Chapter 7: Little Witch

Mizore was looking out the window in her room. She hadn't gone to class or the newspaper club at all ever since the newspaper announcing that Gin was the pervert and not Tsukune. The girl's thoughts were on Tsukune when there was a knock on her door. Mizore didn't even get up to open it because she knew it was Moka trying to talk to her. The knocking continued getting louder and louder. After some time the knocking stopped altogether. She could hear footsteps going away from her door. Mizore watched as the students of Yokai Academy passed walked the paths back to the dorms. Mizore spotted a blue haired girl flying around looking at the windows of the building. When the girl turned and looked at Mizore she came closer to her window with an annoyed look on her face. Opening the window from the outside the blue haired girl came in.

"Didn't you hear me knocking on your door?" the girl asked as her wings and tail retracted into her body. "I came here to talk to you Shirayuki. You haven't come to school in over a week and your friends have been worried about you especially Tsukune-kun."

"Who are you, hmm? You don't even know Tsukune-kun! What gives you the right to call him kun?"

Mizore was alarmed about what she'd said. She had been feeling loathing for Tsukune for a while and yet here she was defending him. The blue haired girl took a step back from Mizore. Whenever she had looked over at her she had seemed quiet.

"I do know him. I met him before on the first day before our orientation started." The girl stated looking Mizore directly in the eye with a serious face. "I also know that he misses you. All he talks about is how worried he is about you. Frankly that Akashiya girl has been getting annoyed that every word out of his mouth centers around you."

"Why are you telling me this? We have never even met."

"I'm telling you this because your friends miss you. You need to get back to them."

"I really appreciate that you came here to talk to me. I should have gone back with my friends from the beginning."

The blue haired girl nodded and walked over to the open window, her wings sprouting from her back. A devilish tail also appeared. She started to climb out.

"Wait I don't even know your name."

"My name doesn't matter"

With that the girl jumped out and flew away waving back at Mizore.


Kurumu was looking over at Tsukune and Moka. They were sitting two tables over rom where she and her posse of boys were. Tsukune was just as glum as in the days before. Kurumu was feeling a slight tug on her heart seeing the boy so depressed.

"Why do I care if Tsukune-kun is feeling down?"

"Moka-chan are you sure Mizore-chan isn't away or sleeping when you knock on her door?" Tsukune asked Moka for the billionth time.

"Tsukune-kun I already told you I could hear Mizore-chan's footsteps but she still wont open the door."

"Maybe she will come to the newspaper club today." Tsukune sighed wistfully. "I really miss her."

At this Kurumu was overcome with a powerful instinct to go over to Tsukune. She had to suppress it with all her might.

"That tears it! I can't stand feeling like this. I have to get Shirayuki back."

End Flashback

Tsukune walked out of the boy's dorms and was disappointed to see that Moka was standing I her usual circle of fan boys alone. The girl walked past them all and went over to the boy. Tsukune got some dirty looks as the fan boys walked away.

"Ohayou Tsukune-kun." Moka halfheartedly said. She was expecting him to talk about Mizore this morning again. "Tsukune-kun can I suck your blood I'm really thirsty."

"Sure Moka-chan."

The rosette proceeded to drink his blood. The sharp pain still made Tsukune flinch but it only lasted a couple of seconds. The twosome then walked the path to school. At the school's gate a purple haired figure was waiting for them.

"Mizore-chan you finally came! I was really worried about you." Tsukune called to the girl as he went over to her.

The girl had a blush on her face that could be seen clearly against her pale skin.

"I'm sorry Tsukune-kun!"

Mizore jumped onto Tsukune and wrapped her arms around him. This made Moka jealous and she tore the two apart.

"You don't say anything to us in a week and you think you can just hug Tsukune-kun like nothing happened?" Moka pointed a finger at the purple haired girl. "We're not going to forgive you so easily."

"I know what I did was wrong but I was really hurt after what happened."

Kurumu was in her usual circle of drooling boys overhearing their conversation.

