Hinalover 1010

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As Emi screamed in pain from the fact that her love, Yujiro Hanma, was crushing her spinal cord from a bear hug while Yujiro was looking at his thirteen year old son, Baki, who was laying in the grass with blood flowing down from his nose and laying there unconscious. Yujiro thought about his fight with his son and couldn't help but frown as he also came up with the thought that his son was weak. Even though Baki was strong, Yujiro still thought of how weak his son was compared to other people that he met. 'How dare he say that he is my son when he is weak along with this woman?' Yujiro thought to himself, ignoring the pained screams erupting from his wife.

Then, Yujiro dropped his wife onto the ground and stared as she lies on top of her son unconscious as well, the son who she despised and hated for being weak and causing him to abandon her, despite herself being weak as well. 'What weaklings.' Yujiro thought. He knelt down to the ground and inspected his wife and son that he defeated.

As he continued to stare at the two, ignoring the world around him and the stares coming from the people that just witnessed him killing his wife, he thought about all of the weaklings that came to challenge him but they ended up dead, along with the civilians that he fought. He also thought of the strong people that might pose of a challenge, but his face never changed as he smiled on the inside. He went back to his wife and son and had to give them a little respect for even thinking that they could beat, especially Emi who knew that she would most definitely die from fighting him, especially after spitting on his face after insulting him in front of people, and from the fact that she gave him a weakling of a son. But he would only give them a little respect because of their stupidity with Emi, for thinking that he could love her, and Baki, for thinking he could actually defeat them. 'This world is truly full of damn weaklings that can never beat me unless they actually go through what I went through to come this far. Let's see if those fighters behind me can defeat me.' Yujiro thought as he got up from the ground and looked at the man in the suit that actually thought he could take him to the police. Yujiro punched the man and watched as his body tumbled far away, smiling and laughing manically as he did so.

He looked at the fighters as he walked towards them with a smile on his face. "You've met Yujiro Hanma. If you are all fighters, why don't you play with me for a little before you leave?"

As he lunged at the group of fighters and began to fight, he only had one thought the whole entire time. 'What a bunch of weaklings.'


Hey you guys! This is Hinalover 1010 I'm working on my other story, Messed Nyotalia meet Hetalia, but I've been watching Baki the Grappler lately and decided to make this. I hope you like it!