he lay back down on the bed as Stiles took over, riding Derek, sinking down and sliding back up over and over again. Derek ran his hands over Stiles' thighs, gripping his hips, needing something to hold on to lest he lose himself to the sensations Stiles was providing. Stiles pleased himself on Derek's cock, finding a steady pace while bracing himself against Derek's chest, his hands rubbing against the firm muscles there. Derek met Stiles with every move, thrusting up as he sat down, the sounds of their lovemaking filling the night air. Derek groaned, listening to Stiles' heavy breathing, peppered with breathy moans, the sounds of their bodies coming together loudest in his ears.

Stiles moved faster, one hand on his own cock to both stroke himself and to keep it from bouncing between them. He ground his hips forward, rolling them, moving in the most tantalizing way. And it was driving Derek crazy. He loved the feel of Stiles on top of him. He loved the control Stiles had over him, being pinned underneath him. And the hands that roamed all over his body, gripping him, squeezing him, made everything feel all the more amazing. It made Derek desperate to feel what it'd be like if Stiles were the one pounding into him. 'Soon,' he promised himself. 'Definitely soon.' But for right now, he was more than content feeling Stiles' tight heat slide up and down his cock, eliciting guttural moans from deep within him.

Soon though, the grueling pace Stiles had set had begun to take its toll. His thighs were shaking from the strain as he began to slow. "De-Derek-" he whined, brows furrowing together, biting his lip in frustration as he fought to continue.

It was Derek's turn to take control, which he gladly took up, wanting to claim Stiles as much as he wanted to be claimed. He sat up, holding him close before rolling them over, switching their positions. Hands under his knees, Derek spread Stiles legs, lining himself up before slipping back in.

"Yeah," Stiles sighed with pleasure, running his hands over his head before flinging his arms over the mattress. "God yeah."

Emboldened, Derek gave a few slow thrusts before picking up the pace that Stiles had set. He rocked hard into Stiles, the bed moving along with them, squeaking under their actions.

Stiles hummed before letting out a little giggle.

It was enough to get Derek to pause. "What?"

"No, nothing. Keep going," Stiles frowned, as if angry that Derek would even stop.

Derek brushed it off and continued, rolling his hips into Stiles, earning a loud moan of appreciation. He moved faster, arousal spiking deep within, the bed groaning with every thrust.

Again, Stiles giggled. And again, Derek paused, letting out a sigh. Giggling was most certainly something he didn't want to hear while trying to make love to his boyfriend. "What?" he growled out.

Stiles looked like he was fighting off his urge to laugh. "It's just- the bed. It's squeaking."

"Seriously, Stiles?" Derek had every right to look at his boyfriend with incredulity. This was hardly the time nor the place to be amused by a squeaky bed.

"It's distracting," he mused, as if it were an acceptable excuse. "I'm sorry. Keep going." He arched up off the bed, rocking his body up and down Derek's cock, stirring it back to life, encouraging Derek to continue.

Just watching Stiles writhe against him, fucking himself on Derek's hard-on was enough to get him going again. He ran his hands over Stiles' thighs before leaning down, bracing himself on one hand against the bed, taking Stiles' cock into his other hand to stroke it, and leaning down to re-capture his lips. As Derek continued his thrusts, and as their tongues met, the bed squeaked again, making Stiles laugh into their kiss.

Derek growled in frustration, pulling completely off of Stiles.

"Hey wai-" Stiles said, sitting up, but Derek wasn't listening. No. He was too busy shoving his mattress off the bedframe, with Stiles still sitting on top. "Whoa!" Stiles wailed, trying to keep his balance.

'Now that that's done with…' he mentally grumbled, swearing to take an axe to the damn thing if it squeaked even now. Derek moved back to the mattress now on the floor, repositioning himself back between the legs of the surprised boy, getting him to lie back against the messy sheets.

Stiles leaned up to wrap his arms around Derek and started laughing.

"Stiles, oh my God," he growled out.

