Tobi sat at the curb, waiting. Itachi came and sat next to him. "You know, he's not coming home." Itachi sighed sadly. Tobi hung his head down, looking at the yellow envelope in his hand. "Missing in action...He could still be alive, Itachi-sama. Have faith. He wouldn't go down that easily." Itachi shook his head. "Don't overestimate him. This is war we're talking about." Some tears escaped Tobi's mask. "I wish senpai will come home. That's all I want. The naval forces came home yesterday...and we got this letter instead of a hero." "Tobi..." Itachi whispered, a worried look on his face. "All we can do is hope for the best. Now let's go inside. It looks like rain."

Tobi slept restlessly that night, his dreams invaded by images of his beloved Deidara dying in the enemy's hands. All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door. "Sasori-sama...?" Tobi said, rubbing his visible eye. Sasori looked serious, big eyes that, too looked restless. "Come on!" Sasori said, grabbing Tobi's arm. They ran out to the front porch. They saw someone in the distance walking down the road. "What's someone doing up at two in the morining...?" Tobi asked sleepily. Sasori grabbed his arm again and started running toward the figure. "Hey!" Sasori yelled. The figure looked up and started running towards them. Tobi and Sasori saw and knew who it was.

They were all running towards each other. Deidara was still wearing his army greens, which were covered in who knows what. Sasori and Tobi hugged him. "Deidara..! I knew it! I just knew that you weren't dead!" Tobi cried. "Hahaha, What! Did you have doubts?" Deidara said, smiling. "I'm going to get the others." Sasori said, then ran off. Now that they were alone, Tobi lifted his mask, wiped some dirt off Deidara's face and gave him a long kiss.