"Damn that Akashiya Moka. She's going to split them apart again."

"What are you talking about? All that happened was that you lied about Tsukune-kun being the pervert!" Moka yelled at Mizore.

"Moka-chan please don't yell at Mizore-chan like that." Tsukune was trying to intervene. "You don't know what happened."

"All I need to know is that she made you get hurt by writing that lie!"

"I kissed Mizore-chan!" Moka went from being angry to feeling upset.

Kurumu felt a heaviness in her chest. Had she heard that right? Did Tsukune and Mizore really kiss?

"I wasn't in control of myself that day. Gin-sempai had put something in my lemonade that made me fall in love with Mizore-chan."

Kurumu sighed in relief but made a mental note to get Gin. Moka was still upset though.

"I have to go think Tsukune-kun."

Moka left quickly tears forming in her eyes. Kurumu led her posse into the school because the flow of students was getting smaller and the three whom she was spying on would see her.

"Moka-chan wait!" Tsukune tried to call after her to no avail.

"What are you two doing standing around. You are going to be late."

It was one of the teachers who called over to them. Tsukune wanted to go after Moka but he knew he had to get to class or he would get in trouble. He and Mizore went into the school.

Inside they found Moka sitting down at her desk. Her eyes were red and puffy. Tsukune could tell she'd been crying. He sat in his seat in front of her and Mizore sat in her seat in front of him. Before sitting down though Mizore spotted a familiar blue haired girl.

After school

Moka stood up and went to Tsukune.

"Tsukune-kun I know it wasn't your fault that you kissed Mizore-chan but the thought of you kissing her jus makes me upset."

"Moka-chan I'm sorry I didn't tell you this sooner but I wasn't sure what you would say."

Mizore went over to Kurumu who was giving her books to the lucky guy who would get to carry them.

"Hey you're the girl who came to talk to me yesterday." Mizore told her.

Tsukune looked over at Kurumu and Mizore.

"Mizore-chan you and Kurumu-chan are friends?"

"Actually I only met her yesterday. She was the one who convinced me to come back."

"You did? I'm glad you did I really missed Mizore-chan."

Kurumu's face reddened at having Tsukune look at her.

"Well you were all gloomy and it was making me feel down seeing you like that so…" Tsukune just smiled at her. "I have to go now I'm late for my club."

Kurumu quickly left taking her posse with her.

At the Newspaper Club

Moka, Mizore and Tsukune were working on their columns when there was a knock on the door. Gin went over to open it. It was Nekonome with a young girl. She had short black hair and purple eyes. On top of her head was a large witch hat that was drooping down to one side. The girl was wearing a cape, a pink top with a pink corset and the usual skirt that all girls wore in Yokai Academy. She had bright pale yellow over the knee socks and brown shoes. In her hand was a heart shaped wand.

"Everyone this is Yukari Sendo and she will be joining the newspaper club. Please make friends with her." With that the ditsy blonde left.

The young girl walked to a desk and sat down.

"Umm, I don't mean to be rude but how old are you?" Tsukune asked genuinely curious about her age.

"I'm eleven." The girl stated flatly.

"Aren't you supposed to be in-"

"No. I'm a genius and I got skipped all the way to high school." Yukari spoke cutting off Tsukune.

"Well now that we have our introductions over I will tell our new member what needs to be done." Gin was about explain the rules to the small girl but she turned away from him and looked over at Moka with a blush on her face.

"I know all about this club. I don't really care about it. I just came here because of Moka-chan."

"M-me?" Moka was confused.

"Yes, I love you Moka-chan and I want to be with you."

The little girl jumped on Moka and grabbed at her breasts. Gin and Tsukune both fell with a bloody nose making a puddle around them.

Well that's chapter 7. I was getting a lot of comments about Kurumu not seeing a lot of camera time (figuratively speaking) and so I gave her a role in this chapter. Now we have Yukari. Thanks for reading and remember to leave your comments and suggestions.