"I'm sorry, but that did not just happen," he managed to get out, flopping back onto the mattress, draping on arm over his face as the other still held Derek close.

Derek looked between the empty bedframe to the boy laughing underneath him. Admittedly, he might've overdone it, but quite frankly, if the squeaking was distracting Stiles from the sex, Derek felt it was necessary to be rid of it. Eventually though, he too began to chuckle at the situation. "Okay. I admit. That was-"

"Awesome," Stiles finished, moving his arm away from his face, only to reach up and play with the hair along the nape of Derek's neck. "I will certainly remember this night forever," he smiled teasingly, although his eyes shone with love.

"Stop laughing. It's… unsettling," Derek said, voice serious although a hint of a smile still played on his lips.

"You have nothing to be unsettled by," Stiles assured. "You are doing an awesome job. A plus. Nine out of ten doctors would recommend-"

"Stiles," Derek groaned, though a grin spread out over his face. He loved this boy more than anything.

The playful smile turned fond as Stiles looked up at Derek, fingers still carding through his hair. "I love you, Derek."

And without missing a beat, "I love you, too, Stiles." He bent down, lips meeting Stiles' once more, kissing him tenderly, lovingly, proving to him the truth of his words.

Derek reached between them, taking Stiles' length back into his hand, giving it a few long strokes until Stiles was writhing against him once more, their heat restored.

"Derek," Stiles moaned. "Fuck me."

Closing his eyes and letting the spike of arousal surge through him with those words, Derek let out a stuttered breath before opening his eyes and taking his cock back into his hand to line it up at Stiles entrance once more. He eased back in slowly, earning a hiss of satisfaction from his love before steadily picking up the pace.

Soon Stiles was bucking against Derek, legs wrapping around his waist, pulling him closer as Derek rammed into Stiles, listening to him moan with every thrust, enjoying the break in his voice every time Derek managed to graze against that special spot. He bent down, kissing Stiles, resting his forehead against his as their breath intermingled between them, a sheen of sweat glistening off their bodies. Everything, everything was pulling Derek to the edge. Every touch, every breath, every thrust and every moan was perfect – a symphony designed to overwhelm his every sense. Being with Stiles was everything he had hoped for, and finally being with him, finally making love to the boy he cherished most was the haven he never knew he wanted until Stiles came into his life.

"Derek, I'm gonna- I'm coming!" Stiles panted out.

"No, not yet," Derek breathed, squeezing the base of Stiles' cock, stalling his orgasm. "With me," he replied, answering Stiles desperate cry. "I'm almost… I'm almost…" He released his hold on Stiles, stroking him to completion, as he thrust fully and deeply into him.

"Oh God, Derek! Derek! Ah!"

Derek watched Stiles come, felt him as blunt fingernails dug into his back and the warmth around him grew tighter around his cock, bringing him to his own orgasm. "Unh… Stiles," he groaned, burying his face in the crook of Stiles' neck. He rode it out, thrusting into Stiles as wave after wave of pleasure swept over him, his seed spilling into the condom that kept them apart.

When it all became too much, Derek stilled, his hot breath bouncing back onto him as he panted against Stiles' neck. He felt Stiles' hand in his hair while the palm of the other hand stroked tenderly over his back. Stiles' breath was heavy against his ear as they both slowly came back down from their cloud of ecstasy.

Breath finally caught, Derek exhaled heavily before shifting, feeling his spent cock slip out as he rolled over to lie down next to Stiles. He tugged at the condom, trying not to over stimulate himself as he pulled it off. He tied it off and tossed it towards his wastebasket, missing completely, but too spent to care.

Stiles rolled onto his side, draping himself over Derek, wrapping arm around his waist and using his shoulder as a pillow. Derek pulled him in close, wrapping his own arm around Stiles as the other stroked lovingly over the arm draped around his waist.

