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Derek's POV:

"I hate you!" She screams, her face contorted in anger and her fists clenched at her sides.
"No, you love me," I look at her over the top of my glass; a few strands of her hair have fallen from her messy ponytail, "like everyone."
"Oh, shut up! You think you're so great," She ignores my smirk and glares at me, "you think you're so perfect!"

"That's because I am, and you know it!" I use my special singsong voice, which I only do when I want to see her particularly mad. And today I need to see her mad. Seeing her mad will help to forget the latest dream.
"Ugh! You are so impossible!" She throws her hands up, the light of her bracelets glinting across the room. "Not everyone loves you, don't kid yourself!"
"They do, I'm irresistible." I brush past her and dump my empty glass in the sink.
"You? As if!" She scoffs, and stalks out of the room.
"Yep, and you know it!" I yell after her, "I bet you I could seduce anyone, lets say… in the whole school!"

There I said it. Caught up in my little game, I uttered the sentence that would change my life.

Turning around with narrowed eyes, her eyebrows disappear beneath her hair.
"You want to bet?" She asks, a little smile growing on her lips.
"I didn't think you were a betting woman." I comment, pushing past, and climbing the stairs to my room.
"I can be if I want to!" She says, following me as I saunter into my room, and turn the stereo on so loud it blocks out her voice. I ignore her, and pull of my T-shirt to put my sports vest on. Her eyes trail on my abs, and I can't help but feel slightly pleased.
With an annoyed glance, she tugs the lead of the stereo and the booming bass stops with a jolt.
"Case!" I complain, my sports vest hanging limply by my side, giving her my best dark look. "Never stop the music!"
She just rolls her eyes, and pushes her way through my mess to grab my wallet.
"Hey!" I protest, as she tips it upside down and a lonely penny falls out.

"You haven't got any thing to bet with you idiot." She rolls her eyes, and throws it back at me so it bounces of my bare chest.
"That's what you think… I have a secret stash." I tell her, swinging my vest around my finger.
"Humph!" She rubs her eyes, avoiding looking at my chest, and a slight pinkness in her cheeks, "Put that shirt on, or are you going parade naked for much longer?"
"Half naked," I correct her, grinning, "why? Does it distract you?"
The colour in her cheeks deepens, and even though I love seeing her blush, I know I shouldn't be encouraging it. It will only bring on another dream tonight.
"As if!" She turns her back on me, pretending to look out the window. "And I don't believe you about the money…"
I fish out the rolled up notes from under my mattress, and hold them out "Look."
She reluctantly turns back to me, and her eyebrows spike at the sight of the money. "Did you steal it?" She asks sarcastically.
I ignore her and shove it into my jeans pocket, with the pressure; it lowers slightly so the line of my boxers is visible. I see her glance flicker, and my breath catches in my throat. Angry at myself, I throw open the door, "Are you done intruding on private property?"
She sniffs, nose in the air, and stands her ground.
"So, about the bet…" She picks at her lilac nails,
"Whoa!" I hold my hands out in front of me, as if trying to slow her down, "No bets."
"oh, so your giving up before it started then?" She smirks, it's an unusual shape on Casey's lips, and I find myself staring. "Shame, I was prepared to make the stakes high…"
I snap out of my fascination, "Like what?"
"Oh I'm sure we will come to some agreement." She smiling wider now, and I can tell she's got something up her sleeve, "so your saying you could seduce any girl in the school are you?"
"Sure…" I say carefully, studying her face, "Name one."
"Hold on, just so we're clear. Your betting you can get any girl in the school to kiss you in, let's say… a month?"
It's my turn to smile, "Sure thing. I was expecting a harder challenge."
"Oh. Don't worry, you've got one." She laughs, and the triumphant look on her face starts to worry me.
"Who? Everyone is crazy about me!" I say arrogantly, just because I love seeing her look of frustration. Unfortunately, I don't get it.
"Not me." She laughs.
Suddenly, what I've done dawns on me.


Casey's POV:

While he realises what he's landed himself in, I can't help studying him. The angular shape of his muscular shoulders, his biceps as his arms hand loosely by his sides, his tanned forearms, his abs, and his jeans that hand low on his hips…
Snap out of it Casey!
"So let's say, bet starts now, you got a month Derek!" I laugh, push past him, and go to my room. With my music on, I turn it up so loud the little speakers buzz. I don't usually do this, but now it helps to drown all thoughts of him. I slip my diary out from under my pillow, and I decide to reread everything from this summer. From the moment Trueman left me sitting on the sofa in my own house, with his last words,
"I thought I could change for you Casey, but I was wrong. I've been seeing someone else."
A few nights after the prom, when he had begged me to take him back.

