Chapter 5

When we got Atem's new cloths back home, it was around 2:30. As we dump the cloths on to the bed, Atem strip of the jacket and sweater off and gives them back to Joey. I walk out of his room, a knock on the door sound. I was about to open it when I remember Sputrua's warning not to answer the door until she came. So I walk away from the door and started to prepare a snack for myself. The knock came more angrily this time. Still, I ignore it.

"Open this door! You have a very dangerous animal in there and we want to save you from it! Open it or I'll kick it down!" a male voice called from the door.

"Vampire hunters! That's the enemy Sputrua was speaking of!" I thought as I race into Atem's bedroom.. "Atem, get out of here! Find Sputrua and stay with her until we can deal with these Vampire Hunters!" I said in a rush. Atem open the window and swung out of it. I went over to it and saw him racing thru the parking lot to the woods. When a he vanish down the trail, I close the window, pick up the clothing, and plop it on to my bed to make it look like it they were mine. I came out of the bedroom to find Joey hiding Atem's torn jeans in to the spares closet on the highest in the back. I torn out the light from Atem's room and walk over to the door. I open the door to be push aside by the same man and women from Kmart. The were carrying crossbows with wooden stakes on them. On their chest's were garlic and more stacks. Joey poke his head out of his room make it look like he just notice them.

"What in god's name are you doing?" He said to them in annoyance.

"Saving you from a vampire me and my wife believe you are living with. Tell us where he is and we will slay him for you." I pull off the most piss off face I could muster.

"You two out this instance!" I yelled at them and pointed to the open door.

"No, not until we find that vampire." This is when I got truly mad.

"There is no such thing as a vampire! Do you see one? This apartment is not big enough to hid someone from you! You need to get yourselves some help. Now get your fucking god-dame asses out of my apartment or I'm calling the police on you for harassing me and my friend!" I yelled loudly, my magic flaring badly. Joey duck back into his room as he felt the floors and walls in the apartment shake with my magic. The couple look at me in awe.

"You are a light bender. You can make light do as you please. Please light one, join us." The women said calmingly.

"GET OUT NOW!" I yell at the top of my lungs. I grab each of the couple's arms and roughly push them out the door. I slam the door on them and walk away from it. I went to the balcony to calm down.

'Told ya not to let people in until I came." Sputrua said as I came out the door. I look at her then to Atem who was leaning against the wall out of sight of the living room. I swallow my anger down and sat on a chair next to him. Joey came out a minute later to check up on me. He say down when he saw all of us on the balcony.

"Alright, start talking." I snapped.

"The vampire that attacked you was something called a clan hunter."

"A what?" I ask her. She glares at me.

"Don't interrupt please. I'll explain everything. A clan hunter a vampire hired by a dark vampire to track down people who is powerful in any type magic. Light, water, plants, life. You name it, they hunt for it. They then turn the person into a vampire to make them join the clan that to hired them to hunt. The reason why that clan hunter was hunting you is because you are a pure-blood Pharaoh Hikari. You are powerful in the ways of the light. Which mean you would make a powerful weapon to have on a evil clan."

"Why did you turn me when I was already bitten?"

"You weren't turned at all when I found you. You were dieing from the poisoned saliva of a vampire. That vampire didn't give any of it's blood to neutralize the poison. That, and I turn you to save you from being a soul servant of the vampire clan leader."


"I want to know is how can I get myself not to be a meal to a hungry vampire!" Atem and Sputrua look at me.

"By becoming one of us." They said in unison. I stare at them.

"That's not what I meant."

"It's the only way, Hikari. That or the clan leader that took my life is going to take yours next." I gave out a squeak of worry. There was no way I was joining that circus if I can help it.

"Are you in Sputrua's clan?" I ask him. He shook his head.

"Not yet, I have to wait until the full moon before I can, when my sister is at her strongest to bind me to the clan."


"My magic is moon magic. That's why I survived for so long after I was turned in Egypt 5000 years ago. The moon is the mother of all night children and I have her magic running thru my veins. I have a advantage that most vampire don't have. But the strength of the magic depends on how full the moon is. So when it's full, the magic is at it's peck in strength."

"Oh." I think about this over in my head. I look at Joey for ideas.

"I don't want to save the world for you, Yugi. If it was up to me, I would just get it over with and join the Atem in the night world. I rather have the old you with fangs instead of the evil you with fangs. But that's just me." He said seductively.

"Would the vampire of the evil clan try to turn Joey?"

"To try to get to you, maybe." I watch joey stiffen up at that.

"I'll join if Yugi is too. I don't want to be against my Bro at anyway the sides are played out."

"Yugi?" Atem said in worry, his eyes going small.

"Fine, I'll join if it will help those pesky vampires to stay away. But I need a way to hide my red eyes, I am going to collage and I don't want to attract Vampire Hunters to us. It was bad enough two of them bombard the apartment." I said as I put my face in my hands.

'Don't worry, I'll take care of everything. Let's meet up here at around 8, then I'll take you three to my clan hideout. There, we'll do the turning so that you guys have a save place to recover from the change." With that, Sputrua disappear over the balcony wall. Atem looks at me and said

"Hunting teacher. Be back soon." He leap over the wall behind Sputrua and we watch him catch up with her at the each of the woods where they disappeared in to the trees.