They lay in silence, the sounds of their heavy breathing the only thing permeating the air. Derek's mind was a hazy mess, his thoughts fractured into solitary words like 'good' and 'love' and 'Stiles'. He never wanted to know a day without Stiles ever again. He wanted these feelings to last forever. He wanted this night to last forever. And most of all, he wanted Stiles to want forever with him too.

"Shit…" Stiles breathed out.

Startled out of his thoughts, Derek looked down at Stiles, surprised and feeling a little self-conscious, considering the uttered curse. "What? Was it bad?"

"What? No," Stiles frowned, shaking his head. "I was just thinking… Your sheets," he huffed. "I'm pretty sure I ruined your sheets. With evidence – I might add – of how not bad it was." He finished by kissing the bit of skin closest to his lips. He snuggled in closer and sighed. "Sorry," he added, as an afterthought.

Derek let out a deep breath, visibly relaxing, mentally berating himself for even doubting. "Maybe…" he thought aloud. "Maybe the sheets weren't such a good idea either. Does satin need special cleaning?"

Stiles chuckled. "No, I think it can be washed regularly. And if not, I'll buy you new ones."

"Good," Derek hummed. "You are the one who ruined them."

Stiles scoffed. "I'm pretty sure you had something to do with it."

Derek smiled and let the argument die there.

With a final sigh of content, Stiles patted Derek's chest before sitting up.

This time, it was Derek's turn to chuckle.

"What?" Stiles asked, looking back down.

Derek sat up and kissed Stiles on the shoulder. "Those stupid petals… they're all over your back."

"Ah," Stiles laughed. "I guess they weren't such a good idea either."

"They weren't my idea to begin with," he defended, though smiling in amusement. "But someone just had to be nosy."

Stiles had the decency to look a bit guilty at that. "Sorry. I guess I really shouldn't have assumed-"

"Don't worry about it," Derek assured, kissing his shoulder again while plucking one pesky petal off Stiles' back, idly reminding of the blue dye that marred his skin just the day before. He let out a breathy chuckle before lightly grazing the silk against the pale skin.

Stiles hummed in content, though soon his lips quirked as he held back a laugh. "It tickles…"

With a smile, Derek moved back between Stiles' legs, easing him back down on the mattress while placing the soft petal over his belly button. Stiles just smiled, craning his neck to see what Derek was up to.

He blew gently at the petal, breath kissing Stiles' sweat-slick skin.

Stiles shuddered underneath him, voice caught between a giggle and a whimper.

Derek continued to move the piece of silk with his breath, making it dance down the line of Stiles' chest until it finally fluttered off to the side, letting Derek continue the trail with soft kisses instead. He placed soft pecks all the way up Stiles' body until he found his lips, choosing to kiss them fully and affectionately. Derek leaned against Stiles, smiling down at him as they pulled apart.

"Maybe the petals weren't such a bad idea either," he conceded, making Stiles laugh, earning another kiss in return.

Eventually the two got up, despite wanting to lie back and go to sleep. After they picked the rose petals off one another – which only resulted in some more naughty touching and immature tickling – Stiles helped Derek right his bed. They changed the sheets to a nice and fluffy white cotton, and proceeded to toss the discarded sheets and varying articles of clothing into the hamper to be laundered later. They cleaned up a bit before they finally settled back down into bed, letting their exhaustion take over.

Derek gazed at the boy curled up against him, lit by the soft radiance of the Christmas lights still strung along the headboard. He mentally decided they weren't such a bad idea either, considering the heavenly glow that reflected off of Stiles because of them, making him look ethereal and even more precious to Derek than ever before. Stiles looked up at him and smiled, moving around until their bodies slotted perfectly against one another, sighing happily once it did.

"I love you, Derek."

His heart swelled at the words, as it did every time Stiles declared his love for him. Content, satisfied, and most of all, simply happy, Derek smiled in return.

"I love you, too, Stiles."