The worst thing of that night was that Derek was sitting there, in his chair watching his stupid hockey game. And it killed me that he saw me at my weakest. Trueman ignored him as he stood to leave, and I wiped away my tears. I would have slapped him, but I felt to tired. I could have yelled, but I felt to sad. I could have run, but I felt to broken. I could have done something, but I didn't.
Derek did.
Trueman had pulled his coat back on, touched my forehead as goodbye, and was walking to the door.
"You going to leave her like that?" Derek's eyes hadn't flickered from the television screen, but his voice was hard. He had a look in his eyes I recognized from the night when Trueman had kissed Vicky, and he had defended me.
"What?" Trueman turned to him.
"Are you seriously going to tell me your going to leave her here like this?" Derek demanded.
"Um…" Trueman looked confused, we both stared at Derek. "Yeah?" He stuttered, it sounded more like a question.
"That's not cool man." Derek said simply.
Looking slightly relieved Trueman sort of shrugged, and walked to the door.
I felt, if possible, even worse.
As the draught from the open door blew over us, Derek's wrist flicked, the remote control flew across the room and hit the back of Trueman's head. I gasped.
"Who told you I was finished?" Derek snapped.
He stood up, and walked slowly up towards Trueman, who looked nervous.
"No-one, no-one treats Casey like that." He spat at him, and grabbed the front of his coat, "especially not some jumped-up freak who is so full of himself."
He pushed him up against a wall, "Who do you think you are?" Derek demanded, shaking his collar. "Who the hell do you think you are?"
"Calm down mate…" Trueman gasped,
"Don't call me mate," Derek snarled, "you wouldn't deserve her in a million years!"
Trueman panicked as I watched, completely astonished.
"If I you even think of her again, if her name simply crosses your mind, if you dare even glance at her, I will make you wish you were never born! Do you understand?" Derek opened the door wider, while keeping a firm hand fisted in Trueman's shirt, "I said, do you understand?"
"Yes, I'm sorry, sorry." Trueman gasped.
"Good." Derek punched him in the face. He fell over the threshold, and Derek slammed the door in his face.
"Casey, are you OK?" His voice was dark, as he walked back to me, clutching his knuckles.
Speechless I nodded.
I took his arm, and pulled him to the kitchen and got some ice from the freezer. After wrapping it in a tea towel, I gave it to him.
"You shouldn't have." My voice shook, as I watched him press it to them back of his red hand.
"He shouldn't have treated you like that!" Derek snapped.
I couldn't help it, I sobbed.
I expected him to run. I expected him to roll his eyes. I expected him to ignore me.
He hugged me.
His good hand around my waist holding me tightly, the other hung at his side. My face was pressed into his T|-shirt and I felt drunk with his smell; chocolate, leather and body spray.
I looked up into his brown eyes, and wondered why he would protect me since he didn't consider me to be his sister.
Clearing his throat, he has let go of me quickly.
"Go to bed, Case." He said, looking tired.
I did as he said.
The next day it was like nothing happened, he was if possible, more horrible than usual. And I couldn't understand why.

A knock at my door drags me from my flashback and into the present,
'Come in.' I call, pushing my diary out of sight.
Lizzie steps in, with a cute little smile like always.
'Casey, I need your advice.'
'Go ahead Liz.' I smile at her.
'Well, I don't know what's wrong with me. There is this new guy at school, he's nothing special, but our class went swimming the other day and I saw him you know… in his trunks.' Lizzie turns a pale pink, 'and ever since I can't stop thinking about him. Last night I dreamt that he asked me out, and today when he talked to me, I didn't know what to do!'

'Aw Liz, that's really cute!' I laugh.
'No it's not Casey! At school, when he walked away,' She leans in closer dropping her voice to a whisper, 'I looked at his butt and I couldn't help it.' She seemed to shiver at the memory.
'Don't worry Liz,' I grin at her, 'you just like him, that's all.'
I know but I mean, he is Masey's boyfriend, so I'm not aloud to like him!' She throws her hands up, looking exactly like me, and looks close to tears.
'Ah, forbidden love huh?' I looked at her sympathetically.
'Casey, could you stop being poetic for just one minute!' Lizzie complained.

'I'm not being poetic.' I told her, and she raised her eyebrows at me. 'Alright maybe a little but…'

"Anyway, there must be something wrong with me, because-"
"You can't walk into a room without hoping he's there. You can't fall asleep without wondering whether he's sleeping to. You can't stop wondering whether he feels it too when you catch his eye. You know you shouldn't but you keep studying every inch of his perfect face. You hate that you can't have him, and somehow you blame him, so you hate him too." I sigh and finish for her.
'Sorry to break up your little chat ladies,' Derek is standing by the door, and I don't know how long he has been there. 'But Liz, I need to borrow you're big sister for a chat.'

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