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Hermione walked to her quarters in Gryffindor Tower still completely shocked at what had just transpired. Severus Snape, bat of the dungeons, had apologized AND cracked a joke, to boot! She arrived at the portrait of Morgana le Fay and whispered her password, " Post tenebras, lux" and walked into her room. She headed straight to her closet and looked for something to wear. She finally decided on a forest green V-neck shirt and black trousers with silver robes that had vines embroidered on them with forest green thread.

After a long shower she got dressed and tackled the bird's nest that was her hair. Forty five minutes later her hair was in a neat upsweep with a few tendrils curled and framing her face. She added a little red lipstick and looked at the finished product.

Wow she thought as she grabbed her black cloak, I look really good.

She ended up five minutes later in front of the painting of Merlin that guarded the office and quarters of the Gryffindor Head of House.

"My lord Merlin, would you inquire if Professor Black would do me the honor of seeing me" Hermione asked as she dropped into a low curtsy.

"I would be delighted, my dear girl. Anything for one of my heirs. You look so much like my Nimue, my dear and I hear you are just as talented as me." Merlin said as he left a startled Hermione.

I have to do some research and come talk to him again soon Hermione thought as the portrait swung open and Sirius Black stepped out.

"Hello, Hermione, Merlin said you wanted to talk to me? Why don't you come in and I'll make some tea" he said as he offered his arm to the young witch, who blushingly accepted it.

"May I inquire as to why you came to see me looking so beautiful when you should be working on your apprenticeship? Not that you aren't beautiful any other day….Gods, I'm messing this up, aren't I? he said as he put the kettle on the fire.

"I don't think you're messing things up at all. Anyway, you just answered one of my questions. You think I'm beautiful. Minerva said that you liked me but I didn't believe her. I mean who would like me, I'm a bushy haired, buck toothed know it all swot who spends all her time with her nose in a book and staring at such a beautiful man who should never love me and…." Hermione was cut off as Sirius silenced her with his lips. She stiffened for a moment and relaxed as she brought her hands up and fisted them in his silky brown locks. They pulled apart breathlessly and rested their foreheads together.

"Was that proof enough that I like you, Hermione? And by your response I think you like me too, am I right?" Sirius said as he pulled the younger witch to him as she nodded.

"The reason I came up here was to see if you wanted to go out for dinner with me, perhaps to the private dining room in The Three Broomsticks. You can say no if you want to and we can eat in the Great Hall with the rest of the staff or…" she was cut off again by those soft, supple lips.

"We can go to Hogsmeade, Hermione. I'm guessing Severus and Minerva already know what you had planned. Just give me ten minutes and I will be ready. Feel free to peruse my bookshelves. You know you want to." He said as he walked from his office into his bedroom.

Hermione got up and walked over to the wall that was covered in books. She saw many books, both Muggle and Wizarding, that she had read. Titles like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, The Complete Works Of Edgar Allan Poe, which were Muggle and Quidditch through the Ages, Moste Potente Potions, and the piece' de resistance, A Guide to Wizarding Genealogy, that she was drawn to. She pulled it down and went straight to Merlin's family tree. She read down it and was shocked to find her parents' names on the tree because she thought they were Muggles. She didn't notice Sirius reading over her shoulder until she felt his breath tickle her ear.

" So, you're a descendant of Merlin, eh? Well that explains why you are more powerful then most Muggleborns. I'll help you research later, but now, we go to Hogsmeade " Sirius said as he offered his hand to Hermione. She accepted his hand and got a good look at him. He was wearing black trousers and a white button up shirt with a black vest and black robes. She smiled and headed toward the door, Sirius following her with a smile on his face.

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