When Derek woke up, the sky was still dark, though he knew dawn would fast be approaching. He sighed, nuzzling his face into his pillow, enjoying the soft cotton rub against his cheek. Although he was naked underneath a thin white sheet, he felt nothing but warm as Stiles was spooning him from behind, an arm draped possessively over Derek's waist. Derek smiled as he ran his hand over the strong arm, slipping his fingers to hold the lax hand. He felt Stiles' breath at the base of his neck, warm and steady, deep with slumber. Derek lied there, feeling like the luckiest man in the world. He soaked in his bliss, not wanting to move lest he break his bubble of content. Eventually, though, he wanted more. He wanted to see the face of the boy he loved.

Stretching stiffly as to not stir the sleeping Stiles, Derek did his best to flip over without shaking the mattress. He eased back down on his side once he was facing the other boy, studying his features through the pale light of early morning.

Lightly, he traced over Stiles' features. He brushed his thumb over his cheekbones, pressed an index finger to the upturn of his nose, trailed a ring finger across slightly chapped lips. He edged forward, lips following the path he made, pouring nothing but adoration into every graze.

He eased back onto his pillow and continued to watch Stiles in his sleep.

'How did I get so lucky?' he wondered, thanking the universe for bringing Stiles into his life. Derek let out a soft sigh, heart warming just being with him. 'Stiles, Stiles, Stiles…'

As if he had called out to him mentally, the younger boy began to stir, a small frown gracing his lips as if he wanted to fight off wakefulness. His stubbornness even in sleep made Derek smile.

Stiles exhaled deeply before cracking open a sleepy eye. "Hmm…" he hummed softly, blinking slowly. He smiled shyly at Derek, stretching out his tired body, before covering his mouth with the back of his hand. "Morning," he said, words muffled.

"Morning," Derek greeted, amused. "What are you doing?" He asked, glancing at the boy's hand.

"Mmm've got mornin' breath," he answered, voice hoarse with sleep.

Derek chuckled at that before grabbing Stiles' wrist and tossing it aside as if it offended him. He grinned at Stiles before leaning down and giving him a kiss.

Stiles was chuckling against him before he began to reciprocate, lips more pliant the more he woke up.

Derek pressed his forehead against Stiles', one arm supporting his weight while the other stroked up and down Stiles' side. He sighed in content, feeling Stiles' hands spread out across his own skin, warming him as they rubbed up and down his back. He opened his eyes, watching Stiles' face carefully.

"How are you?" he asked, a little worried now in the morning after if perhaps they had gone at it a little too hard for their first time.

"Sore," Stiles grumbled out, though he smiled. "But a good sore. A sexy sore."

Derek laughed. "How can a sore be sexy?"

"When it reminds me of everything we did last night, it's a sexy sore," he stated, matter-of-factly. Stiles hummed again. "What time is it?" he asked, stretching his arms over his head and letting out a yawn.

"No time," Derek smiled fondly.

"Derek time?" Stiles smiled back.

Derek grinned, nodding.

Stiles leaned up to place a soft kiss on Derek's lips before he looked over at the window, trying to gauge the hour by the morning sky. "It's a little light out."

Derek responded by pulling the sheet over their heads, cocooning them in a world where morning light didn't mean they'd have to eventually get up to face the day. He wanted to stay in this little bubble of perfection, in the space between Stiles' arms.

Stiles just smiled wide and dazzling, understanding Derek's antics as he always did despite the lack of words. He relaxed back into his pillow, pulling Derek close, framing him between his legs.

Pleased, Derek rest his head down on Stiles' chest, listening to his heart beating within, its steady pulse lulling him back to sleep. Yet, despite blocking out the world, he knew that soon the day would be calling, the sun would be rising. With a heavy sigh, and a plan to revisit their world every morning from here on out, Derek eventually pulled the sheet back down, letting the rest of the world back in.

And again, Stiles simply smiled, innately understanding as he his ran his hands soothingly up and down Derek's back. "Hey. You gonna do your morning work-out?" he asked.

"Hmm… well I'm not really one to break routine, but maybe today should be an exception?"

"It's fine," Stiles yawned. "In fact, I'll help you."

