Title: dark blood

Summery: it's been a few years since our young Yugi had dueled the pharaoh and won. He had finish high school and is in collage. He move to a small wooded town called Denton. After a hard day of school, Yugi took the old wooded trail home. It was just after sunset when he got on it. Most nights, nothing happens on the trail. But on this night, something is waiting for him to come. Something that will change his world. A old friend returns and a mystery women comes into the picture. What will happen to Yugi Moto? Read and find out.

Chapter 1

It was just after sunset when I got onto the old hiker's trail that I take to get home. The trees had long since lost their leafs to the cool autumn winds, so their lifeless branches let in the last of the sunlight onto the trail as it fades. Tonight would be the night of that dreaded day my dark half was taken from me, tonight would signal five lonely years without him. I shake my head of the memory and move on, forcing my feet to crunch the leafs under me. In five years, I have grown to be just as tall as him, as muscular as him, even my voice deepen to the exact point that it was his voice that came out of my mouth and not mine own. Every time I look in the mirror, I see him in the reflection. I had to remind my friends that I had moved on with my life, finishing high school and going on to collage for a higher education. But that was the lie that I wove to keep my pain and loneliness away from my friends. They have enough problems to deal with without my problems to add to the load. I was halfway home when I heard a hiss from a bush nearby. I turn to face the noise.

"Who's there?" my voice ring thru the cool air. Nothing stirred from I could see. But I learn early on not to trust everything you see, and I was right. Out of my blind spot, someone tackle me into the clearing next to the path. I hit the ground face first. I squirm with great rage out of the person's grip and got to my feet. I spin on my heel to face my attacker. What I saw shock me. Standing no more than 8 feet away from me was a vampire. His red eyes glaring at me with his nose flaring. His lips were pulled back to show his long fangs in the dim moonlight. He was as pale as the moon with his hair was as black as the night. He was a little less then me in height. He look like he was sixteen or seventeen years old.

"So you are the famous Pharaoh Hikari, so powerful in the ways of the light. No wonder master wants you in his clan." He hissed. I took a step back towards the bushes on the other side.

"What do you want with me? Who is your master?" my cold voice pierce thru the night air, sending power to warn the vampire to back off. He only chuckled at the warning.

"For you to join us of coarse. As for my master, you'll be meeting him soon." He said before he charged forward. In slow motion, I felt a hand grab my arm and swung me out of the way.

"NO!" ring in my ears as I was let go and I hit the ground. Time speed back up as I got back on to my feet and turn around.

The vampire had a someone in his grip, but with the vampire's back to me, I couldn't see who it was.

"Yugi…run." A deep male voice said weakly. I disobey so that I could see if I could help the man. "YUGI MOTO! RUN NOW!" The man screamed. The scream put panic in my mind and the only thing I did was run. I pound the path with all the speed I could muster. I heard branches above whining in protest as weight is put on them as the bushes around me is crashing with noise. The man scream still ringing thru the trees, dark power following the words. The dark power gave me energy to run and I put on more speed. I burst out of the woods into the well-lighted parking lot of my apartment complex. I didn't stop running until I was at the door of my third floor apartment. I flung the door open and slam it shut behind me. Joey came out of his room to see what was wrong.

"Dame Yuge, you look like you seen a ghost." He said as he study my face. I didn't answer him and just went into my room. I close the door behind me and flung my bag into my desk chair. Thank goodness it was Friday. I flung myself onto my bed and stare out the window to the woods that stretch out. As I feel asleep, a thought hit me, how did that man know my name?