Derek cocked an eyebrow. "You'll help me."

"Yes, yes," Stiles rolled his eyes half-heartedly, smacking Derek lightly on the chest. "Come on," he urged, tapping the older boy on the hip before shimmying out from under him.

Derek watched avidly as Stiles rolled out of bed, stretching his arms out as he stood up, the sight of his naked boyfriend on display going straight to his already half-interested cock.

"Come on, lazy. Get up," Stiles smirked, slipping out the door before Derek heard the door to the bathroom close behind him.

Finally, Derek rolled out of bed as well, opting to slip into some gym shorts before following Stiles out the door. He headed for the bathroom just as Stiles stepped out, getting a brief kiss as they crossed paths. Once Derek did his business, he returned to his room – now fully lit – and found Stiles sitting cross-legged on his bed, wearing a pair of boxer-briefs that look like it might've been pilfered from his dresser and his red hoodie, left unzipped with the hood draped over his head. Even with the sleepy look on his face, the whole picture that Stiles presented was certainly attractive to the ever-interested Derek.

"Mmkay… what do you normally do first?" Stiles asked, standing up as Derek walked in.

"Stretch out."

"Ah, good."

It was a little weird having an audience as he did his routine. But Stiles watched interestedly, eying Derek in ways that could only be described as lewd. It wasn't until Derek was sitting on the floor with his legs spread that Stiles finally approached. As Derek leaned over to stretch, he felt Stiles come up behind him and push lightly against his back, making Derek stretch even further. The pressure felt good.

Stiles continued to push here and there every time Derek switched to a new move. And yes, while the added pressure did feel good, Stiles' hands all over his body felt even better.

Eventually, Derek finished and stretched across the floor to do some push-ups. Before he could do one, though, Stiles climbed onto his back, lying down on top of him.

Derek chuckled, looking over his shoulder. "Is this how you're helping me?"

"Mm," Stiles hummed in the affirmative. "Think of how nice and ripply your muscles will be doing push-ups with the added weight," he rationalized.

Derek just shook his head and continued his workout as Stiles struggled to hang on. He didn't fare so well and soon tumbled to the floor next to Derek, laughing softly to himself. Derek couldn't help himself. He crawled over and bent down to kiss his childish love.

Derek carried out his routine with Stiles trying – and usually failing – to help out in various ways.

"You know," Stiles said thoughtfully, watching as Derek worked out his triceps against the frame of his bed. "Your routine is very… erotic."

Derek had to laugh as he pushed himself up and eased himself down.

"No, seriously," Stiles defended. "What with all the up and down and lunging and sweaty everything… Let's just say you're lucky I'm still technically half-asleep."

Derek stood up and walked over to where Stiles was seated on the floor. He dropped down to crouch in front of him and smirked. "Oh yeah? Or else what?"

"I'd give you a different reason to get all sweaty."

"Mm. Sounds promising." He placed another kiss on Stiles' lips before lying down on the floor with his knees up.

"Ah! I know this one. I can totally help with this one," he smiled eagerly, crawling over to hold Derek's ankles down.

Derek grinned, waiting for Stiles to get situated before sitting up.

"Ah-ah, Mr. Hale," Stiles chided, as Derek eased himself back down to the floor. "You need to come all the way up," he said, tapping his lips with his forefinger.

"My apologies," he smirked, lifting himself back up, high enough this time to lay a kiss on Stiles' lips.

"Much better. I'm an excellent personal trainer."

Derek snorted. "I hope you don't offer this sort of training to your other clients," he growled, lifting himself up for another kiss.

"Mm, no," he shook his head. "Most of them just skip the foreplay and just go straight for the squat thrusts, if you know what I mean."

Derek let out an actual growl at that, this time grabbing Stiles back down with him. He rolled the laughing boy over so he was kneeling between his spread legs. "You are wicked," he huffed. It was a joke, he knew it, but the idea of anyone else being with Stiles irked him beyond rationale.

Still bearing a sly grin, Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek's neck and pulled him down for a heated kiss. "And you," he panted. "Are a sweaty, sweaty mess."

Derek took a brief second to glance at his clock. It was nearly five in the morning, just about time for Stiles to get ready for work. "Am I still banned from the coffee shop this morning?" he asked, half-playfully, half in genuine curiosity. Although he didn't exactly enjoy the idea of being apart from Stiles during the long, morning hours, he supposed he could bare it if Stiles hurried back after his shift. He entertained the idea of lying naked in bed, just waiting for Stiles to return to take him. The idea of it was thrilling.

But Stiles hummed, shaking his head as he carded his hands through Derek's hair. "Nah," he said finally. "I missed you too much yesterday. I'd rather much have you with me as I fight off the urge to jump you than to not have you there at all. My will will be tested, but if it means I can stare at your sweet ass all morning, I'm willing to bear the weight of temptation."

Derek snorted. "Again with my ass. So it's just my ass you're interested in."

"It's a nice ass," he grinned, matter-of-factly.

Derek hugged Stiles to him, burying his face in his neck, breathing in the scent of Stiles. "I missed you yesterday morning, too." He chuckled softly then. "At least, I would have if I hadn't fallen asleep."

Stiles simply laughed in return, Derek feeling it vibrate through the boy's body as it escaped his lips.

Finally, Derek stood, pulling Stiles up with him. Wrapping his arms around Stiles' waist, he pressed his forehead to his, eyes meeting tentatively. "Shower with me?" he asked gently.

"You bet your sweet ass," Stiles grinned, giving the very feature a firm squeeze.

The two hurried off into the shower, the few articles of clothing they had on tossed carelessly aside. Derek's typical quick rinse had significantly increased in time considering he spent less time actually washing himself and more time on his knees in front of his boyfriend. They both sort of hoped their morning rendezvous under the showerhead would be enough to quell them through Stiles' shift – or at least enough until they can get back to Derek's apartment to explore each other's bodies some more.

When the two finally got out of the shower, it was very nearly time for Stiles to head out to the coffee shop. They toweled each other dry – Stiles chuckling fondly as Derek rubbed the fluffy fabric over his head again while Derek hissed his sensitivity as Stiles lingered further below than necessary, smiling that impish grin of his that told Derek he knew exactly what he was doing. They dressed quickly, and while Derek was disappointed that all that skin was now hidden from his view, he certainly didn't mind seeing Stiles forsake the clothes he brought along in favor of wearing a shirt and sweater from Derek's own closet. He had thought it before, and seeing it again only reaffirmed the notion. Stiles looked good in Derek's clothes. And of course, he looked much better out of them, but they'd have to save that for later in the day.

"Hey," Stiles smiled up at Derek from where he was sitting on the carpet, tying his shoes. "I just had the most perfect idea for a shorter title for our journal."

"Hm?" Derek cocked an eyebrow, slipping his jacket on. "And what would that be?"

"Day One, BMWIYH."

Derek chuckled. "What in the world does that mean?"

The younger boy grinned. "Baking My Way Into Your Heart."

Derek had to laugh. It was just silly.

Still, Stiles smiled. "It's perfect, right?"

And it was. Because that's exactly what Stiles had done. So Derek smiled, bright and carefree, in a way meant only for Stiles. "Yeah," he nodded in all sincerity. "It's perfect."

Stiles just smiled a self-satisfied smirk, pleased with his cleverness, and continued with his other shoe when a song began to play from in the bedroom.

"I just had sex! And it felt so good!"

Derek balked. "What. The hell. Is that?" He turned eyes to the boy on the floor who had ceased all shoe-tying function and abandoned it in favor of clutching his stomach as he fell to the floor, laughing. "Stiles," Derek growled.

The boy could only wave his hand towards the room, wheezing out the word "phone" between chuckles.

It clicked then. Stiles had tampered with his ringtone, changing it to the one currently claiming to never go back to the "not-having-sex ways of the past." Derek rolled his eyes, grabbed a pillow off the couch and launched it at Stiles, smiling a self-satisfied smirk in hearing it connect with its target, eliciting a tiny 'oof' in the process. "Stiles, you're dead," he yelled out over his shoulder as he hurried to answer the call.

"I love you too, sweetie pie!"

Derek just snorted, quirked an eyebrow at the caller ID and hit the 'talk' button. "I'm surprised you're even awake at this hour," he answered, holding his phone to his ear.

"Ha, ha. I'll have you know, I am a professional and can wake up at any hour my job requires of me."

"Then what are you calling me for, Laura?"

He heard his sister groan over the line. "It's five o' clock in the morning and I have a flight at seven. And while it's lovely in the lounge area, it is abysmally devoid of good company. And since I can practically set my watch by you, I knew you'd be up."

"So you could share your abysmal boredom?"

"Yes. Exactly."

Derek let out a breathy chuckle. "Well unfortunately, I have to make it quick. Stiles and I are just on our way out. He's got work in about fifteen minutes."

"Ah, how is our little baker boy?"

"My baker boy is doing just fine."

Laura snorted at her brother's amendment. "Well, I would hope so. I heard you two were finally going to seal the deal."

Derek balked. "How did you even-?"

"There's a weekly newsletter that's sent out that highlights all the detailing of your relationship."

He hoped beyond all hope that she was joking.

"Lighten up, baby bro. Peter mentioned it."

Derek scoffed. "I should have known."

"So…" she sang, drawing out the 'o'. "How did it go?"

"You are weirdly concerned about my sex life considering you're my sister."

"All right, all right," Laura huffed. "Listen. In all seriousness, I'm happy for you, Der-bear. I'm glad you finally got your head out of your ass and went for something that you clearly care so much about. He's good for you."

Derek was just about to agree, but Laura pushed on.

"And it's not just him. You're also one semester away from finishing up school. You're well on your way to becoming the man you were always meant to be. I'm proud of you. Peter's proud of you. And I know for damn sure that Mom and Dad are proud of you too."

"Laura…" Derek murmured, at a loss of anything more to say.

"Maybe it's just the early morning that's making me sentimental," she reasoned, voice sounding suspiciously choked. "But it goes without saying, I love you Derek. And after all the shit we've been through, I'm happy. And I'm happy that you're happy. That you're finding your way and that you've found Stiles along the way, too."

"All this because Stiles and I finally had sex?"

"Shut up, you jerk. I'm trying to be nice," she barked, though there was laughter in her voice. "All I'm saying, you insensitive idiot, is… don't fuck up. Or else. I'll disown you or something."

"Can you even disown your own brother?"

"I'll find a way."

He didn't doubt she would.

The two were silent after that, until Stiles poked his head in the door.

"You ready?" he whispered.

"Uh, yeah. Hey Laura, Stiles and I- we better head out."

"Yeah, of course. Go."

"And Laura?"

"What?" she sighed.

"…Thanks. I'm happy for you, too." He heard her sniffle on her end of the line before he cleared his throat. "That just might be the early morning talking, though."

"Goodbye, you ass. Go have fun with your baker boy and eat cake and be even more spoiled than you already are."

Derek chuckled. "Love you, Laura. Call me when you land."

"Love you, too, dickwad."

Derek just shook his head and ended the call. "All right. I'm ready," he said, reaching out to take Stiles' hand in his.

"What was that about?" Stiles asked. "Is everything okay?"

Derek smiled, kissing Stiles gently on the lips. "Everything is perfect."

Smiling in return, Stiles nodded. "Good."

They walked in the early morning light to the coffee shop where Derek helped Stiles set up, mostly so that Stiles could have more time out of the kitchen so he could spend it at their table instead. They miraculously managed to stay relatively mess free as Stiles baked the morning treats. Today would be a lemon verbena pound cake – made with the sole intention of spoiling Derek to the core – and a cinnamon swirl muffin with streusel sprinkled on top, a treat that made Derek smile. It was the same one that Stiles had offered him their first morning together.

While the two treats were baking in the oven, Stiles finally set about making Derek's coffee.

"So sir," Stiles said as he swept dramatically to stand behind the register, quirking an eyebrow and his lips in amusement. "What can I get for you today?"

Derek snorted. "Stiles, you know my order by heart. Hell, you've known it practically since our second day."

"Yeah, well, sometimes it's nice to pretend. So indulge me if you will. What'll you have today, Mr. Hale?"

Derek sighed but played along nonetheless. "Fine. Large extra hot coffee with two pumps hazelnut, syrup, no cream, only one shot low-fat milk, no caramel and no little drawing of a heart in the foam."

"No little drawing of a heart in the foam…"


Stiles grinned. "Coming right up."

Derek watched as Stiles disregarded his instructions to create the perfect blend of hazelnut-coffee goodness.

"Oh no," Stiles frowned looking down into the mug.

"What is it?" Derek asked, concerned as he tried to see over Stiles' shoulder.

Stiles turned to face Derek, expression in full seriousness. "Looks like we're out of sweetener." He put mug down, and hopped onto the counter to sit sideways next to the register. "Come on, Derek," he immediately grinned. "Gimme some sugar!" he said, leaning over and puckering his lips.

Appalled, Derek just pushed Stiles away by his face – perhaps a little too forcefully as the barista tumbled over the other side. Derek, worried, quickly leaned over to see if he was hurt, but in hearing the laughter emanating from the floor, he relaxed.

Racked with chuckles, Stiles picked himself up off the floor and continued where he left off, humming an unknown little ditty to himself. He placed the completed drink in front of Derek, grinning from ear to ear. "Here you go, my hottie biscotti," he winked, looking smug.

Derek had to laugh. "You are ridiculous," he stated, simply.

"You love it."

Picking up his mug, Derek conceded. "…I do." Feeling shy under Stiles' pleased gaze, Derek dropped his head, glancing at the foam in his cup. He let out another breathy chuckle seeing the drawing inside, meeting Stiles' eyes once more. "I thought I said no little heart drawing in the foam."

Stiles leaned across the counter, smiling fondly at Derek. "I thought you could make an exception… just this once."

Slowly, Derek smiled in return. He thought about all he had been through with Stiles, how they got from where they were that first day to the here and now. Before Stiles, Derek was a man, simply going through the motions of day-to-day life. He had a strict plan to make it through school, and the mere thought of deviating was enough to irritate him. But then Stiles came along and he showed him that not everything had to go according to plan. He learned that it was okay to take some twists and turns as long as the destination was the same. And most important of all, Stiles showed him that he didn't have to go on his journey alone. With Stiles, he met new people, made new friends, and found a love within him that he didn't even truly believe existed. It may not have been the smoothest of journeys to get where they were now, but they had arrived there in the end. And best of all, their journey together had only just begun.

Stiles had baked his way into Derek's heart.

And as for the coffee?

It was perfect.


Notes: Thank you for reading. After final editing, I got to the end and had to stop and not look at my monitor for a while. Silly story about silly boys and silly treats. Gah. Emotions? What are they? I scoff at you. *sniffle*

So... I think it was important to me that they be awkward and have weird moments in bed because that's been their whole relationship to this point. They are not perfect and nothing they do together is perfect. It's the fact that they're doing these things together that make it perfect. And I hope that translates into this final chapter.

Ahhh I don't know what to say. I hope you enjoyed the story. I really do. I have favorite moments. Do you? What are they? No, no, no, I'm getting not emotional again thinking about it all. I like cabbage. You drew a flower in my coffee when I told you not to draw a heart. Do you know what it's like to get hit with a baseball bat? He's gonna Go, Diego, Go into town on your ass. TOO MANY MOMENTS. ALL OF THEM. I LOVED IT ALL. And I hope you really enjoyed it too.